Rebel Transmissions: The Protector Of Concord Dawn

In continuing on my week-late Transmissions, today we’re talking about The Protector Of Concord Dawn! Oh I’m excited to be writing about this magnificent clash of the Mandos and the Rebs and what is most definitely one of Sabine’s most shining moments! So let’s get to talkin’!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from The Clone Wars Season 5, Rebels episodes Legacy and The Protector Of Concord Dawn

So since the Empire sent them back on the run, the mini-Alliance has been having it tough trying to do anything these days. They’re in need of a new hyperspace route, and Sabine has brought an option of her own to the table, a shortcut through a Mandalorian territory called Concord Dawn. Ohhh yess I love that we got to see some more Mandos in this episode! They’re an absolutely fascinating bunch, from their history to their politics to their fancy armor, and ever since that last time we saw their world in The Clone Wars, I’ve had about a zillion questions consuming my mind like so many rathtars. And instead of simply just going back to Mandalore, we get to explore a new branch of their society and a new chapter of their history, as well as new things we didn’t know about their politics and warfare. Anyway, so while Mandalore itself is under Imperial control (yus I was right!), the Imps don’t dare cross the Protectors, who actually helped train clones and fight the Clone Wars back in the day. That last fact is really cool, isn’t it? More on that later. Right now the Rebs are trying to figure out how to go about taking this shortcut. Sato figures it’ll involve the big guns, but Kanan suggests asking nicely. Never would I have figured Kanan to be a “negotiator”. Not that I don’t think he’s capable of talking stuff out, but he just tends to go the more lightsabering-blastering route in most cases. But this is the first time we’ve seen him with a real opportunity to do so, since most of the time they Rebels are lightsabering-blastering those who really wouldn’t listen to diplomacy. Kanan figures they’d be better served not to start any more wars, and Hera wholeheartedly agrees. Plus, having a crew like them on their side would be epic. Sato can’t deny that logic. So Hera heads out with Sabine at her side to go and meet up with the Protectors. Ezra’s all “Whoaaa we just have to ask them? I didn’t know you could do that!”. Well, unfortunately it didn’t quite quite go that way. The Protector known as Fenn Rau has had some dealings with the Empire and doesn’t particularly think highly of these Rebels, and all the guns end up getting pointed in the Phoenixes’ direction. With two Rebs downed Hera sends Sabine and the last Phoenix ahead of her. That very brave move ultimately puts her in the path of laserfire, and her ship comes out of hyperspace decimated… and with her injured and unconscious inside it. Aughh I don’t know about you but this had me so scared. Of course it’s partly due to the fact that we love Hera to pieces, but it’s also because of all the Ghost crew, she seems to always have everything under control. When Kanan and Ezra and Sabine and Zeb and Chopper are fending off red lightsabers and laserfire, Hera’s always at the helm of the Ghost and has their backs from the air. Though we’re all aware the space battles are dangerous and anything could happen, I think it’s easy to just automatically assume Hera’ll come out on top every time. So the one time she doesn’t… ohh I was terrified. This episode definitely is a wake-up call reminder as to how absolutely dangerous this job is, and the risks our heroes take every day. Kanan and Sabine’s expressions… they show such a deep concern and fear for her it breaks my heart and tears me all up emotionally. I don’t think I breathed normally again until it was confirmed that Hera was alive and would heal. I’m sorry I might cry right now rewatching this… seriously man. The rock-solid, heart-and-soul of this family… downed just like that… it feels so wrong, so unfair… can’t blame Sabine for wanting Rau to pay. Forget negotiating, Sabine’s done ready to “negotiate” all over that punk’s FACE! Wait that didn’t make sense, but you get the picture. Kanan’s going to go on a solo mission to their base, but Sabine has no interest in staying behind. Ezra and Zeb wanted to join up too but Kanan decided they wouldn’t be in this episode and picks Chopper as his sole crewmate. Chopper proudly whacks Ezra on the leg to celebrate his win XD I’m so glad I at least got to include one XD moment so far. These posts usually have that emoji in large numbers but this one’s pretty heavy so yeah…
So as you can figure, Sabine does not stay behind. It doesn’t take long for Kanan to find the Mando girl tagged along aboard the Phantom. It’s absolutely great getting to see Kanan and Sabine have an adventure of their own. We haven’t gotten to see a lot lot of how they work together one-on-one, and we get a pretty spectacular blend of dad-and-teen-daughter vibes and Jedi-Mando friction :) Turns out Kanan was coming here to more so try and recruit the Protectors rather than fry their fleet. Sabine is completely against this plan, figuring that this is one situation where peace isn’t the best answer, and also not a fan of having these vicious supercommandos as coworkers. But bro don’t care he’s doin’ what he’s doin’. Ah yes Jedi and Mandalorians… I could talk awhile on this subject. Luke vs. Boba Fett, Obi-Wan vs. Jango Fett, Obi-Wan vs. Deathwatch, Obi-Wan’s Jedi ideals vs. Satine’s pacifist ideals, Ahsoka vs. Deathwatch, the entire history of Mandos vs. Jedi itself! Somehow, even when they’re fighting the same battles, they still don’t get along! It’s almost as if high levels of midichlorians and Mando blood are akin to oil and water. But whether it’s a full-on fight or just a pointed discussion, it’s still so darn fun to watch every time XD And oh wow I just got really really off-subject. But man after seeing this episode and watching the Rebels Recon it was impossible for me to stop talking about all this Mando-ness.
