My name’s Twilight545, or just Twilight. And obviously, this is a Star Wars fanblog. Or perhaps just my open love letter to everything in the franchise… that’d be a good way to describe it.
In 2013, my Star Wars fandom reached a peak so high it could no longer be confined to just me and anyone I could get to listen, a blog had to happen. A blog that was positive, easy to read, and put my fangirliness into words. That blog is what you’re reading now, Padawanline.
Padawanline is a place for Star Wars fans of every level of understanding, whether you’ve been a fan for 40 years or 40 seconds. I talk about all things Star Wars, from the films to the shows to what it means to be a fan. And the thing is, I’ve only been a fangirl for less than 10 years. So I make mistakes, I misspell things and misunderstand things. I’m still learning, I’m still only but a Padawan. And in a way, with the Galaxy expanding more and more every day, we are all Padawans in this. And that is what makes Padawanline special. It’s just honest-to-goodness fangirling mixed with a constantly growing understanding of the amazing series known as Star Wars 🙂

For more Star Wars fangirly fun, visit Padawanline on Tumblr.

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