10 Awesome Moments From Exit From Endor

So I’m finally blogging on the first of the Lego Droid Tales saga! Sorry it took so long… there’s just been too much to talk about as of late! Now, I’m doing something a little different today, instead of writing a full-on commentary, I’m slimming it down to some of the episode’s most ingenious, funny, and clever moments! After all considering it’s a retelling of Episodes I and II retelling that just wouldn’t work. So let’s just get on with it already!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode VI, The Empire Strikes Out, and Exit From Endor

Droid Tales is absolutely tons of fun, giving us the SW saga in a nutshell whilst peppering in great gags and poking fun at it (and at us as fans) in the best way! (Like, for example, all the gags thrown at the Prequel politics, which to be honest I find fascinating) Whether you’re new to SW or you’ve been loving it forever, it’s a sheer delight! Some new territory for Lego SW that works so perfectly! And so with my raving done, let’s cut to the chase to 10 of the most awesome moments from Exit From Endor!

1. Threepio Remembers!
Droid Tales Screencap 01
I would say a good 80% of Droid Tales couldn’t possibly be canon, but there are some things I sure would like to believe really happened, like the fact Artoo had Threepio’s memory the whole time! I remember when I first heard about Droid Tales and I was confused as to why Threepio was telling said tales. Well, he’s pretty amazing at storytelling, as we see in Episode VI, but his memory loss was a bit of a problem. And I always felt bad that Threepio lost memory of all their grand adventures prior to the fall of the Republic, so there you go — a nice little bow tied at the end of all of this! :)

2. Best Name Ever…
Droid Tales Screencap 02
“What should I call you?”
“I’ve always been fond of the name ‘Kevin’.”
“Your name is C-3PO!”
Yup that’s the future Darth Vader… only nine and he’s already crushing dreams XP Droid Tales really has fun making the connection between little Ani and Vader quite a bit more obvious to a rather ridiculously hilarious point. This was probably my favorite of those moments… well, that and the “I didn’t do it by accident, I did it on purpose”! bit XD Also, note the Lego instruction sheet on the wall. PRICELESS.

3. Words Can Hurt You Know!
Droid Tales Screencap 03
“YOU ARE THE WORST BAD GUYS EVER!!” As if the “get this stunted slime out of my sight” line wasn’t harsh enough… :P Also, I love the callbacks to The Empire Strikes Out with Darth Maul. I love that he clearly knows how awesome he is. Forget revenge this is all about being awesome! If only his master got it… “You never let me be me!”

Droid Tales Screencap 04
“RED FLAGS! GET YOUR RED FLAGS HERE!” Pfff haha yeah I think we get it. But what the hooey he eventually destroyed the Emperor! Don’t blame Qui-Gon mkay?! The real question is why is Watto selling red flags? Probably because he can overcharge for ’em I bet.

5. They’ve Got This (Mostly)
Droid Tales Screencap 05
I love how they played up the “we’ll handle this” line with all those petrified little Naboo soldiers making a run for it XD But perhaps they were smart to do so… Sith be scurrrry. Also, I love how they handled Qui-Gon’s noble end. I had no clue how Lego’s take on some of the more tragic or dark events would look like, but it worked well and it was honestly kinda funny the way it was played out, which is something I thought I’d never say about one of the most tear-inducing parts of the film. But hey that’s Lego for ya! ‘Course there was no problem knocking the legs off of Maul, that happens a lot to him as a minifig XD

Droid Tales Screencap 06
Anyone else read that line in Ziro The Hutt’s voice? Sorry wrong era. But yeah… “AHH!! A LITTLE KID!!” *Dies laughing*

7. Attack On The Clones
Droid Tales Screencap 07
Well, that’s one way to avoid assassinations… XD XD Really this needs no further explanation, it’s just that funny.