Anyway, so Kanan’s going to do some talking and if that doesn’t work, Sabine blows stuff up. Which seems to be likely to happen as they witness Fenn Rau getting some cash from an Imperial, and making a point to let them know if there’s any more Rebel trouble. So while Miss Wren starts sticking some explosives around, Kanan goes to have a little chat with Rau. And by “little chat” I mean literally an actual discussion. Makes sense he would keep things chill since once upon a time, Fenn saved him and his master during a Clone Wars battle. It’s really cool learning about this, because it seemed more than often that most battles were fought by Jedi, clones, and Republic militants, but we now know that they were only scratching the surface of people who fought. And if you think about it even more, it’s really really cool knowing Fenn and his Protectors joined the fight, considering Mandalore generally kept their noses out of the war business. Despite Fenn very nearly killed Hera, Kanan doesn’t do anything but treat the Protector as a friend. Who’s got two thumbs and supreme negotiating skillz? THIS GUY! Fenn is still pretty suspish but actually listens instead of bringing out the blaster. Getting a weapon-wielding Mando to listen… didn’t know anyone was capable of doing that! :P
So Sabine was doing well blanketing the base with detonators, up until once false move led to her coming face-to-face — er helmet-to-helmet — with quite a few Manderrs. She handles them with straight-up confidence, making it clear she’s no stranger, no offworlder wearing stolen armor. She’s all Mando and this armor was hand-made with her folks. Yes prior to this episode’s release, I remember seeing a headline on Animation Magazine’s website… “SABINE HAS FAMILY REUNION ON STAR WARS REBELS” and I’m all O.O at that. So I got this ridiculous image in my head of a 1960s squeaky-clean domestic American sitcom family wearing Mandalorian armor XD Ultimately that wasn’t the case, but this isn’t the first time that site’s gotten their SW logic backwards. But it sure had me intrigued. We do learn a bit more about who she is and where she came from, however. She’s a straight-up Wren clan girl from house Vizsla! Only Deathwatch on her mom’s side of the family. So yeah wow that offers up some major intrigue-yness! Don’t have a clue who her parents are, but they must be fun people if they hung out with the DW (though they do lose some cool points for putting their daughter into the Imperial Academy, but nonetheless they’re Mandalorians which by default makes them super-cool). I have a few theories, but I’ll save them for another day. But right now Sabine has no time for “family reunions” of any sort, she’s still got a score to settle!
So Kanan’s discussion was going well… sorta. Fenn really isn’t interested in being on a side that he feels won’t win, even though Kanan makes some pretty solid points on the Empire’s loyalty, or lack of it. And then rushes in another Protector with news on an intruder. You can probably figure who that is. Fact is, Wrens and Protectors don’t get along too well and Fenn calls out a fight to the death. Sabine eagerly accepts the challenge. And we’re all “OH DANG WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL?”. Kanan interjects that they’d all be better served to all leave as friends, but it seems Miss Wren is dead serious about making Fenn Rau seriously dead. Master Jarrus is just about done with everybody right now. “WHAT IS WITH YOU MANDALORIANS?! CAN’T SOLVE ANYTHING EXCEPT THROUGH THE END OF A BLASTER!” Yep we’ve all thought that. He knows good and well this is not the right move, but Sabine only asks he trust her. And like that the standoff began and we were all on the edge of our seats. I was literally thinking “OhhhMG someone is going to die today…”. But then in one swift move, Sabine shoots first… and only hits Fenn’s hand, knocking the blaster out of his grip. “There are alternatives to killing” comes Sabine’s well-timed Obi-Wan-esque reply, right as she set off the detonators and made sure those Protectors wouldn’t be shooting anyone down for a bit. Much applause is in order for her. It happens to be though that Rau’s ship was the only one she didn’t blast into oblivion, so it’s time for Sabine and Kanan to make a dash after him. Also this line… “ARE YOU HAPPY? YOU GOT TO BLOW STUFF UP!” “I thought you’d be glad I didn’t kill anyone!” XD Anyway, so Kanan skipped the trouble of getting in the Phantom and just jumped right on top of Rau’s ship. It would’ve worked really well had the guy not been flying so fast. Well, at least he got in a good lightsabering of one of the engines while he was hanging around. He did eventually get his balance and went and lightsabered the controls as well as knocking our Protector friend into dreamland. Then Sabine and Chopper flew in and the guys got aboard and the day was saved! Well that last line I wrote was stupid cheesy. Sorry about that. So naturally the rest of the Protectors are ready to bring the fight to the Rebs, but Fenn… considering he’s sorta here as a prisoner, he’s going to let the Rebels take whatever shortcuts they need. He may not be the nicest guy right now, but I wouldn’t say he’ll never be… I think he might enjoy being a part of the mini-Alliance. Only time will tell. At least the Empire won’t be getting involved, and that’s I think the only thing these two sides can agree on right now. Good thing is Hera’s definitely feeling better. Upon Miss Wren making note she made sure not to take any lives when there didn’t need to be, Hera comments “you’re starting to sound more like a Jedi than a Mandalorian”. “I guess I was raised right” is Sabine’s perfect reply. And I pretty much died of feels right here. Mandos definitely have this thing about revenge; they fight over principles more often than real problems, and they don’t take failure among each other too lightly. By their standards, avenging Hera by killing Fenn was perfectly acceptable, but that doesn’t make it right. When facing down this man who’d hurt her and the people she cares for, she was amazing and did the right thing… a truly straight-up Jedi thing. And seeing how Kanan and Hera have made such a positive impact on her… that could not be more beautiful.
And I think words failed me there. But seriously what an episode! It’s been a blast (pun intended) unlocking another key to Sabine’s past as well as seeing her grow as a person as well as just seeing her blow things up :) Can’t wait to bring you another Transmission next time around!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Rebel Transmissions: A Princess On Lothal

And so the another Rebel Transmission has arrived! And yes I know it’s another late one. *Crosses fingers for another hiatus so I won’t have to blog about two episodes in one week when the finale gets here* But there’s no doubt it’s an episode worth writing for. So thus arrives A Princess On Lothal!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode V, Episode VII and Rebels episodes Legacy and A Princess On Lothal

So I was pleasantly surprised to see this episode follows immediately off the heels of Legacy. The last episode could have easily been wrapped up then-and-there, but they did an absolute beautiful job carrying over the events and emotions of Legacy in On Lothal. Hera has called in for an update while Speedster the white lothcat watches curiously (yes I have named the lothcat deal with it). Hera clearly feels for Ezra’s situation, but just as quickly shows her gratitude to Governor Azadi. And she bears good news as well with Bail Organa delivering some reinforcements and a few big magnificent ships to Lothal. Kanan hopes a little action’ll get Ezra some of his mojo back. Now… if only those reinforcements could get to Lothal already. Lieutenant Lyste isn’t making it easy for ’em. It shouldn’t be hard for a little Imperial senate relief mission to come through, right? Well, it’s not that it’s hard, really, it’s just that it comes with TIE escorts, which wouldn’t be a problem if these were normal Imperial senators, but this is PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA, and she is NOT a normal senator. And thank goodness for that. Also yes let’s just fangirl/fanboy over Leia’s arrival to SWR, shall we? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It’s always great seeing the cast run into familiar faces, obs. But seeing them cross paths with a character with such a massive impact to the galaxy as she does… it’s just phenomenal. Her Rebels look is absolutely perfect (I MUST TRY AND STEAL HER HAIRSTYLE) and her voice is spot-on. There’s no doubt the future-general-who’s-always-royalty-to-me is here in the flesh! And it’s definitely a ton of fun seeing her as a young but still just as strong-spoken teen. Just like her mama :)
OK so I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. We find Ezra still working through the aftermath of it all. Chopper is being an absolute sweetheart and standing by his side, just being there for him. But now it’s time to get up and go meet with the reinforcements. And they get to do it in stormtrooper disguises, how fun is that? Young Bridger doesn’t seem quite as thrilled as Kanan might’ve been hoping for, but it’s a start. Azadi gives them his ride, but isn’t terribly interested in getting involved beyond that. Poor Kanan… he’s seriously the only person with any enthusiasm today. So with that the boys are goin’ to town to find three old freighters now a part of their squadron and one young senator who don’t take crud from nobody. “WELL EXCUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS!” (hehe I need to go make that a meme now). Leia don’t need anyone to tell her anything. She’s already familiar with these Rebs and has a plan of her own. Ezra’s all “WHY DOES SHE GET TO GIVE ORDERS?!”. Because she’s the boss lady EZ, that’s why. And then there was a tiny hitch in the plan. Lyste brings out what are basically giant parking boots to keep the senator’s ships from being pilfered by rebel scum. Whee fun being a double agent! They even brought a couple AT-ATs for backup. Yeesh talk about overkill. It’s like the entire universe is against Leia and the Rebs right now. Paranoid much, Lyste? Yet he doesn’t look too paranoid… in fact it looks like he kinda having fun making her day more complicated than it needs to be, even though he has no idea where her real loyalties lie. But Leia knows how to handle this dork. First by correcting his use of “miss” into “your highness” XD And then insisting she use the Lieutenant’s shuttle. Lyste don’t look too smug now. DA PRINCESS IS BOSS. But the minute they get on board, Leia admits there were some flaws in her plan. Her honesty on the matter makes her even more boss. Just now all they need to do is get a new plan. Especially when Chopper finds that ‘troopers captured Ryder. Kanan’s gonna make this up as he goes. Clearly since he didn’t have all of his lines rehearsed when explaining himself to the buckethead commander. The commander don’t got time for that because he has a prisoner to execute (le gasp!). Leia steps up to question why, and that’s when Hera arrives right on time as usual. Those troop transports got some paint scratched, as well as few other things that may not buff out. Indeed it is good to have friends in high places. Especially if that’s literal because they fly a lovely Corellian craft. So in the midst of the chaos, Kanan comes up with the next phase of the plan: taking the princess hostage. Or at least making it look like they are. Azadi grabs Leia, Kanan goes after Leia, Zeb gives Kanan a facefull of bowcaster. Hehe I think Zeb enjoyed his part of the plan a bit more so than the “troopers” did. “They’re taking prisoners??” “They do that now?!” XD Stormtroopers who comment on stuff like real people are my favorite stormtroopers (I mean, aside from Finn, if he still counts). And with that, the Ghost and Phantom are outta here! Yes Ezra and Kanan are gonna feel that for a week. If they were cartoon characters, Kanan would have a black eye and Ezra would be minus a tooth or two. Seriously, what purpose do those helmets serve? Lyste, meanwhile, is quite freaked out now knowing he lost the very person he was intending to protect. Boy do those Rebs know how to put on a show! :)
