Ko-tu-ya, fellow Star Wars fan! My name’s Twilight545, or just Twilight. Welcome to Padawanline, my open love letter to the franchise and record of at least thirteen percent of my deepest Star Wars-y thoughts.

In 2013, my Star Wars fandom reached a peak so high it could no longer be confined to just me and anyone I could get to listen, a blog had to happen. A blog that not only put my raging fangirliness into words, but helped me take the time to really analyze these stories and discover what makes them so great. That’s why I call myself a “fanalyst” (a fan and analyst at the same time).

Why “Padawanline”? Well, aside from the fact I apparently like mixing words together, it’s because I’m aware there’s so much to learn in the Star Wars galaxy. When I started this blog, I felt a bit uncertain about stepping out into a fandom where everyone seems to know everything. I felt like openly admitting I didn’t know everything, and writing for people on a similar level of understanding, would make me look less dumb in the eyes of other Jedi Master-level fans. But over the years, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how much I know or don’t know. I love Star Wars, and I’d be writing about it whether anyone was reading or not. I just hope I can offer an interesting perspective or observation to enrich your own Star Wars experience, and maybe make you smile a little.

Yeah, I’m still a Padawan, even at times when I think I’m a Master. There are still many stories I haven’t explored, so it’s only natural I don’t always connect all the dots. But with the galaxy expanding more and more every day… much to learn, we all still have. I don’t mind, though. I’m ready to take the leap — just like a young Ahsoka Tano on the edge of oblivion.

I recently became aware I’ve made some mistakes on my blog and tumblr. In the past, I have often neglected to credit the sources I’ve pulled images from (especially with product images on eBay). I’ve done my best to remedy this, but if you ever notice an image of yours you don’t want me sharing, please let me know in the comment box below, or send a message on tumblr. Apologies to anyone I may have hurt or inconvenienced.
Also, I have removed some images on some of my posts that were sourced from illegal videos. There was a time that, though I wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt anyone, I didn’t consider it might not be fair use. These images will be replaced at a later date from a legal source. Again, apologies to all effected.
All images that don’t belong to me should have a copyright listed underneath or on the image. If you see an image without credit and/or has a “Twilight545” watermark, it’s one of my own screencaps from my own DVDs/BDs, digital copies, or TV recording, or it may be a personal drawing of my own.

Bank Gothic, Star Jedi, Aurebesh, Rage Italic, Agency FB, Bell MT.

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With that boring stuff out of the way, now for something fun!

(OK, a few of them anyway. First thing you gotta know about me is that I’m a terrible favorite-picker. For every category, I could literally answer numerous other options I love equally. For now I decided to just pick the first thing (or first two things) that came to mind)

Favorite Original – Episode V
Favorite Prequel – Episode I
Favorite Sequel (So Far) – Episode VII
Favorite Anthology (So Far) – Solo
Favorite Clone Wars – The Lawless
Favorite Rebels – Twin Suns
Favorite Freemakers – The Lost Crystals Of Qalydon
Favorite Resistance (So Far) – Signal From Sector Six
Favorite Novel – The Weapon Of A Jedi by Jason Fry
Favorite Game (So Far) – The Force Unleashed
Favorite Live-Action Character(s) – Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo.
Favorite Clone Wars Character – Ahsoka Tano
Favorite Rebels Character – Ezra Bridger
Favorite Lego Character(s) – Rowan Freemaker and JEK-14
Favorite Resistance Character – Kazuda Xiono
Favorite Supporting Jedi – Luminara Unduli
Favorite Supporting Rebel – Wedge Antilles
Favorite Clone(s) – Rex and JEK-14
Favorite Droid(s) – R2-D2 and BB-8
Favorite Bounty Hunter(s) – Sugi and Embo
Favorite Helmeted Troops – Imperial Royal Guards
Favorite Secondary Darksider(s) – Maul and Naare
Favorite Villain – Darth Vader
Favorite Scoundrel – Hondo Ohnaka (yes, I could’ve said Han but he’s so more than just a scoundrel)
Favorite Couple – Obi-Wan & Satine
Favorite Besties – Poe & BB-8
Favorite Podracer – Ben Quadrinaros
Favorite Creature – Varactyls
Favorite Humanoid Species – Nautolans
Favorite Non-Human Species – Lurmen
Favorite Battle Craft – X-Wings and Jedi starfighters
Favorite “Home” Craft – The Millennium Falcon
Favorite World(s) – Alistan Nor and Bespin
Favorite Score – March Of The Resistance (Episode VII)
Favorite Iconic Sound Effect – Seismic Charges
Team Light Side or Dark Side – Light Side

*Phew* That was hard. May update later.

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