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Rebel Transmissions: Rise Of The Old Masters

All right it’s that time again… time for another Rebel Transmission! And man oh man this episode is all kinds of intense-ness! I guess I should’ve figured, what with The Inquisitor making his official debut and all, that duh it would be a pretty serious episode, but I was completely unprepared for the gutpunch of feels and near-misses this one brought to the table… but that’s why it’s so great! So I’m not just gonna try and blog, I WILL. Onward we go into our exploration of Rise Of The Old Masters!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III, Episode V, TCW Episode The Wrong Jedi, and the Rebels episode Rise Of The Old Masters.

Header for Rebel Transmissions Post #4

As we open, we catch Ezra in the middle of some Jedi training. Dude, Luke had nothing to complain about in Episode V. Sure doing a handstand with Master Yoda on your foot is hard, but at least Luke wasn’t doing it on the Ghost‘s gun turret… WHILE IT’S FLYING! And Zeb and Chopper as an audience doesn’t help much, either. So yeah Ezra’s not having the best time at the moment, but Kanan’s doing everything he can to teach him the best he can. Ezra’s all “Dude I’m trying mkay?” and Kanan answers that with a familiar slice of Yoda wisdom: “Do or do not, there is no try”. Ezra doesn’t get what that’s supposed to mean, and as it turns out… Kanan doesn’t really know either. Wow, feels like it’s the first time in a long while I’ve seen a Master who didn’t have all the answers! And I guess he just pulled out that line because he was running out of material himself and “when in doubt, Yoda it out!”. It’s crazy to sit and let it sink in for a moment that Kanan was only 20 or so when the Jedi Order fell, he was still pretty young and not quite done with his studies. And now all these years later he’s trying to bring back to mind all he learned to train Ezra, who the Council would’ve likely deemed “too old” to become a Jedi. So it’s not easy on either side of the situation for these two. Of course, again, cue Zeb’s unhelpful comments and playing around with the turret. Ezra landed in a crate of what looks to be old milk cartons two seconds later. So Kanan decides to switch lessons today… lightsaber practice! Ohhh goshhh yeah let’s just hand the kid a ‘saber right off the bat! That never ends badly! Well, I guess technically I’ve never heard of it going really wrong before, but I’m kinda worried about Ezra’s safety… and if not him, everyone else’s! Because yeah he turned it on right when it was pointing in Kanan’s direction. Good thing Master Jarrus still has those Jedi reflexes or he’d probably be dead now. Kanan does point out there’s a length adjuster, which is something I had no idea lightsabers were capable of! Unless it’s just what Kanan’s can do, IDK, but it’s quite cool, and definitely helpful. But yes, for today’s lesson, Ezra’s going to use the lightsaber with his eyes shut while being thrown projectiles (aka milk cartons). Sounds simple enough, but it doesn’t help that Chopper’s playing the role of pitching machine today, and he throws hard. The boys have their fun for a while, whacking Ezra with cartons… but it’s all fun and games until someone gets knocked over the side of the ship and proceeds to fall to their doom. *Facepalm* Did Obi-Wan have this much crud to deal with training Anakin? I kinda doubt. But Kanan still manages to use the Force to guide Ezra back to safety… barely. Kanan’s frustrated with Ezra’s lack of discipline, Ezra’s frustrated with his teaching methods, and it looks like Kanan’s a bit fed up with playing teacher. But before any further conversation can be had, the crew finds themselves getting a juicy tidbit from an Imperial senator on their side… a tidbit involving the fact that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is alive and imprisoned by the Empire. Whoaaa. It’s then that Kanan gets an idea; Luminara is a seriously awesome Jedi who has all the skillz and knows how to raise her Padawans right (well mostly… but what happened to Barriss wasn’t her fault), so maybe if they rescued her, she could train Ezra! No questions the gang is up for a rescue! But Ezra’s not quite sure how he feels about the fact that Kanan’s seemingly dumping him as his student, no matter how great this Master Unduli is.
So yes, it’s clear that one does not simply walk into the Spire, this particular Imperial prison. But Kanan’s armed with a crazy plan and his comrades, so what could possibly go wrong? They’re locked, loaded, and it doesn’t take long for the first port and its Stormtrooper guards to get Kanan’d (ermagosh I really like that! We need to make that a thing peeps!). The first thing to not go to plan would be young Bridger, hoping to get ’em Ezra’d too. Yeah real smart just jump out of the ship and just sorta barely land on your feet and accidentally alert another handful of ‘troopers. Good thing they had our resident Mando and Lasat along for the ride. Poor Ezra… he was just trying to do it like his Master! But Kanan wasn’t cool with it. So after some door unlocking and Zeb’s artfully fixing up one of the ‘troopers to look alert (it’s so fun watching him doing a little of this, a little of that, making sure his buckethead looks perfect XD ), our team’s off once more!
In the halls, Kanan picks up on Luminara’s presence, only it’s clouded. Sooo assuming you’ve all watched this and know what all happens, I had to wonder about something. Is it possible to still sense a presence after death? Because of the whole “becoming-one-with-the-Force” thing? Do their bodies still emanate something after death? Or did the Empire and The Inquisitor fakes something to mess with him? How would one do that? It’s not exactly easy fooling a Jedi. Lots and lots of questions here. Hadn’t really thought about it until now. Anywayy.
So they find that, evidently, Master Unduli is on a lower level than they thought, so now it’s off to the turbolift! Hehe I love that Sabine and Zeb talk about Kanan’s crazy plan as if he’s not even in there XD All that moment needs is an elevator music version of The Imperial March!
Meanwhile, Hera usually gets to relax more on these missions, since her place is with the ship, but maybe not so much this time. The Phantom just got pretty popular with a flock of manta-ray-incectoid-critter-things… evidently, what’s a frequency jammer to her is a mating call to these guys. Wonderful. At least they’re not fighting over her. So yeah, she decides that now would be a good time to move…