As the Ghost flies along, Leia takes note of Zeb and Sabine offering Ezra some genuine words of comfort, which btw is amazingly sweet to witness. Like I went on and on about in the last Transmission, I adore how much these guys are there for each other, that they truly will stand by him as long as there are stars in the galaxy. There are plenty of times where they don’t get along and/or poke fun at each other, but their bond is solid, man. Kanan explains a little of the situation to Leia, and suggests that Ezra might could use another friend to talk to. Leia continues her streak of boss-lady-ness by doing so. And also yes Kanan, that’s what Ezra’s really needed today… ‘trooper helmets and mini-Alliance missions are fun, but just talking with someone who cares can often be the best kind of healing balm. So yes, watching Ezra look at his family portrait once again brings many tears to my eyes once again. Leia gets him man… it’s hard to have this much responsibility at their age, it’s hard sometimes to keep fighting when it seems like nothing will change. But they both know that fighting for what’s right is the right thing to do regardless. Just… wow. The conversation gives Ezra the encouragement and strength to get back in the game and finish helping Leia on her mission. Now, when I first saw that ad and the whole “You think that’s impressive? Watch this” bit, I start thinking “Ohhhmygosh he is literally crushing on Leia… this is going to be a thing…”. But they totally didn’t go that route, which I’m totally fine with, though the notion was quite funny. Instead we get some real solid friendship moments that are worth their weight in gold, in addition to some wonderfully well-played bits of sarc. Leia and Ezra have more in common than they know, and that makes it all the more amazing seeing them cross paths. The whole “impressing the princess” thing would’ve been fun, but the Lucasfilm crew went an even better route that leaves me reeling with feels. Besides, I rather ship them respectively with a couple of sometimes-scoundrely sharpshooters with fabulous enviable hair (*coughHanAndSabineIfThatWasn’tObviouscough*) ;)
Ezra and Leia walk in on the rest of the Ghost crew trying to figure out the next step to the plan. It’s not looking too too good with all those AT-ATs and Imperial forces in the way of their ships. Even Hera isn’t sure what to say this time around. So enter PRINCESS BOSS LADY! Leia recognizes these are tough obstacles, but she’s full of serious can-do spirit and insists on hearing not what they can’t do, but what they will. Dude I so wish I had that kind of attitude. *Bows to Princess Boss Lady* And so one idea leads to another, Ezra and Kanan keep stormtroopin’ and the Rebs do some distractin’. Even grumpy Ryder can offer some knowledge on how those Imperial parking boots come apart. YAAS ALL THE TEAMWORKZ!! So you can imagine Lyste’s surprise when Leia and her brave ‘troopers showed up unscathed. She may insist Kanan deserves a medal, but Leia herself deserves an Oscar for the performance she puts on as Azadi, Sabine, and Chopper make quick work freeing those ships. Oh it’s delightful watching Lyste assure her the ships are “safe and sound” just as one starts to fly away XD “If you’re trying to impress me Lieutenant, you’re doing a miserable job!” Another golden SW quote to use in everyday conversations :) The stormtroopers point all blasters in Azadi and Chopper’s direction, to which Sabine points some guns of her own back at them. A shot from an AT-AT knocks Sabine out of the driver’s seat (dude why do these things not have seatbelts?), but Hera and Zeb quickly return fire from the Ghost‘s cockpit. One down, two to go, for both ships free and AT-ATs downed. When one ‘trooper decides to take aim at Azadi from the ground, Kanan finally stops playing the role and smacks that guy down. And then Ezra takes on another. It took a minute for him to figure out where exactly to aim his fist but once he did he made a solid punch that actually made me cringe a little thinking how it must hurt. Again, useless helmets are useless. Especially when they evidently come off quite easily. Skillz bruh. Anddd then enters AT-AT #2. Leave that to Kanan. He causes quite the stir whipping out his blade. Azadi’s mindblown, the AT-AT drivers are like “whut”, and indeed Leia is impressed… just about borderline fangirling (“DID YOU SEE THAT?!”). Because seriously he SLASHES THE LEGS and knocks it down just like that. I’d say “why didn’t Luke just try that?” but I’m betting after this stunt the Empire made the legs stronger from there on out. Kanan is the living breathing McQuarrie painting of the stormtrooper with a lightsaber. Too awesome for words man. Not to be outdone Ezra shows off some of his Force skillz, which was great up until he smacked himself in the head with the blaster he Force-grabbed XD Doesn’t take any use of Force for Leia to turn and one-up him though as she nails a couple ‘troopers with a blaster. Awz again just like her mom :) But she encourages her comrade to keep up the good work anyway XD So now only one freighter remains. Leia slips back into the role of the disgusted Imperial senator and acts relieved to see some more ‘troopers. Unfortunately this somewhat backfires as the commander throws out orders to shoot to kill. The Ghost continues trying to keep the last AT-AT busy and its guns away from the Rebel ships. Azadi makes a risky move and starts getting the next ship off the ground before Chopper’s fully unlocked it. And then quite epicly blows that walker right over. Hehe bro totally enjoyed that, you can tell X) Before Ezra leaves with the rest of the crew, he has one more scene to perform. They say their goodbyes right before Leia gives Ezra clearance to stun her. Ahmagoodness love all the friendshipness!! So while Lyste panics over the stunned senator, the Rebels fly off victoriously. And Princess Boss Lady has a few words to say to the Liutenant XD Yes, it’s not always easy, but I think she really enjoys the role of Imperial-Senator-By-Day-Rebel-By-Night. That’s just one of the things that makes Leia Organa such a truly amazing character :)
It’s been a crazy day for our Rebels, but a good one for sure. And now Governor Azadi’s decided he belongs among them, helping in their noble quest. All I can say to that is “YAAAS ALL THE TEAMWORKZ!” (pff sorry I’m terrible) :)
So that was fun. Glad I could write it and maybe spark some discussion or give some feels or make you laugh! (at the funny moments or at me, whatever works)