8. Somebody Call For Me?
Droid Tales Screencap 08
“NOT YOU ARTOO HIM ARE TOO!” Great and powerful Michael Price, teach me your Lego-SW-writing ways! Though I imagine that drove the closed captioning people nuts…

Droid Tales Screencap 09
“…Maybe if you tried acting calmer…”
They pretty much summed up all of Anakin’s dialogue in Episode II in that one sentence. Poor boy was all kinds of grumpy and angsty back then, wasn’t he? Aw we love you anyway man! Hehe this is possibly my favorite line in the whole episode XD

10. Ackbar’s Slightly-Not-That-Sweet Ride
Droid Tales Screencap 10
I adore the whole thing with Ackbar oogling over his “Daisy Mae”, but I also love the fact that his old ship is up to its gills in takeout wrappers XD Hehe “up to its gills”… I made a Mon Cala joke XD And wow I just realized I’ve really overused the XD emoticon in this post… but how else do I capture how hard these jokes made me laugh? :)

Of course, this is only scratching the surface of the great jokes and moments in this episode, but I think I put together a nice variety of the wonderful wacky witticisms of this awesome Lego special! And I can’t wait for all the new Tales yet to be told!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Rogues, Rides, & Rebels

Padawanline: bringing you the newest Star Wars news… once it becomes old news XP Haha yeah it’s become a bit of a habit. But there was no way I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on the cool stuff revealed at D23 and the cool stuff to be revealed at NYCC!
NOTE: Contains no real huge spoilers. Though I would recommend you be up-to-date with all current films and shows.

Rogue One Cast
So it feels best to start off with the news surrounding the movies. One of the big pieces of news was that Colin Trevorrow is directing Episode IX, which is awesome, of course. Considering how awesome Jurassic World was I have no doubt he’ll do wonderfully on the third part of the next trilogy. Gosh it still feels surreal thinking that in a few years we’ll be getting the NINTH chapter. NINTH! And I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Episode VII will be out this year, so yeah my mind can barely comprehend all the awesomeness SW is putting out right now :)
But perhaps the biggest reveal we got at D23 is all the new stuff going on with Rogue One! The principal photography has begun, the main cast is listed, and we only have approximately one year, 3 months, and 25 days to go! (hopefully that was approximate…) JUST LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. IT’S GLORIOUS! I love how gritty and real it looks, and still, the idea that this story leads to the events of A New Hope is amazing. Plus, you gotta love that it’s Rebel-centered! I don’t really know any of the cast, with the exception of Alan Tudyk for his fantastic voice acting, but they look like they belong in the SW galaxy fo’ sho’! And may I add Felicity Jones’ character is as stylin’ as she is epic? Sorry that’s what happens when you’re a girl as well as a cosplayer :) Anyway yeah I am stoked beyond belief for Rogue One! It’s exciting to think just what it’ll be feel like and what it’ll be like in the very first of the Anthology films!

SW Disney Parks Concept
Also of great importance is the SW expansion of the Disney parks! I’ve sadly have yet to walk down Main Street U.S.A and eat a dole whip, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience. One of the things I love so much about the parks is the idea of walking into the worlds of some of my favorite films. A ride on Star Tours would’ve been more than enough to make my fangirly self explode with happiness, but now they’re making a whole LAND dedicated to just Star Wars!! IT IS THE GREATEST NEWS EVER I CAN’T EVEN. Two 14-acre lands on both coasts that submerge visitors into the SW galaxy… it’s more than I would’ve ever dreamed! They’ve even got a Millennium Falcon ride planned! That is officially now on my bucket list, even though going to all the Disney parks is already on there :D And just look at this art it’s beautiful!! Plus we’re getting stuff like Star Wars Launch Bay (any opportunity to get a photo with R2-D2 is a not-to-be-missed opportunity in my book), Hyperspace Mountain, Season Of The Force, and an updated Star Tours! Sounds like pure Disney magic at its finest! If one thing’s for certain, it’s that I will cry tears of joy when I walk into that SW land for the first time… and probably every other time afterward :)

SWR Season 2 Screencap
And a quick bit of news that’s quite important for those of us who need Rebels like we need to breathe. There will be a special screening of two Season 2 episodes along with what sounds to be an awesome panel at New York Comic Con October 8th! Whether you’re going or not it’s good to know because it gives us a further idea of when Season 2 is going to get here. Guessing sometime in mid-October. Yeah I suppose my hope it’d get here by September was a bit of a pipe dream… but also this screencap makes me all happy inside for so so many reasons X3 And of course, I’m sure there will be some exciting developments that will come from NYCC, so even more reasons to get excited!

So there you have it! Just a few things that have me excited out of my mind! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard :D

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

SW Summer Reads: A New Dawn

The pressure’s on my friends… because today I’m writing my first SW Summer Reads post on a full-size undoubtedly-canon book! I apologize in advance if this comes off like a big fat mess of fangirling. Then again, that’s pretty much what all my posts come out like! But it would be a crime not to write about the amazing book known as A New Dawn. We’re talkin’ some serious action, adventure, heart, and of course all the deliciously delightful Kanera banter :3 So let’s go ahead and cut to the chase to see what interesting things I found in reading John Jackson Miller’s exciting SW tale!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III, A New Dawn, and Rebels episode Fire Across The Galaxy

Cover art for A New Dawn

Every saga has a beginning, including that of the saga of the Ghost crew and the Rebel Alliance. And it all starts with a young, scoundrely guy working in a mining facility. That guy would be Kanan Jarrus. I’ve gotta tell ya, I never thought the term “scoundrel” would apply to him. Han, yes. Lando, naturally. But Kanan? Kanan the strong, selfless, wise Jedi master? Never! I mean, sure, he’s as quick with his sarcasm as he is with his blaster, sure he doesn’t fit the role of a conventional Jedi, but he’s not a scoundrel or anything! But before he was a rebel, before he was a master, he was a gunslinger, a drinker, a big-time flirt, and could punch your teeth out if you got on his nerves. At this juncture, the bro’s left all traces of his former life behind and drifts from one job to the next, just aimlessly doin’ whatever. But though he puts on this tough act, Kanan’s heart of gold still shines. He quietly lends a hand to his fellow workers every now and again and helps out his sweet old landlord Okadiah. It takes a few unexpected turns, a few new friends, and the Empire’s craziness to help him find a new purpose and a new ‘tude that eventually turns him into the Rebel we know and love. Mr. Miller does an excellent job at writing from Kanan’s perspective, bringing out that fun side of his as well as his heart in just the right way.
Of course, the second player in this game would be Hera Syndulla. While Kanan’s changed quite a fair amount since this story took place, Hera really hasn’t changed a bit. Perhaps she’s become a little more learned since she’s seen and done a lot since then, but otherwise, she still has her epic piloting skills, her drive for change, and her kind heart for others. And Miller does an awesome job telling us about her but not telling us everything. We don’t know what she was doing beforehand and how many other rebel-sorts are out there working with her, all we know is that she dropped by to Gorse and Cynda to meet up with an informant. And turns out she came back with more than she expected… including a new crewmember.
Oh, and then there’s our chief villain, Count Vidian. The guy’s relentless, calculating, and did I mention a human cyborg? I absolutely love what a great villain he is! He’s a perfectly creepy guy who will do anything to stay on top and keep his high political standings, even destroying Cynda. I love that he’s a more political-based baddie than most we see in SW, but yet he’s still a genuine threat. Heightened senses and a mostly robotic body are quite a deadly combination for our Rebs. Plus, the fact he talks through a computer and not his own mouth is the icing on the terrifying villain cake! Before Kallus and The Inquisitor were problems, and before our heroes ever tangled with Darth Vader, Vidian was the Imperial-nasty-of-the-day. And Miller played him out and wrote for him perfectly. I could only dream of creating a bad guy such as him!
But the good thing is, villains have this bad habit of not winning, and aside from Kanan and Hera, we have two others to thank for that, Skelly and Zaluna. Skelly is a slightly-messed-up Clone Wars veteran, and one of those guys who made the mistake of getting on Kanan’s nerves. He does the demolition work for the Cynda mines, but he’s strongly against the methods they use, as he fears it will destroy the moon. Bro does some nutty stuff to get the Empire’s attention, and maybe doesn’t think through his plans as clearly as we would, but sometimes a wild card who knows how to throw around explosives is useful when you’ve got an Empire to fight :) Zaluna was once one of the Empire’s eyes and ears — and not just because she’s a sullustan. She was quite content to go about her day watching people and alerting the Empire to potential troublemakers, but when her friend gets arrested and needs a hand getting some info where it needs to go, it sends Zaluna right to Hera. And she soon finds herself on a path she can’t return from as she joins up with these would-be rebels to save their world. And I suppose we could count a third person who helped bring down the Count, someone not even on our side, Rae Sloane. Rae’s an up-and-coming captain for the Star Destroyer Ultimatum who finds herself driving Vidian around a lot. And though she’s still an Imperial through-and-through, she don’t really like the guy’s moon-destroying plans. She’s a fascinating character and I would really like to see where her story goes, ’cause it almost seems there’s a chance her destiny won’t lie with the Empire. Mr. Miller created quite a wonderful batch of new characters for this story, who complement well our primary heroes.
Now let’s just talk about Kanera for the rest of the day, OK? Obviously I wasn’t about to not fangirl over discuss this wonderful element of the story. Yessss that meetcute I can’t even… ^w^ She’s pretty and she can fight thugs with the best of ’em! Kanan defs be crushin’! Hehehe who am I kidding of course I’m going to fangirl over this. He’s generally a pretty smooth operator but his flirts fall flat around her, and a few times her own charm leaves him with nothing to say. Their banter is music to my ears, something I absolutely eat up in the show, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in regards to what makes their thing so great in this book. It’s ultimately Hera’s determination and spirit that makes Kanan decide he’d follow her anywhere. And while Hera isn’t impressed with Kanan’s “smoothness”, she is a bit impressed with his generous, kind Jedi heart. It’s interesting to look at their relationship from this angle and then look at it from Rebels around eight or ten years later. They’re much more in sync as they both have a similar focus to helping those affected by the Empire. Kanan’s more of a nice guy now, and Hera does most of the flirting, which I find adorably hilarious XD Their bond is comfortable and has a unique chemistry all its own. But mannnn when that hug happened… you can see that Kanan doesn’t see Hera as just another girl, she’s someone worth treasuring :3 And Hera might be a little more impressed with her copilot these days :) I’m sorry but AWWWW! This book has heightened my love of these twosies to a ridiculous level that I had no idea I could achieve since I already loved them so much! So yeah I can’t wait ’til Rebels comes back so I can fangirl over them some more!
Really everything about this story is amazing. I love just how much we get to experience the inner thoughts of these characters, how much more of the galaxy we see, how multifaceted the plotline is! It was hard to put down, as it felt like I was watching a really long episode of Rebels and every time I had to take a break from it (because it was maybe a little bit late and I needed to go to bed) it felt like I had to keep putting the episode on “pause”. And of course, the amazing coolness that is the fact it’s undeniably 100% canon, that our characters lived through these events and that these elements Miller invented for the book really exist and could easily show up in another show or movie. My only big question regarding its canonicity (which is weird considering I don’t usually have these kinds of questions with the stories I personally consider canon) is that it nods to Kanan having been 14 at the time of Order 66, which is odd considering I’m pretty sure Kanan is 34 and would’ve been 19 when it happened. The big question now is who is right… official SW social media or this book? I’ll stick with what I know firsthand for now, though it would be interesting if Kanan ended up being a bit of a street kid at 14 just like Ezra was. But regardless, A New Dawn is one incredible book. Now I really want to hear more stories about Kanan and Hera’s adventures! I want to know what their first few missions were like and how they met Zeb and Sabine and how Chopper came to be and if they ever sang along with the radio while in hyperspace! (Sorry I know that last one is weird) Until then, I’m definitely very excited to read more Star Wars stories in the future! Guess I better go look into getting Tarkin now…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Tera Sinube Appreciation Post

