Lego Star Wars: The Excitement Is Building

While I haven’t blogged in a week, it doesn’t mean that I’ve been any less SW-hyped. And boy, do I have a lot to blog about in the world of Star Wars right now! But for today, I’m going to talk Lego Star Wars! Because there’s some very very exciting news in this area of SW…
Note: Contains spoilers from The Padawan Menace
So, you may be wondering, “Gee, Twilight; you always yammer on about Lego SW, but do you have any Lego SW sets?” I am rather embarrassed to say that I don’t have any sets 😦 But hear me out! As I’ve said, the majority of my SW stuff was once my brother’s, and while he had a bazillion Lego SW sets, all of the pieces are jumbled together in a big bag, and where the instructions are, I have no idea. The only thing I think that counts as something I own is a Jabba The Hutt Minifigure that I have yet to find… I’m not exactly Jabba’s biggest fan or anything, but there’s something hilarious to me about calling him a “mini”-figure XD (And Lego made him pretty darn cute, too! For a Hutt, anyway) Though I can say that I remember, long before my obsession with SW, putting together Artoo and Threepio and their escape pod. So I can say that I have played with Legos.
Anyway, I have to say that my favorite thing about Lego Star Wars has to be the lightheartedness and humor of their specials, shorts, and videogames. Since seeing The Padawan Menace, I’ve always had an affinity for the clever, well-made, and entertaining world of Lego SW media. I’ve rarely seen in-jokes, pop culture references, and the weaving together of the SW Universe in unconvential ways done so awesomely! Lego just does it right! Even when things happen that don’t make sense in the actual continuity of SW (Ever wanted to see Anakin and Grievous duel face-to-face?? The Padawan Menace! Besides, it could’ve happened… not that Anakin or Grievous would remember any of it…).
So these past few years, they’ve given us the many Lego SW games (Gotta get my hands on the Wii versions of The Complete Saga and The Clone Wars!), the two specials, and a buckload of shorts online. Well, now I’ve found out something pretty astonishing that is indeed the next chapter in the Lego SW Universe…
I know you’ve probably heard of this by now, but I still can hardly believe it! Not just one half-hour special, but three interconnecting ones! All ’bout Yoda, and the younglings, and Sidious’ new convoluted plan, and an evil clone army, and a new clone named JEK-14, who I can’t wait to meet! Of course, nowwwww I’m a bit worried that by watching those few shorts I’ve now spoiled the first ten minutes of the first part! Hopefully not. I hope that the real special will be more complete altogether, and hopefully bring back some of the more original Clone Wars voice actors. Nothing against the guy they have playing Yoda for the shorts, but I’ve gotten waaaaayyy too used to the Tom Kane Yoda! Though the guy doing Grievous certianly adds a nice random humor that steps away from his normal Matt Wood “I will deal with the Jedi myself!” voice. Of course, whatever they end up doing, I bet it’ll be epic! The first part, The Phantom Clone, will air on Cartoon Network on the 29th. Only two more weeks! Woot!
Until then, I must satisfy my Lego SW cravings by rewatching the shorts and specials. I think it’s worth me posting a little commentary on them, what think? Look for those coming up soon! And no, I didn’t forget about the newest Lego short they put up, but since it isn’t related to the Yoda Chronicles, I’ll just wait to tell you guys about it. So yeah, I keep getting more ideas on what to blog about in the world of SW. Now, the countdown to The Phantom Clone begins…
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight