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Uncovering The Lost Missions: Orders

So we’ve arrived now to the last of this first series of Season 6, and whoo boy, this one’s intense with a capital “I“! But yeah, I think we’re all quite aware of that. It’s about to get crazy heady in this blog… but don’t despair! I’m good at sprinkling in some positivity here and there, even in an intense-ish episode of the sort. And even in the midst of the crazy headiness, I hope I’ll spark some interesting conversations, incite plausible theories, and fascinate with my potentially crazy points of view. Well, I wouldn’t say my points of view are that crazy but… I guess you can be the judge of that. Anyway there’s no point in making you read all this blathering, let’s move along and start my commentary on Orders!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode II, Episode III, Episode VI, The Force Unleashed, and TCW episodes The Deserter, The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, To Catch A Jedi, The Wrong Jedi, The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, and Orders

(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

When we last left our clone hero, Fives had dug up a boatload of information that could potentially dethrone the entire Sith game, and the awesomely awesome Shaak Ti decided that the best thing to do would be to let Fives tell Palpatine what’s going on. Of course, as we well know, uhm… the so-called “Chancellor” is kinda orchestrating the whole uncool evil Order 66 thing! I’m sure somewhere in the midst of The Force Unleashed, Shaak Ti is facepalming herself looking back. But at the moment, she’s pretty calm with everything going on. Until then, we as the audience are facepalming ourselves in the crazy ironicness of it all! But unbeknownst to her, the “honorable” Kaminoan doctor Nala Se does something that quite possibly alters the outcome of the entire episode: she rather subtly hits Fives with a medicinal drug (possibly a sedative?). How does that affect him ultimately? We shall see. But looking back myself… let’s just say any sliver of respect I had for Nala Se just went out the window.
So once they get there, Palpatine is all smiles and old-man-charming as usual, and Fives is having a hard time having any meaningful conversation with his vision blurred and his senses dulled. The Jedi and the Kaminoan explain both sides of the story in the midst of Fives’s inability to get his thoughts out right. So then the Chancellor thought it’d be just great to have a casual chat alone with Fives to help chill out his clone “compadre” out. The dueling dudettes comply, even though it was with a bit of a raised eyebrow. We don’t see or hear this mano y mano conversation, but considering what happened in the end, I’m not sure we want to. I’m guessing that Palpatine tried to explain his ultimate plan without giving away all the details and trying to make it sound like he’s the good guy (and he’s aware that he’s really good at that) and Fives read between the lines, leading him to just nearly rid the galaxy of the ultimate terror. But of course, everyone buys his “I’m an innocent sweet old guy and he totally just tried to kill me for no reason!” act as usual; the only one who didn’t was, well… Fives. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a clone run as fast as Fives did as he somewhat groggily made a dash for the door. He was too fast even for Shaak Ti — and she awesomely jumped off the staircase to catch up with him! She explains the situation to Mace, Anakin, and Yoda and they’re all like “whuuuuuuut?”, which is the logical explanation one would have if they heard that a friend attacked the Republic’s grand poobah. Gets a bit more confusing (or not so much for us as the audience) when they’re told the Jedi haven’t been asked to help find him. But Anakin knows that Fives would no doubt listen to him and Rex, so the secret search is on…
Meanwhile, no one looked more out-of-place in the busy Coruscant city than Fives… in full armor, minus a helmet, and walking about, looking lost and little off. He’s about as free at the moment as any clone ever had been or would be (well, if you don’t count the fact that he’s on the run and stuff, and I suppose that’s only if we’re not counting Cut Lawquane from Season 2… oh never mind), but he’s not out here for fun — he’s out here once again searching for the truth, or at least a friend who will truly listen to him (oh, don’t we wish AZ were here right now!). Fives doesn’t know exactly who to talk to, but he knows where to start, and he’s going to get there by taxi.