Back when Padawanline was still in the works, one series of posts I planned to write were character appreciation posts, so I could have fun expressing my love for every single SW character and what makes each of them individually awesome. The idea got shelved for a long while, but I was gearing up to watch one of my many favorite TCW episodes, Lightsaber Lost, when it hit me: why not just write a blog on the awesomeness that is Master Sinube? And so that is just what I’m aiming to do! The first in hopefully a long line of character appreciation posts, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite things about this wonderfully wise Jedi master.
NOTE: Contains spoilers from TCW episode Lightsaber Lost.

Lightsaber Lost is a great episode for so many reasons. One of those is that it reminds me that Jedi are human, too; they make mistakes just like the rest of us! I can’t throw stones at Ahsoka for losing her ‘saber, ’cause I would’ve done the same were I in her shoes! But that’s where a little help comes in via Tera Sinube. So just what makes this old Cosian the coolest?

1. He keeps his priorities straight
Tera Sinube 01
The first time we see him we catch him “resting his eyes”. But hey, you can’t be a good Jedi if you don’t get your recommended 8 hours! (or whatever it is for his species) These “rest sessions” probably help keep his mind sharp so he can adequately catch lightsaber thieves and the rest of Coruscant’s scum and villainy. Plus, if relaxing your mind helps you pick up on the potential anxieties of others, then it can’t hurt to just flat-out relax now and then…

2. He keeps it lively
Tera Sinube 02
While perhaps his jokes aren’t always appreciated by the younger crowd, he knows a sense of humor is healthy to have around. And he knows just how to sprinkle in the right amount of wit in the midst of his wisdom. Heh heh… “‘fishy’ about him”… it’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. No? Just me? OK then.