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Rebel Transmissions: Legacy

Yikes I have got to get on a decent sched with these things…
Anyway, so today’s Rebel Transmission is filled with many many feels. But if you’ve seen Legacy, you know this already. This little recap of mine ought to be interesting since the last time I watched it was literally the day before I saw Episode VII and the combination of overwhelming feels on both ends rendered me useless for writing that week. So let’s go ahead and cut the chatter and revisit this amazing episode, why don’t we?
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Rebels episodes Empire Day, Gathering Forces, Vision of Hope, Call To Action, The Siege Of Lothal, The Future Of The Force, and Legacy.

First of all, Guerell has crickets. Not what I thought I’d be opening up the episode with, but that first shot? You can hear crickets. But that is completely not important at the moment. Also Zeb sleeps exactly like I do. Sorry also not an important thought to make note of. What is important is that Ezra’s having a vision. He hears the voices of his parents, finds a mysterious white lothcat, a lone mysterious figure, and of most intrigue, he sees his parents. The lothcat beckons. And then Ezra fell out of bed. He wastes absolutely no time telling Kanan and Hera of this new development. It’s now that Kanan and Hera decide to give him their own set of news: they’ve been looking for the Bridgers all this time, from one Imperial prison to the next. I’d always wondered what became of those moments in Gathering Forces as Tseebo passed along info on the subject to Hera, and why it was she seemed never got around to telling Ezra about it. They’ve been doing more than we ever knew about. They hadn’t found any real leads yet, despite having tried everything they could. But Ezra is incredibly grateful nonetheless. Seriously Kanan and Hera are amazing. I know that’s common knowledge but seeing how far they’ve gone for this kid is truly flat-out amazing. It would be this very evening, however, that they would find out something new. Commander Sato got ahold of old prison records from a recent breakout. Ezra is entirely convinced his parents were involved in that. And a little Force-guided scanning of the prison records points to a certain Prisoner X10 from Lothal. Ezra is on-fire determined to find his folks now. Plus, with Lothal suddenly no longer blockaded, forget the plan just grab your helmet and get flyin’! I think we can all relate to his impatient frustration as he scrambles to find that helmet of his XD But the Ghost crew has no intention on letting him do this alone, they’re family just as much as his parents are :) Plus, Kanan was the only one who knew where exactly his helmet was. If only Zeb and Chopper (the “delinquents” hehe) weren’t out picking up groceries. Pff Ezra’s expression matches my own in many situations. And suddenly a bunch of Star Destroyers showed up. Right… the Empire figured out where the mini-Alliance was last time around. Oh dis is bad. Now it’s not just the Ghost family that needs to get off-planet… it’s kinda all the Rebs. Stormtroopers, laserfire, Kallus… it’s all chaos and Ezra don’t got time for that! He utterly owns that ISBN agent and everyone else which is both really impressive and the teeniest bit scary. And then Fifth and Seventh show up. Ezra is so so done and charges at them, lightsaber ignited and in a dead fury. Kanan is smart to blast the doors shut before somebody got hurt. Ezra just so badly wants an answer to all of this… something Kanan can’t fully understand, but he’s awesome and will do whatever to help him regardless. And Chopper was basically no help whatsoever XP
Once the guys get onboard, the real challenge begins… getting the entire Rebel fleet off Guerell at once and without crossing the Imps too much. Which… yeah it’s hard not to “cross the Imps” when a battle happens with all kinda TIEs in the sky! And yeesh they actually knock down one of the Rebel ships. WHYYY. While Hera diverts her attention to helping Rex and Sato’s ship, she tells the boys in the Phantom it’s time to get movin’ if they’re gonna move anytime soon. For the first time today Ezra is not impatient to go and insists on sticking around longer, but the Captain won’t have it. And with that, off they go, Chopper waving his goodbyes. Ah yes the orders don’t apply to Hera… they make quite a daring rescue knocking out that Star Destroyer’s tractor beam to free the command ship. And I literally mean knocking it out. That’s how ya do it girlz! So now the mini-Alliance is off to find yet another new home.
And so we get to see Lothal again, so that’s great. The sandy-grassy planet was missed a bit since it done got siege-d half a season ago. Ezra takes a moment again to genuinely thank Kanan for going well out of his way to help him with this personal mission. Though Kanan can’t relate to the exact exact situation, he gets losing someone… he really gets it. Aww man the feels are comin’ back…! *Attempts to hold off tears until later in the episode but fails* EZRA’S SMOL GRATEFUL SMILE OHMGOSH I CAN’T. Anyway fangirling aside, young Bridger now leads the way, taking the two of them first to his old home. Or at least what’s left of it. AGAIN WHYYY. Sorry dang it I warned you about this. Nothing turned up at first… until Ezra reached out and heard a small meow. A sweet-looking blue-eyed white lothcat looks up at him. Hehe I kinda wish they’d take the fuzzy guy home and make him their team pet of sorts. I mean their team pet aside from Chopper :P And as Ezra acquaints himself with the critter he finds that the lothcat clearly knows something. Dude talk about your “Padawan pets”…! The connection between the lothcat and the Bridgers isn’t fully explained, but kinda super fascinating. Unless he was the Bridgers’ family pet or something but I’m pretty sure Ezra would’ve remembered him if that was the case so who knows. Just a smart kitty I ‘spose. And then said kitty darts, leading Ezra and Kanan on some wicked chase through the streets. Either a smart kitty or just late for a very important date. I’ll go with the first option since that second part was just my feeble attempt at humor. “Anddd we’re chasing lothcats now” Ahaha that’s how you do it K-man :) Ezra keeps up with the agile fuzzball for a while until Speedster caught a bike ride. But that’s what trackers are for. Hehe no not the Force… not yet anyway. And the tracker leads them to the outskirts of the city, where the bike’s rider doesn’t seem terribly welcoming to his visitors at first. But Ezra knows that this guy is X10 and cuts to the chase quickly on the fact that he might know something on the Bridgers. And so ladies and gents meet Ryder Azadi, ex-governor of Lothal and friend of Bridgers! Don’t get to spend a whole lot lot of time with him but he seems like a pretty cool guy. Bummer it was during these circumstances, but still. Pretty cool guy. And so… how about those answers? Yeah… it’s… not good news. Once Ephraim and Mira heard that first Rebel transmission Ezra gave out all that time ago, they had no interest in just sitting around that Imperial cell anymore. They broke outta that prison and saved a ton of innocent lives, ultimately at the cost of their own lives. They gave it all for what they always fought for, for Ezra, for Lothal, for those in need. There was not a dry eye in the house. Started ugly crying when Kanan held Ezra while he cried. But here’s the beauty in the midst of the pain. You know those moments in SW, the ones where really super-amazing characters pass away, you know those, so I won’t elaborate at risk of spoilers (to be clear I’m thinking of good guys specifically). I’ve probably shed my body weight in tears from every noble end from every one of those times in the films, shows, and books. There is no doubt in the world that these events are incredibly sad, I won’t sugarcoat it. But the thing that all of these share in common is that not one died in vain; they always died for a cause they believed in, or someone (or someones) they loved. Ezra’s parents did both that day. And then look back at how amazing his Ghost family has been. Every single one of them has gone above and beyond for Ezra in some way; always having his back, being his friend, smacking him upside the head when he needed to be, mentoring him, listening to him, making him the great guy he is today, and many other things I could mention. I mean dude look at Kanan, doing the very un-proper-Jedi-like thing of fatherly-hugging him! Ezra’s parents cannot be replaced, and we will miss them greatly, but he is not without family. Family that isn’t flesh-and-blood, but is just as precious and rare a gift. I hope that didn’t sound cheesy because I meant every word of that. OK wow so… *AWKWARD SEGUE*
We later find Ezra sitting alone on the peak, gazing at the moons and without a doubt feeling blue. And ermagosh that music tho… *sniffs again*. And then in the dark comes light. Ezra finds himself standing before a beautiful glittering pre-Empire Lothal. And then to his right stands his dad, and to the left his mom. They let him know how proud they are, and encourage him to keep up the good work. And most importantly, remind him there is always hope. Even now. Ezra always held out for hope for his parents, even when he didn’t want to admit it. And here and now, with the hope of reuniting with his family seemingly dashed, he finds hope once more. Beautiful man. So beautiful. And like that, the beautiful vision disappears. Ezra isn’t sure what to make of what happened, and Kanan explains well that nothing truly dies in the Force, that his parents will always be with him. And we know that Ezra’s Rebel family will remain by his side as well… as long as there are stars in the galaxy.
So AHH FEELS FEELS FEELS. Ermagoshh OK I’m done now. Wish me luck with getting this blog back in order.