I must take a moment and talk about the Coruscant taxi and its driver. It’s absolutely surreal seeing something even more so familiar to what we have in our world in the midst of this major drama. And the driver’s kinda hilarious and true to the New York drivers we all know well. And on top of all this crazy similarity, there’s what sounds like hip-hop/rap music going on in the cab! I guess that’s not terribly abnormal really (especially since I watched Episode II not very long ago), but in this scenario, in this episode, it sorta knocked me for a loop. Of course, all the funky music and jabbering drivers couldn’t distract Fives from his clear mission, though he certainly didn’t mind having some rather awkward and not-too-pleasant conversations with the driver, who isn’t surprised or swayed by anything. I’m sure our clone hero was quite glad it was an ultimately short ride to his destination (and that he can just get the fare billed to the Republic, since he probably doesn’t have pockets for pocket change in that armor). His destination was the clone bar 97’s, to which I thought “The clones have their own hangout? Oooookaaaay I didn’t know that…”. Though it almost looks like a club for Imperials, because that infamous gray uniform is evidently party wear for clones. And the fact that the clones have any casual wear aside from their fatigues is mind-boggling to me. And plus, it feels a bit weird to see these normally steadfast clones chilling out (not to mention a tad tipsy…). So in a room full of clones, Fives, wearing only a borrowed uniform hat, scopes out for any familiar 501st face he can find… and the first he finds is fellow teammate Kicks (forgive me if I spelled his name wrong). And in the quiet of the men’s room (again, something else I couldn’tve imagined I’d ever see in the SW Universe), Fives asks Kicks for a favor: to tell Anakin and Rex to meet with him alone. Kicks is awesome and is all “sure thing bro” and Fives proceeds to grab a speeder bike and stealthily sneaks out of the club and to his rendevouz spot. But unfortunately for him, he wasn’t stealthy enough to avoid the eye of a Republic probe droid. You know, a lot of this situation reminds me of Ahsoka’s plight in Season 5, in which we find our hero on the run, searching for truth, and at odds with both our good guys and bad guys (plus, Anakin doesn’t end up helping either of them the way they’d wanted to be helped). It’s one of those episodes that put things in perspective as we recall that the Republic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (as it’s kinda run by the most evil guy in the galaxy and that same guy will shut the whole thing down pretty quickly in favor of his new empire). It’s not easy to return to that viewpoint after so many heroic missions and brave deeds and great rescues by so many Republic heroes these past five seasons, but being reminded of the finiteness of the Clone Wars and where they’re headed is important, so we don’t forget the ultimate outcome and the ultimate victory for the Jedi and Rebels in the end. So yeah I was actually booing the Republic probe droid as he followed Fives closely behind as our hero found an old secluded warehouse of which to meet General Skywalker and Captain Rex. But as far as Fives could tell, everything was going to plan: he’d finally be able to get the truth out.
When Anakin and Rex arrived, they were a bit wary as Fives wouldn’t come out and face them until they put their weapons down. Understandably so, since they’re pretty certain that their clone friend has lost his marbles, oh, and then Fives traps them in a ray shield. Well, maybe “trap” is a bit harsh, but I’m not sure how to say it better. Oh, poor poor Fives… he’s trying to explain the whole crazy conspiracy, but he’s not doing the best job of getting the words out (aside from already being pretty freaked out, he’s also drugged, you might remember) and isn’t doing the best job of not coming off loony. That’s a pretty big question, isn’t it? Is Fives just crazy to reveal the truth… or is he actually just crazy? I like’d to believe that it’s the first option, with the added disadvantage of the drugging. Though he probably shouldn’tve added “I’M NOT CRAZY!”, as that sentence tends to make people believe the opposite. Anakin tries to calm him down and get him to come quietly, but Fives is not having it. He knows that Palpatine’s involved and that a bazillion clones are awaiting orders to kill their leaders and friends in the Jedi, and of course Anakin’s all “Bro, Palpatine’s awesome! How could you say that?? Let’s just chill out and try to think things over” (Yeah, and Ani’s an excellent judge of character, as we all know…). But such chilling out couldn’t happen because along came Palpatine’s clone gang with weapons drawn. Fives doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but they weren’t interested in listening, so he grabbed Rex’s blaster to get them to stop. Buuuut well… the other clones didn’t get that message and shot first. And that’s where I started ugly crying. Anakin and Rex manage to escape the ray shield and come by Fives’s side. And OMGosh there’s not a dry eye in the house… I about lost it further when I saw Rex tearing up just the slightest. The Arc Trooper’s mission has ended, but not alone… with his friends and leaders General Skywalker and Captain Rex, and several of his brothers in armor 😥 IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO SAD THAT I CAN’T EVEN… 😥
I had originally hoped that maybe Fives would ultimately escape from the eye of Republic, like Cut Lawquane, but in retrospect, Fives joining with the Force was probably the inevitable. And after much thinking, I realized that even if Fives had convinced the Jedi and his fellow clones of Palpatine’s true identity and Order 66, it probably still wouldn’tve changed much. I mean, we’ve seen what happens when Jedi attempt to arrest the Chancellor; it doesn’t end too well. And with Dooku and Grievous still be alive, who knows what they would’ve done! Or would Palpatine have found a way to kill them off early? And I’m guessing that he still would’ve found a way to convince Anakin to join the Dark Side. Plus, any clone with the chip could still be told to execute Order 66, probably even if they did know the truth. Not to mention Fives would probably get killed anyway, and probably in an even worse way, if not just memory-wiped and dumped in the middle of Hoth or something. While I would’ve loved to see the good guys win this one entirely, the likelihood is that the SW story would continue onward as it already does, Vader and all, just possibly even worse (Just thought about this: what if Padme had died before she was pregnant with Luke and Leia? Ahhh the idea is terrifying!! It would definitely be even worse!). So Palpatine supposedly got reports from a biopsy that Tup and Fives both had some parasite they picked up from the last planet they were on, and the Jedi are like “OK, that seems reasonable”. Dooku gives props to Nala Se for keeping the secret (and also being a huge part of what led to Fives’s death; think about that! If he hadn’t been drugged…), and then Sidious gives props to Dooku for overall keeping the secret, and proceeds to emit the most creepy laugh ever as the SW drama continues onward, closer and closer to the day when the he would say the fateful words that would destroy the Republic and the Jedi Order: “EXECUTE ORDER 66“.
So that was indeed a heavy episode and a lot to take in, but amidst tragedies of this sort in the SW universe, I always remind myself of the beauty that will come out of it when Luke brings the good back to his misguided father (and of course the awesome Ewok party the ensues afterward). And it helps to have drawn a very humorous TCW sketch on tumblr yesterday 😀 So I’m glad you guys joined me for this edition of the Uncovering The Lost Missions and managed to sit here and read all my jabberings. I’m quite excited for the next series — Aname draaamaaaaaa!! (My couple name for Anakin and Padme ❤ ) Until next time…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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A Year Full Of Promise… And Star Wars

I’m going to hope that we can still consider it the new year when it’s already two weeks in. If not, just bear with me, k’? I’ve been sort of struggling with coming up for a new post lately, and I figured instead of trying to throw something huge together, it’d be easier to just write what Star Wars-y thing happens to be on my brain. And that would mainly be the excitement that I can hardly contain for all that will happen this year in the SW Galaxy!
Certainly, perhaps the biggest thing is that Rebels will debut later this year, and you all know already just how excited I am for that from my last blog. But still, it’s worth really talking about! After all, Rebels is truly an undiscovered time in the SW Galaxy. I mean, yeah, there are EU books that tell their ideas of stories, there are videogames, like my personal fave The Force Unleashed that give insight to that world, and there are even animated escapades of Artoo, Threepio, and Wicket in that time. But oh my goodness, the stories Rebels will tell… they will go beyond what we even think we know about that slot between Episodes III and IV. It’s so thrilling to think we’ll be getting something truly never-before-seen-and-no-questioning-its-“canon-ness”-whatsoever! I mean, The Clone Wars wasn’t exactly completely new to us; before the series existed, there was the microseries, which already gave us some idea as to what that time was like. We already kinda had an idea as to what their world was like, we already knew most of our core characters, and of course, we knew how it would end ultimately in Episode III. Now, hold your blasters, I mean no offense, as I would viscously defend TCW to any naysayer; we obviously had no idea what all shook down in those three years and it gave us a great look further into these characters and more time to love the heroes and villains who we knew well or didn’t know well. But you can understand why Rebels will be very very different from TCW; we’re meeting new heroes, new villains (such as the… delightful… Mr. ‘Quisitor…) and seeing new places in a whole new way. Instead of having that “I can’t wait to see more about what adventures (insert name) and (insert name) had!” feel, we’re all “I have no idea who you are yet, but I can’t wait to meet you and get invested in your story”! Like say, as a dedicated fan of all of animated SW tales, I’m not hating on any of them; I’m just trying to grasp my mind around the big new hunk of the Galaxy we’re about to discover in eight months or so. To think that by next year I’ll be knee-deep into Rebels is a crazy thought. Oh, and even the thought of having a couple of action figures of our new Rebel heroes is just… WOW. And I don’t even have a clue about who these heroes are yet. Did I just blow your mind, ’cause I think I might’ve just blown mine, if that’s possible. META.