3. He’s got the skills to pay the bills
Tera Sinube 03
I’m sure all the nasties he encountered that day must feel pretty dumb being pwned by a gentleman in his golden years. But as SW has proved time and time again, age does nothing to lessen one’s awesomeness; in fact, it can even increase one’s awesomeness. This guy knows the Coruscant underworld like the back of his hand, he knows how to talk the talk, he picks up on things others might miss… it’s no surprise he’s trumped some of the galaxy’s best detectives. And he can fight as good as any other Jedi to boot. Jocasta didn’t make a mistake picking him for this mini-mission, that’s for sure.

4. He’s the “grandpa” of the Jedi
Tera Sinube 04
While there are numerous other Jedi who would qualify for a senior discount, Sinube seems the most grandfatherly of the bunch. He’s both wise and witty, courteous, careful, loves kids (as we know from seeing a glimpse of him teaching younglings in The Wrong Jedi), takes naps, and drives really really slowly XD These qualities make him an especially endearing character. Yoda would qualify for this title too, but I haven’t yet seen him do anything typical of a senior citizen, which is kinda funny since I think he’s older than Tera here.

5. He makes friends easily
Tera Sinube 05
He didn’t even know Ahsoka before she came to him for help, but it didn’t take long for him to take a liking to this determined, though slightly impatient, young padawan. And his amiable nature made it easy for others to trust him, like a certain seemingly-innocent girl who’s not quite so innocent. Plus, he’s clearly a good friend of Yoda’s and Jocasta’s. I would love to know of their adventures as young Jedi, wouldn’t you? OK so I know I’m rambling but friendly Jedi are awesome Jedi and that’s just something I love about him :)

6. He don’t rush awesomeness… or anything else
Tera Sinube 06
It’s easy to get impatient, I know that from experience, and Sinube knows it too. Knows it enough that he calls it from the get-go Ahsoka would rush into things trying to find her ‘saber. He follows the Entish philosophy of “not-rushing”, knowing that taking your time to think clearly works a lot better than going in fast. I even had to remind myself of this as I was writing this post, as I had to make sure I wrote this carefully and thoughtfully, just as Master Sinube would want me to :) For all his “slowness”, he’s always one step ahead! And that’s a lesson I don’t think Ahsoka would ever forget :)

Add in his cool species points, his clever retooling of a lightsaber into a walking cane, his great voice acting, and the way he inspires greatness in others, Tera Sinube is clearly deserved of his own character appreciation post. Even though we don’t get to see a whole lot of him over the course of TCW, he shines brightly every episode he’s in. *Applauds*

So I think that was a good start for these CA posts (which will hopefully get a better name down the road). Looking forward to writing whatever post comes next!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

6 Of The Greatest Lego MiniMovie Moments

We all know and love the numerous Lego SW specials, but they aren’t the only ways we can see the SW universe from the perspective of tiny plastic people… there’s also the minimovies. These two-minute bits are full of that kind of sheer greatness, clever genius, and wicked funny-ness that makes Lego SW so great. So I’ve rounded up six of the moments that make me laugh ’til it hurts, and will hopefully give you a similar reaction. In no particular order, here they are!
NOTE: Contains… well, not really any big spoilers. But having seen all the movies would probably help.

Lego SW Short 01
Is anything more wonderfully ludicrous than the idea of a whole batch of clones with arachnophobia? I’m not sure there is… watch here

Lego SW Short 02
I love 1137 and 1139 so much. I also love watching 1139 man the guns. The comedic timing in this short is impeccable. Watch here

Lego SW Short 03
Ah how I adore the early days of Anakin and Ahsoka’s friendship… she so snippy, he so… skyguy-y! Yeah let’s not go pointing fingers claw hands, Anakin… you weren’t much better! Watch here

Lego SW Short 04
Completely not what Obi-Wan meant, but whatever. Yeah that whole hand-losing thing has been a pattern, hasn’t it? Watch here

Lego SW Short 05
1139 and his tauntaun. SO STINKIN’ CUTE. Watch here

Lego SW Short 06
This one tickles my funny bone and hits all the feels. That cute little drawing Luke did says it all… someone get Darth Vader a “world’s best dad” mug STAT! Watch here

So there you go! A nice little sampling of the awesomeness that is the Lego SW shorts! Now hopefully next week’s blog will have a little more meat on its bones. Until then…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight