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Uncovering The Lost Missions: Crisis At The Heart

It feels good to be back in the swing of things, doing these Uncovering posts! I’ve been majorly impressed and have very much enjoyed this storyline as we wrap up the second story arc of Season 6 with action, intrigue, and much emotion. But with such a wide variety of happenings happening in this one, who knows where this blog’s going to go? I guess that’s one of the fun things about writing these Clone Wars commentaries. So enough chatter out of me, let’s find out exactly what’s caused this Crisis At The Heart! OK, I’m not sure I’m ever going to mesh the title into a sentence like that ever again…
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III and the TCW episodes Senate Spy, An Old Friend, and The Rise Of Clovis

(Original screencap credit: Netflix)

So when we left our heroes, some crazy stuff happened. I mean, I guess it’s not that crazy… Clovis just became the new head of the banks with help from Count Dooku and no one but Clovis knows this. Oh, and Anakin and Padme had a major falling out between them. But whatevz, nothing to write home about– WHO AM I KIDDING, IT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL!! THINGS ARE NOT GOING WELL RIGHT NOW! Though nobody would’ve guessed that at the moment; Padme and Clovis were heading out to the big bank on Skipio to instigate Clovis as the new boss. So right after the muuns kick out the original banking clan bad guys who messed with the bank to start with, Clovis steps in humbly, stating that he will be in charge of, but not controlling, the banks. And to that simple admission comes much applause from the muuns, Padme, and Bec Lawise, the Sep rep who’d joined them. All is well as far as everyone can tell. And soon we find Clovis sitting at his big desk in his new, huge, majorly swanky office. It’s a seriously awesome office ๐Ÿ™‚ OK that was random, but yeah. Anyway, he was chilling at his new desk when who would call but Dooku. And at first Dooku’s all “Hey bro, what’s up? Liking the new digs, my main banker man?”, which feels majorly weird to me. Dooku’s classy, disdainful, snobby, and a big-time Sith jerk, and him being even remotely nice seems totally out of his element. I mean, we’ve seen him butter up associates every now and then and play the occasional charm card on both his enemies and allies, but never outright try and have a second of normal conversation! But then again, maybe this isn’t that abnormal and I’ve just forgotten entirely, but something just felt weird about it this time. Of course, all the pleasantries in the world don’t make up for the fact that he’s then all “So Clovis… think you could cut your Sep bros some slack and charge us a little less? Or at least overcharge the Republic a bit more?” Rush isn’t having it and he’s all “Uh, no! I’m on neither side now and I’m not going to do something majorly unfair!”. Buuuut Dooku… he reminds Clovis that the only reason he’s sitting behind the big desk is because of the deal he made with the second-banana Sith, and because of that Dooku’s really the one calling the shots around here. And poor Clovis has to make the unfortunate announcement that the Republic’s going to have to cough up quite a bit more cash, and he’s clearly not happy about it. And Padme’s all “WHUT?” and before we know it, the entire Senate’s going crazy over this sudden, incredibly uncool move. You can tell pretty quickly that the Republic is not happy by the shouted words of a handful of senators, particularly at word that the banking clan isn’t doing the same to the Seps. And watching this debacle are Yoda, Mace Windu, and Anakin. Yoda’s all “Dude you might have been right…” and though Anakin doesn’t let in on it, he’s probably thinking “Told you so”. Of course, Anakin’s distrust of him stemmed from more than just the guy’s Separatist ties, more like the guy’s old ties to Padme that had him worried, but he wasn’t about to admit to that… I mean, you know what happened last episode. But money issues are far from the only bad thing to happen today…
Not too far away from Skipio, Dooku’s got a ruse that will ruffle even more feathers — a little Sep attack that will have Clovis’ name written all over it. Aw dang, the Separatists are definitely bringin’ it today. Before the clones even know it, super battle droids come and crash the party outside the banks, and caught off-guard as they were, Commander Thorn and his troops don’t come out exactly victorious, but the Commander gets a second to warn Padme, to which she’s again all “Seriously?! Whyy is everything going crazy like this all of a sudden??”. Like say, the money issues were only the beginning of what was going to go down today.
So with the clones cleared out, the illustrious Count makes his grand entrance. And he’s seriously giving me chills right now, particularly when he walks on through the carnage, and while he steps over the downed droids, he subtlely kicks the downed clones he walks over. I can tell you with great certainty that I would never want to run into him in a dark alley, but who would? Yikes.
So what now? Padme makes a call to the Chancellor and Anakin, and she lets them know of the sudden insanity happening on the banking clan’s turf… and the little fact that she’s more or less trapped there. And then a battle droid drags her off and hangs up, which Anakin is more or less a little freaked out about. Palpatine’s not too thrilled either (evidently) and heads out to update the Senate. And Anakin knows that one way or another he’ll be hopping the first ship to Skipio.