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Rebel Transmissions: The Future Of The Force

It’s a new year and I’m back on the blogging train at last! I apologize I didn’t get to these last couple episodes sooner, or get around to putting my Episode VII fangirling into words. But now that the holidays are over, I can start getting back on a schedule of sorts! And so, today we’re looking into The Future Of The Force, where excitement, chaos, adorable babies, and an epic confrontation abound…
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode II, TCW episode Children Of The Force, and Rebels episodes Always Two There Are, The Future Of The Force

A normal day. A normal shuttle trip. One face in the crowd holds her grandchild, looking forward to a new start. If things in the galaxy were as peaceful as this picture I’ve described, then it would’ve stayed that way. Unfortunately, things in the galaxy are not at peace. The Empire. A couple of inquisitors. Red lightsabers ablaze. A peaceful, normal day has taken a horrifying and tragic turn. Dude things just got reallll on my blog. Sometime in the last few weeks my writing got really deep. There’s just no way for me to recap this opening without some serious respect.
On Guerell, a normal day is about to take a different turn as well. Ahsoka has come to visit the Ghost crew today, needing to discuss some Jedi business with Kanan. It’s always fun seeing Ahsoka interact with the crew, but this is particularly fun seeing her interact with just Kanan this time. They have a very similar thought process in some ways as well as a similar sense of humor. Makes you wonder if they ever crossed paths back in the day, even just briefly. Either way, it’s cool that they’re good friends now. So Ahsoka knows that something’s up with those nasty inquisitors that keep following them around, and while she investigates one of their more recent doings, she sends Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper to look into another. And yes Ezra was listening at the door the whole time, ’cause that’s what he do. He made an excellent save though; popped right back up, all chill like he didn’t just fall over at Kanan and Ahsoka’s feet :)
The boys’ mission, interestingly enough, leads them to a more residential area in a slew of housing units, where the team splits up and takes two different routes. Ahsoka’s mission leads her to that once-peaceful shuttle, where it now lies dark, devoid of life, and covered in lightsaber marks. Not entirely devoid of life, though, as the grandmother we saw earlier is still hanging on… just barely. Ahsoka gets the answer to what the ‘quisitors were after… a child. A Force-sensitive child. With crazy stuff like whole shuttles getting wiped out you’d think more people would question the Empire. I’m guessing their superiors made a point to not publicize it too much. Still completely wrong though. Anyway, now Ahsoka knows where she’ll be going next.
Meanwhile Zeb and Chopper stumbled upon a couple of parked TIEs… and a lovely miniprobe with them. Zeb makes quick work of the probe, but they won’t be making quick work of the TIE because a baby girl lays inside. “I really hope that’s not a baby inquisitor” XD No I have a feeling that any kid of Sev’s (and/or Five’s?) would be in a proper car seat. And definitely not be as cute. Pff sorry for the weird rabbit-trailing. Just a thought. Though Zeb has no idea of the little one’s importance, he knows that she’s coming with. Also “NO we’ll blow up the fighter AFTER we get the baby. What is WRONG with you?” XD XD Also, guess Zeb’s taken a few more droidspeak lessons since Always Two There Are, huh?
Ezra and Kanan find themselves led to a busted-in apartment where a couple of red-blade-wielders waltzed in and attempted to take a mama Ithorian’s child. Only they didn’t because the little boy is in the safe hands of a droid… for now. Kanan relays this info to Zeb quickly. And ohmygosh watching Chopper play with the little girl…! Chopper seems the least qualified to be caring for an infant, but I’d say that of all the guys he might be the best with her. The way he spins her around and plays peekaboo! Who’da thunk that this grumpy droid would be such a good babysitter? It’s impossible not to smile at him in these moments. Seriously. He does seem a little tired though once the boys head back out, but who wouldn’t be? :) Thankfully it doesn’t take Zeb too long to find the droid with the bundle of joy. Hehe it’s funny how clearly terrified that droid is of Zeb for a bit there. Yes indeedy “intimidating” is his middle name… though maybe not so much “babysitter”. I’d sorta wondered before if maybe he’d had a family of his own before the Empire did their junk. Seeing this I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Oh it’s such fun to see our guy Rebs out of their element here! XP So despite little Pypey doesn’t seem to like Zeb too much, at least he got what he came for. And then like that, the droid gets K.O.’d and in walk the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Time to go. Like really really time to go. Zeb makes a dash for an old building while informing Kanan of the mess. Though the Quizzes arrive after the Lasat and the child disappear, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out where they’re hiding. Thankfully Kanan and Ezra are right behind them. Both teams manage to find a hiding spot, but then Ezra sorta scared the baby and their safe spot might not be safe for long. Kanan insists Ezra fix this with a little Force-connecting, which would normally work if Ezra wasn’t totally freaked out himself right now. Hehe yes watching the three so terribly unqualified for this is hilarious. That screencap I used in the title image just cracked me up XD But yeah the crying leads the quizzes right beneath them as a red blade comes up from the floor. With that our heroes decide it’s time to go up a floor. And then up a few more floors as a detonator intended for the inquisitors comes back to bite them. It’s super terrifying the way Bro and Sis just walk up those stairs like they’re so confident it’s no rush. On a less terrifying note, her sarc bouncing of his seriousness is awesome. You can tell they don’t really really enjoy each other’s company too much and it’s honestly very enjoyable XD Thank goodness Ezra’s diversion with Pypey on a comlink gives them a little more time. Sev gives a chuckle at her partner’s failure. Wouldn’t expect anything less from her.
So without any more floors, Kanan sends Ezra and Lil’ P through the vents. After all, upon realizing that these kids are potential Jedi, the stakes got a heck of a lot higher. Certainly takes a lot of ingenuity to comfortably manuever air vents with a baby in hand, but Ezra does a great job of it. And then that horrifying moment when Fifth Brother’s lightsaber cuts through and gets closer and closer! But somehow in that terrifying moment, Ezra is able to calm himself and in turn calm the child. And then Kanan and Zeb step up to give the ‘quistors someone to fight. They hold their own pretty well all things considered. Kanan’s ‘saber skills can take just about anything Sev can dish out, and Zeb manages to fend off Fivey for a bit, though unfortunately not as long as Master Jarrus was. To quote a young Anakin Skywalker, THIS IS TENSE! However, Ezra and Pypey made it out without a hitch… mostly. As he casually mentioned “you can come live with us on Gurell” and one of Sev’s miniprobes was watching the whole time. I think we all felt a mixture of *facepalm* and fear when we realized what just happened.
So as for Kanan and Zeb, they’d finally run out of tricks, so Zeb grabs Kanan like a piece of luggage and they go off runnin’! Kanan seems a little out-of-sorts being carried like that XD But he can still shoot, and with a few well-aimed shots, they break a window, jump out of the building, and land dead-center on some guy’s passing speeder. Talk about your dumb luck, right? Because unlike a similar chase in Episode II… Kanan didn’t know they’d land where they did. But two can play at that game, and the ‘quisitors take their own leap and aren’t nearly as nice to their Ithorian driver. The exciting chase is halted on both ends as Kanan takes a good shot to the quizzes’ speeder and Fifth Brother lightsaber-frisbees our heroes’ speeder down. I hope the mini-Alliance paid that Ithorian back… or at least that he had some good insurance (“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘LIGHTSABER SLASHES’ AREN’T COVERED?!”). Ezra and company made it to back to the hangar, but Chopper had the door locked, and naturally Seven and Five were on their tails. It takes very little time for the dastardly duo to completely wallop Jarrus and Orrelios. Ezra pulls out his blaster-saber, ready to defend his comrades and protect this child to the end (Pypey is absolutely fascinated by the glowing blade hehe). Despite he had his game face on, Sev is all “psh whatevs” and Force-throws him against the wall, somehow still cradling the baby. Just when it seemed all hope was lost, the doors open, and out steps a confident, quietly fierce Togruta woman. And she’s got twin white lightsabers. Ahsoka sends Ezra and his crew to the ship while she takes care of our guests. And let me tell you she TAKES. CARE. OF. THEM. Wowwwwwww. So much wowwwwww. This episode hits a lot of nostalgic notes with not only a similar situation like back on Children Of The Force, but we get to see what a truly amazing person Ahsoka’s become. I can’t help but watch this and see glimpses of her as a spritely fourteen-year-old as well as her as a well-taught, focused sixteen-year-old. Didn’t think it was possible for her to get better but lo and behold…! She completely owns both inquisitors AT THE SAME TIME. And she didn’t need her lightsabers the whole time to do it, either. She took a second to meditate and then snapped back up and yanked Sev’s red blades right out of her hands! Once she’s flattened Sis against the wall, it looks like the fight’s over. But then, in addition to the sudden appearance of stormtrooper backup, SEVENTH SISTER FORCE-GRABS HER ‘SABER and FLINGS IT BACK AT AHSOKA FROM BEHIND!! I know I was mentally screaming “AHHHHH NOOO AHSOKAAAAAA!!!”, but then Ahsoka jumped over the projectile like it was NBD. And then I could breathe again. After that Ahsoka said her goodbyes and leaped right on back up to the Phantom and was gone baby gone. If all that just happened didn’t leave you fangirling/fanboying… are you honestly even human? Ahsoka is boss.
It’s real sweet for our heroes back on the ship. Pypey and his mom are reunited, everybody’s finally able to let go of that tension and have a laugh, Chopper gives the babies spinny rides, it’s all good. The Rebels’ll be taking care of the future younglings now, and as Ahsoka smiles, watching Chop and the little ones, it seems this crazy day has ended on a happy note.
At least, as long as you don’t count the fact that the inquisitors know where to strike now. That… could be a slight problem.
Ahhhhmagoodness that is one solid epic episode! No way I couldn’t blog about it, right? So hopefully this answered a question or two, or made you think about (or rethink) something, or maybe just made you happy. Looking forward to all the exciting posts to come this year!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Just Let It In: Preparing For The Force Awakens