Next up on my list of super-excitedness for the upcoming year is the Phineas And Ferb Star Wars crossover! As a longtime P&F fan, the oh-so-perfect idea of putting the ever-inventive stepbrothers into the SW Galaxy is one of the best things to ever happen! If you’ve never watched P&F before, go and get yourself caught up before this Summer/Fall! To help, I’m planning to write a post as a crash-course in the show so no one will go in completely blind. And really, considering how clever and well-placed their few SW references have been before, I just know this will be an absolute delight. Though some people may disagree with me, I can’t help but love that Disney and Lucasfilm are together! Who knows what other amazing stuff will come to pass between this perfect peanut-butter-and-chocolate combination? 😀
Of course, that would also mean that we’ll keep learning more and more about what’s to come in Episode VII. And the fact that by this December we’ll only be a year away is kinda amazing. Like really, really, amazing. I’m already thinking about wearing a pair of lightsaber sunglasses from Hot Topic on the day I see it for the first time (THE HANDLES LOOK LIKE LIGHTSABERS AND THEY LIGHT UP AND YOU CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN ANAKIN, LUKE, OR VADER’S BLADES. COOLEST. SHADES. EVER). Of course, I may try for costuming instead. We’ll have to see… 🙂
And a girl can’t help but still be excited for what will come in those TCW bonus episodes. Whenever they come along, I’ll be quite ecstatic. Until then, I’ll keep patiently waiting. Of course, the same couldn’t be said for my brother who kinda seriously can’t wait for new episodes and asks me often if there’s any news on them, but perhaps he’s just a better, more dedicated fan than I am… maybe…
And really, who knows what’s to come this year?? Always in motion, the future is. All I know is, it’s going to be great! And I’ll keep posting on either here or tumblr when I get new news! Oh yeah, I do have some new ideas for Padawanline this year…
I recently got a DVD of TCW Season 3 and with now some 60-something episodes all together, I’m thinking of doing Closer Looks of the episodes in random order called #CloneBackThursdays. Every other Thursday, if I can find the time, I’ll blog my entertaining and random commentary on an episode of TCW. We’ll have to see if I can do it regularly enough but not so regularly that it gets boring. I just hope to blog more this year in general anyway, but remember, I post often on tumblr, and hopefully that will fill in the gaps at times. I’ve posted a fair amount there and it’s a lot of fun!
But whatever happens, we have a lot to be excited about this year, I’d say 🙂

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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The Phantom Clone: A Closer Look

So by now, it’s likely you’ve seen the first installment of Lego’s Yoda Chronicles. I know I have! For the record, I loved it to pieces. Another gem from the Lego SW galaxy! And thankfully, the Yoda Chronicles shorts released before this were not clips from the episode. So, I hope you’ve watched it already because we’re about to take off and take a closer look at The Phantom Clone!