So yeah, Padme’s day was not getting much better, considering she’s dragged to Clovis’ office by a battle droid and a commando droid. And it’s not just Clovis hanging out in there, Dooku and his Sep rep had already joined the party. There is seriously something scary about the fact that for the first time ever, as far as I know, Dooku and Padme are in the same room. And Dooku doesn’t bother wasting any charm on her, he just arrests her then and there. But Senator Amidala’s not so easily taken down and grabs ahold of the battle droid’s blaster… and well, it could’ve worked if it hadn’t been for the fact that the Count’s a Sith Lord and stuff. Dooku decides to point the weapon at Lawise instead, considering that his rep wasn’t fond of his politics. Um that was entirely uncool on both mine and Padme’s accounts. She then turns to Clovis and is all “Dude I thought what you wanted was legit! I would’ve never helped you if I’d known!” and he’s all “I didn’t want this to happen! It’s all Dooku’s fault!”. And Dooku’s all “Not to interrupt, but you kinda did make the deal with me, you just didn’t read the fine print.” and Clovis is like “THERE WAS NO FINE PRINT!” to which Dooku says “Uh yeah there was, it was just so fine evidently that you couldn’t read it”. Yeah this is what you get when you make deals with this dude, honestly… if he wasn’t working this Sith job he’d be selling lemons, I’m sure of it.
Whilst this happened, Palpatine returned to the rather ruffled Republic Senate and told them what craziness just conspired, but to make it all better lets them know that General Skywalker and his troops are going to smooth everything out the way it should be. Now I have to talk about this for a second… the entire time Palpatine speaks it seriously looks like he’s smiling a bit! OK maybe it’s just the wrinkles around his mouth giving that appearance, but to me I’m guessing he’s really tickled how well his little plan’s working out at the moment… and that, my friends, is really really majorly creepy. In fact, he’s kinda been smiling the entire episode from what I can tell! He never looks totally happy, but I’m sure not buying his “disappointment” or “concern” or “disgust” or “sadness”… perhaps the Jedi noticed this and that’s why they started wondering if he was really to be trusted and sent Anakin to spy on him in Episode III. But at the word of the Chancellor, Anakin’s sent off, but not before a few wise words from Yoda to keep his little selfish side in check. Meanwhile, Palpatine takes a second to let Dooku know how awesomely his plan is turning out as everyone will see Clovis as the bad guy and ultimately it’ll be the Chancellor (read: himself) who gets ahold of the banks. And then he lets loose all the joy he was evidently trying to hold back and laughs his creepy evil laugh and in turn sends a chill down my spine.
So the space battle begins! The Republic ships work to bring down the Seps while Anakin and the 501st take it to the planet surface to get to saving the Senator. And our heroes have no idea that the Separatists are rather allowing themselves to be defeated today… but Anakin could care less, his beloved is in major trouble!
And in the midst of this Clovis is completely bummed out, he really didn’t want this to all go south, and he tries to get Padme to understand this as everything starts falling apart around them. Padme thinks the best move for him to make is to turn himself in, but the minute Anakin arrives, he freaks out and puts a gun to Padme’s head to keep the Jedi from doing anything cray. Anakin’s a bit more chill this round, though not without a firm grip on his lightsaber, as Clovis tries to explain everything, and all that while Padme tries to weasel her way out of his arms. And then boom! Along came an shot-down vulture droid and everything literally starts falling apart around them!
So I’m going to leave you guys hanging for a bit and talk about Clovis for a minute. I’m really glad they brought the guy back for this story arc, because it lets us see him in a new, more respectable, light. Back in Senate Spy, he came off half as a bad guy and half as a guy who’d been blinded by love, and together he made some dumb choices that both nearly killed Padme and let her get the dirt on the Seps’ droid factory. But now we see him as, I believe, probably a decent guy, but still a decent guy who made stupid bad choices. He and Padme once were on the same side, but then the war happened and what has he done since then? Joined the Separatists, used Padme’s name as his password, let his emotions blind him to the treachery his fellow Seps were putting together that ultimately lead to Padme being poisoned, he tried to do the right thing and expose corruption, but he tried too hard with Padme, instigated a fight with Anakin that didn’t need to happen, bought Dooku’s lies and now all of this. So much fail. This guy clearly has a good heart, he clearly wants to fight for what he believes is right, but if he had a) been able to see past his feelings, and b) has been more careful with who aligned himself with, maybe all of this crazy wouldn’tve happened. I have to say, it about broke my heart when a few minutes earlier he said regretfully to Padme “I’ve always been misunderstood… who knows what people will say about me now?”. We see through Clovis that we have to be very careful when making choices and how we handle our feelings (and also making strong passwords; I’m sorry I’m sorry but it’s still kind of funny to me). But ultimately, as we will see shortly, Clovis will redeem himself in a very unexpected way.