I must say, I’m impressed at how big those turbolifts appear to be. I mean, how else does one K.O. two Stormtroopers in a small room with four people? Or perhaps I should be impressed with the fact that Kanan can do that in a small space. And on top of that, Zeb brings in another two downed ‘troopers shortly afterward! What happened to the other two?? Must have a garbage chute in here or something. Anyway, he and Ezra make a run for Luminara’s cell while Zeb and Sabine keep watch over the turbolift. And after a bit of Jedi-Mind-Tricking the ‘trooper guards, our duo has found their way in. But yeahhh problem it appears that Luminara is actually a really fancy realistic hologram-thing. And she’s been dead for a while. A part of me was really bummed because I got my hopes up a lot, and of course, Master Unduli is one of my favorite Jedi. But honestly, though I couldn’t predict exactly what would happen to her, I kinda figured she wouldn’t make it out of this episode alive one way or the other. If she had been alive and able to train Ezra, it probably would’ve split him up from the rest of the Ghost crew, and certainly we can’t have that happen. It’s a sad thing, but honestly necessary for the situation. I was just watching the Geonosis 4-parter yesterday, actually, and it felt good to see her in her prime, being the wise, brave, (though slightly bullheaded) and awesome Jedi she was. However she died originally, it’s good to be reminded of who she was. Ah but here I am writing this whole obituary for Luminara when we’re about to find out why the Empire used her to lead our heroes here. Cue The Inquisitor. Ah yes! The ‘pauan guy I said was so scary “he made Darth Maul cry” (among other terrible memes I did that I won’t bother linking here)! Boy it really is something seeing him up close and personal right now. Man he really is a pretty frightening sight with those red-yellow-black eyes and those nasty sharp teeth. And yet he’s actually very classy. I might not’ve pegged him for that at first, but I like that he’s rather distinguished in the midst of his malice. So after reiterating that he did use Luminara as a trap (and apparently for other remaining Jedi too… O_O ), a seriously intense lightsaber battle broke out between The ‘Quiz and Master Jarrus. It’s definitely one of the coolest lightsaber duels I’ve ever seen ever, no question about that. And then Quizzy has to go and start pointing out all of the flaws in Kanan’s ‘saber moves and all the different ways his master’s teaching didn’t work. Yeah like you have any say in this at all, Mr.-I-Throw-Around-A-Fancy-Lightsaber-But-Aren’t-A-Sith! And Ezra’s on the sidelines watching this, perhaps some of this discussion on Kanan’s Jedi schooling bringing about some understanding. Though really, again, ‘Quiz, why would you waste your time reading up on every Jedi’s history?? Guess there’s something to be said for thoroughness, but it’s still not cool. Ezra finally pulls out his laser-slingshot, which has little to no effect on Quizzy… but does make for a sufficient distraction to pull out a detanator to make an exit for our heroes. But that hardly stops The Inquisitor. ‘Cause btw his lightsaber is double-bladed and has a spinny thing so he can do fancy tricks without a lot of effort. He obviously doesn’t see these two Padawans as much threat, but Kanan’s still slinging his ‘saber and Ezra’s still throwing in some laser-slingshots. And then ‘Quiz finally decided to level the playing field and Force-throws Kanan across the hall, putting Ezra in the middle. Ezra is totally awesome here as he still stands to defend Kanan, even with only his slingshot. And wow I must say I’ve never heard anyone say “Are you ready to die?” with such class as Quizzy here. And then Master Jarrus does something incredibly awesome and uses the Force to paste ‘Quiz to the ceiling, giving Ezra a chance to escape death by red blade. Gahh the feels!! OK so yeah now the two are back on the run… with The Inquisitor close behind, showing off his spinny lightsaber thing.
Our heroes finally join up with Sabine and Zeb as they make a dash to the landing dock, and all the while the Spire’s going on lockdown and doors are closing left and right and oh yeah Quizzy’s still following. And not even a closed door can stand between that guy and his nasty ‘saber. As for our heroes, it seems they’ve reached a dead end… up until Kanan and Ezra work together to use the Force to raise the door! Yay teamwork! And then there’s a bunch of ‘troopers on the other side. But problem solved by teamwork (and detanators!). Oh, and Hera now had the power of her flying-critter “boyfriends” at her side. Those gentle giants aren’t so gentle to the Imperials, that’s for sure 🙂 And thus our heroes make it safely aboard the Phantom and are on their way! Just after narrowly missing a flying lightsaber courtesy of the ‘Quiz, who seems a bit quietly amused by their escape attempt. Yeah he knows he’ll get ’em one of these days… or so he thinks.
Later on, in the quiet outside the Ghost, Ezra and Kanan unexpectedly have a really heartfelt talk. Kanan didn’t really want to stop training Ezra, he just didn’t see himself as qualified, like Luminara would’ve been. But Ezra makes all of us “aww” our heads off when he said “But I don’t want the best master, I want you!” (which he realized shortly afterward sounded pretty lame). Kanan then went on to say that he wouldn’t try to teach Ezra, but he would, in his own way coming to understand the meaning of Yoda’s words, and showing some real amazing growth between this unconventional master and apprentice. And then they go and do some lightsaber practice together, evoking the feeling of a father and son playing catch. Who knows what will ultimately become of these two and where there journey will lead, but whatever happens, they’re going to do their best, and they’re going to do it together.
So wow oh gosh the feels right now…! I am constantly amazed at how much they continue to raise the bar with each episode! So yeah I have nothing important to add here. Except perhaps to say Happy Halloween to everybody out there 🙂 And of course…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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10 Reasons I’m Hyped For Rebels!