Note: Contains spoilers from The Phantom Clone
So I still don’t entriely get what Palpatine plans to do with this new dastardly plan of his. Even more so as it seems to me that this might’ve taken place shortly after the events of Episode II. I mean, JEK-14 has a TCW Season 3 and beyond-style helmet, but Obi-Wan and Anakin, in their individual cameos, have their Attack Of The Clones hairstyles (Haha, this is how I can tell the Clone Wars eras apart, by their fashion sense! Augh I’m such a girl :P). But I’m still learning, so who knows? Anyway, so let’s get on with some of my thoughts and looks at different scenes…
So, I was talking about Palpatine… good ol’ nutjog Emperor/Supreme Chancellor Sidious/Palpatine. The Phantom Clone lets us finally see a little of what he probably does on a regular basis as he switches between his true self (Creepy-looking and evil) and his nice old guy cover. I love Palpatine’s exasperation at having to switch back and forth between calls and of course, Grievous’ cluelessness. But did you notice the absolute weirdness of how he shifts between identities. If you watch the animation, it looks like his head is rotating back and forth! Ewww, right? It reminds me of the Halloween Town Mayor in The Nightmare Before Christmas. And in comparison, the Mayor is way less creepy than the Emperor.
Onto a less creepy-ish subject, isn’t it nice to see Yoda and the younglings again? Not since The Padawan Menace have we had the chance to hang in Jedi Academy! And of course, Threepio, who is apparently a big-time braggart. “So like, Anakin Skywalker is my maker! Jelz much, bro?” Of course, this isn’t the only time the Lego specials have made Threepio say ridiculously funny, though somewhat out of his usual character, things. (Such as: “Say hello to my metal friend!” “Yes! I am the man… er droid” “Totally awesome!”) Omgosh I can’t not laugh when Yoda’s all “Yeah, when do you not remind us of that?” 😆
So Palpatine led Yoda, Mace, and Artoo into a trap… can’t say I’m surprised. On a random note, I think it’s too cool that we now know where Obi-Wan spends his vacations! 😀 Alderaan is such a pretty planet… oh wait, now I’m distracted. Sorry. Getting back on track…
It’s a known fact now that Artoo is officially smarter than Master Yoda and Master Windu. *Sighhhh* If only Artoo could speak Standard…
No I hadn’t forgotten the whole “Grievous walks into the Holocron Vault, steals the younglings’ lightsabers, and the younglings end up on an epic adventure” sidestory. I have to say, that human girl youngling (IDK her name, but I should…) has some insane mechanical skills. I wonder if Anakin tutors her in his spare time or something. As Threepio put it (in a way you will never again hear come out of his voice… thingy) “Totally awesome!” XD
Plus, brave little Ashla used a mind trick on a rancor! If only Luke had known twenty-something years later in Episode VI; would’ve spared him a lot of trouble. Gotta salute the bravery of the younglings for beating the crud out of Grievous, breaking into Jabba’s place, and riding a rancor bareback. Oh, and freeing Han from his first carbonite prison! (That also makes me assume that this happened in the later TCW era, but I’m still not certain)
Meanwhile, Yoda, Mace, and Artoo got a little help from the Calrissians! Lando Sr. and Lando Jr., to be precise. Han, why did you ever take down those party lights and the disco floor?! Maybe they’re still in the Falcon, for all we know… Han’s just embarrassed to show them off 🙂
“That family knows how to live”. True that, Master Windu.
So then the real battle begins on lovely rainy Kamino. As soon as Dooku and Yoda start staring each other down, a million SW fans start freaking out “OMG OMG!! YODA AND DOOKU WILL FINALLY HAVE A REMATCH!!!!” Annnnd thennnnn Mace steps in and it’s suddenly like two guys sharing one date to prom or something (sorry, that perhaps wasn’t my best comparison).
“A purple lightsaber. Nice.”
“Thanks for noticing.”
“Green, what’s wrong with?” 😆
Then boom! Enter in JEK-14. I knew that JEK was going to be a Force-sensitive clone and all, but somehow the whole “evil clone army” thing didn’t occur to me. ‘Cause man, once that guy is out of his tube and into his gnarly armor… it gets crazy pretty quickly. I mean, his left arm is nothing but Force lightning! I’m still amazed anyone made it out alive!
But while this wasn’t the expected first impression from JEK, I can’t help but notice that he didn’t kill Yoda when he had the chance. Perhaps this Sith Clone actually has a heart. Here’s hoping…
So then the younglings and Threepio save our heroes and destory the evil cloning base. And everyone got stickers! 😀 Which I guess are what you do when you’re out of medals to offer. But one thing’s for sure… this isn’t over yet.