So the entire office started slanting and leaning to what could be a seriously nasty fall, with Clovis and Padme headed to the edge! Anakin grabbed them both with each hand. And not only do I love that Anakin has clearly taken Yoda’s words to heart as he holds tightly to both Padme and Clovis, but the same hand that threw punches at Clovis a short time ago, that robotic hand, is now determined to not let him go, even with all the bad choices he’s made. Wow. But despite Anakin’s determination, his grip can’t hold onto them both forever, and neither Padme nor Clovis can get enough traction to climb up. And it’s in that moment that Clovis makes what ultimately would be the right choice; he apologizes to the girl he’d always love no matter how she felt about him, and lets go. Anakin and Padme are equally shocked and rather saddened by this move, and as Anakin finally pulls Padme up to safety, the two hold each other in the midst of the destruction around them, as it’s clear and evident that their relationship has been mended as the battle comes to an end. Ahhhh it’s so sweet and bittersweet at the same time I just can’t… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
So back in the Senate building, things are looking up as Palpatine is given control of the banks from here on out, but somehow amidst the cheers of the other Senators… Padme and Anakin exchange this look that questions if this is really the right thing. And we all simultaneously mutter “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”
Whoa I’m finding these blogs getting more and more difficult to end on anything but a mysterious and dramatic note! But perhaps that’s why these episodes have been so great! And certainly the Lost Missions will only get more intriguing from here on out! Which is why my next blog will be a Closer Look at the New Yoda Chronicles: Escape From The Jedi Temple! After that the Uncovering blogs will resume as they should. But yeah… anyway, I’ll let you get back to your life now, or at least let you get back to contemplating this episode yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Uncovering The Secret Missions: The Unknown

So I know I’m not the only person who last Friday got warm fuzzies being reunited with the Clone Wars gangย for the first time in forever (*Twilight resists urge to sing Disney song of same title and ultimately fails*). I got to catch the first two episodes, and I’m planning to watch a new one every week from here on out. OK, so you may be staring at me right now thinking “You had warm fuzzies at The Unknown and Conspiracy? Aren’t they a smidge dark for that?” I meant that just seeing these guys again made me so blissfully fangirly it made me warm and fuzzy inside. I was all “ANAKIN! REX! FIVES! AHHH I MISSED YOUUUUU!!!” and wanted to just soak all the wonderfulness up even in the midst of the episode’s opening battle! Overall, yeah, it had its dark moments, but I love this show too much to focus on that! So let’s get on an get into the awesomeness that is the Season 6 opener!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III, Episode VI, the Clone Wars Microseries, the TCW episodes The Unknown, The Wrong Jedi, and Cat And Mouse

Lost Missions Phototitle 01
(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

So as I said, I spent most of the opening battle fangirling it up, just happy to see my fave characters again! And even more so as, if you guys remember, a chunk of this particular episode was sneak-peeked in that “Future Of TCW” video. I met many a freaked-out TCW fan with it, letting them know “Dude, it’s cool! We’re getting more episodes! It hasn’t ended yet!” and it was indeed a shining light on my horizon, reminding me that it wasn’t the end, either. I mean, I figured we might get a couple of bonus episodes, but it turned out that we got 13 of ’em! And for that, I’m eternally grateful! Anyway, Anakin, the clones, and the two new Jedi Tiplar and Tiplee were tearing it up — well, the miles and miles of battle droids, anyway, and they were majorly winning. Soooo can I just stop a minute and talk about the Jedi who I wish I’d met sooner? Tiplar and Tiplee are the originale Jedi twins, and they’re so so cool! I’m not familiar with their species, but they’re absolutely epic! Again, I wish I’d met them sooner, especially since Tiplar (I think; I get them mixed up) bites the dust in this episode. What must it be like being a Jedi and a twin? As a twin myself, I bet they’re not always so in sync. I mean, when they were kids, they probably weren’t thrilled that they both were Force-sensitive, because both of them wanted to be a bit “more special” than the other. Think that the other younglings ever made fun of their similar-sounding names? Do you think that maybe they had trouble being unique when the others got them mixed up or when they were treated as if they were the same person? And what’s “twintuition” like when you have Force abilities? Oh wait — Luke and Leia are twins. That answers that question, I guess. But still! So many wonderings. And above all, they literally have the same voice, the awesome Anna Graves, who gave voice to awesome characters like Satine and Sugi! Plus, Tiplee actually pulls off blue makeup with a red complexion! That’s not an easy feat. No matter what these sisters have dealt with in the past, they fight completely and totally awesomely and know how to lead the troopers. And thankfully, they don’t have to share one lightsaber or anything like that ๐Ÿ™‚
And it’s worth wondering about Anakin… I recently did have my assumptions that these episodes do take place directly after Ahsoka’s departure proven true. So… how he’s doing, suddenly going it solo? I mean, he seems pretty chill and about as, well, Anakin-ish, as usual in Episode III and the Clone Wars Microseries (which leads directly into Episode III). When did he let it go? It’s not as if it’s that obvious in this episode, but we’re all wondering it… we just don’t know how to say it. And considering his temper lately, I think it’s better not to bring it up… but that’s the least of our worries at the moment, moving back to our story.