So here we are… only a month now stands between us Star Wars fans and the premiere of Star Wars Rebels! A mere twenty-nine days, but ohh what an eternity that feels like to us all! So, to hopefully pass the time until then, I’ve decided to compile together some of the reasons I’m most excited for this already clearly-amazing show! And for the record, this isn’t the “top ten”, so they’re in no order in particular 🙂
NOTE: Contains minor spoilers from the Rebels trailers and clips that have already been released.

1. These Guys!

(Image credit: StarWars.com)
It’s tempting to go and fangirl over Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper all over again, but I already wrote a blog on my thoughts on the crew! But I can say that I love these guys even more than I did when I wrote that post… each one of them is so amazing, so real, so fun, so relatable! I can say with great certainty that I will love joining them for the long haul in this series 🙂

2. That Original Trilogy Vibe

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
Now, I love both trilogies equally, but it does definitely feel really awesome to be in this era for the first time in so so long! After a lot of time spent these last few years in the Prequel era (which were seriously awesome too), it’s hugely exciting to be coming into a new time and place in the SW Universe! And not only that, the McQuarrie-an style, the bond between a specific group of characters, the Imperial threat… it’s very classic SW-feeling and I can’t get enough of it! Like say, no negativity towards the Prequels/TCW, it’s just that the Originals were where it all began, and while, yeah, this happens before then, the vibe is still there, and it feel so goooooood.