But how could I end this post without mentioning Grievous. Poor guy… Palpatine and Dooku have been jerks to him all day and now he’s left rusting in the Kamino rain by Dooku and his new “buddy” JEK-14! I kinda feel bad for him. A wise Jedi once said “The Sith always turn on each other… you’ll find out soon enough,” (Shaak Ti to Starkiller in The Force Unleashed), and another wise Jedi had the gall to call Grievous “Dooku’s errand boy” (From the genius wit of Master Kenobi in TCW Grievous Intrigue). They’re both right. Well, once this whole “evil clone” thing doesn’t work out, I have a feeling that Dooku’s respect for the General will come back.
So now all we have to do is wait for the next part, and until then, they’ll be plenty more to talk about in the Star Wars universe!
Keep The Peace and May The Funk Be With You!
– Twilight

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From Clones To Rebels

I had full intentions to write a blog about the Lego shorts, but thennn I got aboard several Star Wars hype trains all over again. I’m down to the very last few chapters of the last Jedi Prince book and I’m biting my nails as to what’s going to happen next. I rewatched several TCW Season 2 episodes over the weekend, including a few I haven’t seen in nearly two years. So yeah… I’ve been going nuts about those things, but then! Hark, yesterday I got the coolest SW dish yet! The next animated Star Wars series, Star Wars Rebels, is set to premiere on Disney XD in Autumn 2014!!! *Twilight squeals in a super fangirly way* Oh, why must they keep meh waiting?! Well… mostly because they’ve got The Clone Wars to wrap up. While it may seem that I’m blissfully unaware of TCW’s grand finale being this year, I am aware of it. The news of it ending kind of saddened me, and who wouldn’t be a little blue? But we have to understand that the Clone Wars happened in a finite period of time; impatient ‘ol Sidious can only wait so long to get his new evil apprentice and call out Order 66! Considering I wasn’t sure that TCW would last this many seasons, I’m just thankful for the time we had. So to me, I can’t be more thankful for whatever they’re planning to do to tie up the loose ends before we say goodbye. I’ve seen the two clips they’ve released so far, and it’s a great comfort to me that it’s not quite over yet. I’m downright psyched to uncover the mysteries of this series! Mostly because I’m not sure what mysteries they’re talking about! Yeahhh I have got to get fully caught up with TCW…
But now Star Wars will have more new stories to tell in the animated form! If you haven’t already heard, Star Wars Rebels takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, a time that hasn’t been looked at much in the canon, unless you count the 80’s cartoons Droids and Ewoks, and The Force Unleashed videogames. The Force Unleashed has probably given us the best kind of idea of that era as we watch Vader’s “Plan A” for overtaking Emperor Palpatine (that would be a guy named Starkiller, his apprentice). Droids and Ewoks both have different sides of different stories and areas of the SW Universe, but as I’ve said, Rebels is going to be different. I’ve always myself wondered how the Rebellion came to be, and I’d hope to be introduced to some of these brave Rebels. I admit that I sadly overlook the Rebels sometimes as compared to the Jedi. As in, I know more about Kit Fisto than I do Wedge Antilles. That’s got to change, I know. Well, what better place to get to know them than this new show? Besides, it’s going to be CG animated and Dave Filoni is one of the executive producers, among other TCW veterans working on it, so I bet it’s going to be epicly mind-blowing in terms of Star Warsian awesome as well as animation! I have high hopes for this series. More fantastic and engaging characters, exciting adventures, nail-biting multiple-part stories, laugh-out-loud one-liners and moments, intense action, bittersweet moments, cry-your-eyes-out moments, lovable good guys, bad guys we love to hate, adorable couples and romances that I’ll go nuts over, and heartfelt stories that will guaranteed be awesome! Nothing unusual… just what Star Wars has always been and always will be. And in anticipation, I oughta go and finally give some of those Expanded Universe stories about this era a look. It’s not going to be entirely easy to switch gears and venture into a new time and place after The Clone Wars, but I think it’ll be wonderful in the end. After all, one of the things that makes Star Wars so great is that you can relive all the adventures over and over again! Well, I’ll try and keep you all updated as more news comes out! Or at least always have some thoughts to post about each update. Allrighty, Lucasfilm Animation, I’m waiting with eager anticipation!
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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