When I set out to do a blog on Episode VII today, I’d intended to do something more organized, something akin to Why I’m Hyped For Rebels Season 2 and other such posts. Where I’d number each thing I’m excited for and add a picture and stuff. But honestly, right now, I don’t want to talk in any organized way. I just want to spill my heart and all that I’m feeling and all I’m truly excited for.
NOTE: Contains mild spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the trailers for Episode VII, but that’s all.

It’s amazing, you know? The fact that we’re only a week away from a new chapter in the Star Wars saga. I remember the excitement and wonder I felt when it was first announced. I had no idea for sure what it would look like, but I had faith in Disney and Lucasfilm from the start. And as time passed more and more little things got revealed. Looking through the blog’s tumblr you can see my excitement every step of the way from late 2013 until now. It’s something I always knew was coming, and something I was always excited about, but it wasn’t until that first teaser debuted that I was hit by the weight of what was about to happen. And every time new footage came to be, I got walloped by feels. I mean, as I’ve told you guys, I first saw Episode IV in 2006, and I became a full-on SW fan in 2010 and 2011. I was pretty late to the game, but I loved it just the same. And back in 2010, I couldn’t imagine what a new chapter would look like (even though in truth I briefly developed a few fankids for the Skywalkers and Solos, but who hasn’t?). Even a little over a year ago I couldn’t imagine what it would look like. But every new teaser, every new poster, every announced actor… it just… wow. Blew me away. And seriously… now we’re almost here. I’m seeing a little more something new every day. Even getting a little Threepio viewer in a cereal box made me realize just how enormous a deal this is. The words I’m writing right now are permanent looks into my life as I await this new chapter. I love reading the stories of fans as they anticipated whatever the new film was, whether they were children of the 70’s or the 90’s or whatever time they saw it. And now this is my story, the story of where I was and what I was doing as I was awaiting The Force Awakens. Has it hit you yet what a massively huge deal this is? It’s just… wow. And of course every trailer, every TV spot reminds me of this… seeing these beautiful glimpses of the Falcon in action, Kylo Ren doing his darksidery thang, wanting to be Darth Vader when he grows up, Rey and Finn and Poe fighting for the Resistance, that wonderful sweet moment in the recent spot with Han and Rey that killed me with feels (“You’re gonna need this” “I think I can handle it” “That’s why I’m giving it to you”), and everything else. The fact that I already love these characters, that Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8, and company already hold a special place in my heart, is proof that this new chapter of SW is going to be incredible. These characters, these places, these stories… it’s amazing. Truly, undeniably amazing. The fact that a week from now or so I’ll be watching this story unfold is enough to make me question if I’m dreaming. But there’s no way this is all a dream, it’s straight-up reality. And words can’t fully describe how insanely incredible that feels.
I’d say more, but I think the best thing I can do at this point is round up all the posts I’ve made between the blog and tumblr about my excitement. And now, fanladies and fangentlemen, my Journey To The Force Awakens.