This episode really is a big old family reunion as we find out who’s in charge of that whole slew of droids — the one and only Admiral Trench! We haven’t seen him since Season 2 (unless he showed up in one of the few episodes I’ve missed in Season 3…), and last we saw him, his ship kinda blew up. And here he is! None too worse for the wear! Except for the fact that he’s literally half machine now; yeesh, and you thought he was rather scary-looking just as the spidery dude he is… now he’s a robo-spider-humanoid! Eek!! But despite his new arms and eyes and stuff, he hasn’t changed much; still a dignified, fairly creepy-looking, and tough-to-beat separatist as always.
So our team of good guys was majorly winning — and then something went completely wrong. The clone they call Tup took his blaster to Tiplar for literally no reason. When things like this happen, the only thing to do is fall back and figure out what in the world just conspired. And as it seems, Tup isn’t sure why he did what he did either, but he can’t think too long on it before he suddenly makes it all-too-clear that he wants to do the same to Anakin and Tiplee. The mess has left everyone confused… the medical clones, poor mentally messed-up Tup, the Jedi, even Trench is all “what they hey hey?” and calls up Dooku to tell him what happened. When Dooku catches wind of this, he’s like “Ohhhh noes, this isn’t good…”. And once he lets Sidious knows, the big cheese Sith isn’t too thrilled, either. He said something about “a programming error” that could “ruin all his plans” to which I’m all “RUIN THE PLANS!! RUIN THE PLANS!!“, ’cause I very much know what plans he’s talking about. But it struck me as to what the “error” might’ve been… perhaps Order 66 is something that they’ve been designed to carry out no matter what, and Tup accidentally got it a bit prematurely? Hmm… (not to be confused with Order 6, the one where you’re supposed to throw your comlink as far away as you can; that’s a Lego short joke if you’re confused) This is one of those times where my mind reels at the fact that one small thing could’ve possibly halted the entire tragedy that ensues in Episode III, like seriously. But ah well… the way the cookie crumbles, that is.
So, the Jedi and clone meds come to their own conclusion that, whatever’s wrong, the Separatists might have something to do with it. And thus, they send Tup off to Kamino to find out what they can do to help him. But getting our clone friend shipped off didn’t go as smoothly as planned, because the Seps sent a barrelload of buzz droids and super battle droids… which, as you can imagine, did a heck of a lot of damage on the ship (and the other clones caught in the crossfire), and took Tup with them! The only thing I could say while watching all that unfold was “UNCOOL”.
But the good guys aren’t giving up! Anakin, Rex, and Fives head out to save their ill compadre the way only they can — really, really awesomely. DUDE, they landed on the underside of the Separatist ship and spacewalked their way up to the docking bay! And then they got a look and saw about a bazillion battle droids… Rex was all “Uhh… are you serious, bro?” to which Anakin was like “What? You think taking down that massive horde of droids isn’t going to be easy?”. But Fives had a better idea — grappling gun hitchhiking! They got a grip on the ship and floated behind them. A few minutes later, the trio made their entrance, and the way Anakin takes down those droids… it’s a thing of beauty! We only wish we were as good as he is! Major epic points for General Skywalker! And I laugh every time the droid pilot, unaware of the craziness going on behind him, says “Hey… now we’re experiencing turbulence!” right before he gets blasted XD And with no way to get the head droid to spill his guts, all the threesome can do is get Tup to Kamino ASAP. And as we prepare to continue to the tale in the episode to come, Fives does the right thing any friend would do and goes along to support his friend in this difficult time. So what’s to happen next?? What exactly is wrong with Tup?? What are the Seps really up to? And most importantly… is the hospital food on Kamino any better than what we have at Earth hospitals?? OK, I’ve actually already seen Conspiracy, but for the sake of things, I wanted to end on that kind of note (Spoiler alert: We still don’t know what Kamino hospital food is like). It’s a really epic start for The Secret Missions, intense, intriguing, and exciting all around! Really digging deep into the SW Galaxy!
So until the next Uncovering post, just remember…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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