3. Da Baddies

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
I haven’t had much time to give The Inquisitor and Agent Kallus the love they deserve, so now I shall spazz about them for a bit! These guys are so so intense… I mean, Kallus is already like dead-on serious (and has awesome sideburns), but then The ‘Quiz is that seriousness SQUARED. I mean, one of the things that make these two so great is that they’re not even that high up on the Imperial food chain and they still take their jobs as serious as their Sith bosses! And they are appropriately frightening and malicious, while still having a villainous sort of appeal that makes them two of the coolest Utapauans/humans in the known galaxy! Their voices, the way they carry themselves, their skill, their determination… for baddies, they’re pretty darn awesome! And perhaps the best thing is that these guys are real legit threats, which I know is totally the norm in the SW Universe, but it’s still an awesome thing to see in any animated series! Just knowing that one of these dudes could truly end the lives of our heroes is both terrifying, but necessary to amp up the intensity and keep me on the edge of my seat, audibly gasping at the near-misses and crying buckets when the bad guys have their occasional moment of glory, and then cheering and crying happy tears when our heroes still continue to fight for what’s right no matter what.

4. Familiar Faces

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
It’s felt so so good to get to know a whole slew of newbies, and I was perfectly happy just getting these guys at the helm of the Ghost. But then they made my head explode and had the Obi-Wan Kenobi show up for a bit! And let me say he looks awesome in this style… definitely makes you do a double-take when you realize how unique the style of Rebels is from TCW! And on top of that, it looks like we’ll get to hang out with Threepio and Artoo at some point! Which is like, also head-exploding worthy as well (it’ll blow up twice if we run into any familiar Droids faces while we’re there!). And even the great and awesome Luminara Unduli! And who knows who else might drop by down the road? It sure feels good to see these familiar friends once more!

5. The Laughs

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
A little levity is always essential to the SW Universe, no matter how crazy things get, and the footage from Rebels continues to prove that. Just watching the “The Machine In The Ghost” short sets off my funny bone! Seriously, the timing and irony couldn’t be more perfect! The Ghost crew has their off days and arguments sometime, and when that happens, there’s not a doubt in my mind that a lot of these situations will leave us laughing! Perhaps especially where Chopper is concerned 🙂 Quips, wit, and sarcasm are all part of the SW Galaxy, and Rebels clearly had no problem keeping that a part of the series!

6. This…?
Rebels Screencap 05
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

(Image credit: Rebels Wiki)
Another thing that’s a common sight in SW would be romance ❤ I've heard tell that Kanan and Hera might be a thing, though I kinda doubted until I saw this. Maybe it’s nothing, orrrr maybe it’s something! And if you’ve seen the Disney Channel ad, you know that Ezra and Sabine miiiight have something (at least as far as Ezra’s concerned 😆 ) Who knows, really? I suppose we can only wait and see what happens down the road, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from watching a whole lot of SW it’s that you never know what will happen or how it’ll happen or when it’ll happen or who it’ll happen to. So likely story, I’ll likely have a couple of someones I can squee over before the series ends :3

Rebels Screencap 07
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
Seriously, it’s so so gorgeous I can’t watch anything, trailer or clip or whatever, and not gush on all the work that went into it. Especially the character animation. I know that the TCW’s animation was gorgeous too, but daaaAaaAaaaAnggg I don’t know exactly what they did here but it is some kinda mind-blowingly epic!

8. The Heart

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
You can’t not have heart in SW, it’s just a fact. I get all the feels just watching the trailer, man. While yes, their being like family probably makes for some humorous debacles, but most likely their being like family is going to lead to tearjerking, heartstring-tugging moments through-and-through. On top of that, you have a band of mismatched heroes who just want to do the right thing and fight for what’s right, which automatically equals tears, both happy or otherwise. Plus there’s the nostalgia tears that I get in general. Aww man I can only predict the awesomeness that will happen but I know it will be awesome and I will be hit with a brickload of feels for the next five years or so…

9. This:
Star Wars Rebels Screencap 09
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
OK, so this isn’t as deep as the others. I just love SW-y action. And explosions. Them too. Oh, and space battles.

10. The FANDOM!!
Funny Rebels Gif
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
I can write Closer Looks posts on the episodes, make gifs like this, draw fanart, buy action figures… being knee-deep in the Rebels fandom will be EPIC!

And that’s just ten reasons! Only ten! There are clearly way more, though… just can’t figure out how to categorize them all! So hopefully the wait will zip right by at lightspeed and before we know it, we’ll finally get to join Kanan and Ezra and the gang in a new era of Star Wars awesome!

Until then,
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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