“…Of course, that would also mean that we’ll keep learning more and more about what’s to come in Episode VII. And the fact that by this December we’ll only be a year away is kinda amazing. Like really, really, amazing.”A Year Full Of Promise… And Star Wars

“THE EPISODE VII CAST JUST GOT ANNOUNCED. OwO So as you can probably tell I’m dead excited! And it’s funny, because aside from Andy Serkis and the original cast, I don’t recognize any of these actors off-hand. But there was a time I didn’t know anyone from the Originals or the Prequels, nor The Clone Wars, and I have yet to get to know the Rebels cast. But in the end, these actors became a huge deal to me as they became characters I love endlessly! So now finding Harrison Ford or Ewan McGregor or whoever in another movie makes me smile because of the SW character they played that introduced me to them. So as the new era of SW arrives, I look forward greatly to getting to know these talented people and the characters that will surely steal my heart forever :)” – Tumblr Post On The Cast Announcement

“Ermagosh I am diggin’ this title! ONLY A MONTH AND A YEAR LEFT!!!” – Tumblr Post On The Title Reveal

“If this teaser doesn’t blow your mind, nothing else will.
AHHMAHGOSH TEH EPICNESS…!! I know where I’ll be next December… :)”
– Tumblr Post On The First Teaser

“As said by SpongeBob: 🎵 One more year, one more year, one more super duper year! One more extra fantastical, extra magical year! 🎵” – Tumblr Post On December 18th, 2014

“And so we come down to this guy’s epic three-blade! I will never forget my reaction to its reveal… I literally gasped in both shock, awe, wonderment, and fangirliness! It’s a totally different build and a very new kind of blade. The other two blades make it resemble a sword, which is totally different and cool! If you’re a newbie Sith awakening for the first time in some twenty-thirty years, you have to make an entrance, and Kylo here did just that! It’s the perfect weapon for walking on a snowy forest planet with a black cloak on! So yeah I have nothing but good things and fangirly things to say about this new ‘saber. Now… we wait another eleven months…”Of Crimson Kybers: Looking At Sith Lightsabers

– Tumblr Post Of The Second Teaser

Pretty much everything in this post, but in particular: “*Starts crying buckets of happy tears from a deep, deep love of Star Wars that has overtaken my mind, body, and soul* I’M HOME MAN! I’M HOME!!”A [Fangirly] Analysis Of The New Ep VII Teaser!

“Having this blog has helped me much in learning and understanding the SW Galaxy and has played a part in making me love these stories even more than I ever possibly could, to the point I was literally shaking and crying watching that Episode VII teaser. Amazing how it all comes together, doesn’t it? Being a Star Wars fangirl is seriously amazing. Just is. And I, for one, am glad I not only jumped out of that gunship, but decided to write about how that felt.”Padawanline Anniversary II: Year Two

“Of course one thing I really was excited to talk about is all the new books in the Journey To The Force Awakens line coming our way! Man, just the fact that we’re almost five months away from this and actually talking about the events that lead up to the film is mind-blowing. Just seeing R2-D2 and BB-8 on that Droid Factory book cover makes my head explode! To think we’re soon going to reunite with Artoo and meet this adorable BB before long… there is no better phrase to describe it than “mind-blowing”… either that or I’m in desperate need of a thesaurus right now.”The Han Movie, The App, And The Journey To The Force Awakens

“Gosh it still feels surreal thinking that in a few years we’ll be getting the NINTH chapter. NINTH! And I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Episode VII will be out this year, so yeah my mind can barely comprehend all the awesomeness SW is putting out right now :)”Rogues, Rides, & Rebels

“It reminds me once again just how amazing it is to be part of this… to be here in the midst of it all as a new era of SW films comes into being!”10 Of The Coolest Things Released On Force Friday

“*Angelic choir plays* It’s so… PRETTYYYYYYY…! How is it possible it’s only two months away?! Part of me can’t believe it’s so close and a part of me is frustrated it’s still so far away!” Tumblr Post Of The Poster Debut

“Watching something as monumental as this requires complete silence, except for gasps of shock/delight, laughing, crying, squeeing, and other noises brought upon by the sheer awesomeness that is Star Wars.”Tumblr Post Prior To The Trailer Debut

“All I can say is FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELSSSSSSSSSS. So many, many feels. I’m counting the minutes until the 18th.” – Tumblr Post Of The Trailer Debut

“AHH SO MUCH AMAZING IN SO LITTLE TIME!! T-Minus 1 month, 9 days and counting…” – Tumblr Post On The First TV Spot

“Is it truly possible that it’s only one month away?? Is this really all that is left of my three-year journey of major anticipation? Am I seriously about to see the beginnings of a new chapter of Star Wars in only ONE MONTH?! #Mind. #Blown.” – Tumblr Post On November 18th, 2015

“*Fangirling intensifies*” – Tumblr Post On December 8th, 2015

And finally… this post here today, that fully describes the mix of anticipation and impatience I’m feeling.

Ah what memories! What excitement! So until the epicness that will go down next week…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight