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SW Reads: Jedi Quest #3 & #4

Hello, Star Wars fan-family! I had nearly a month’s worth of wireless issues keeping me from posting, but I have plenty to write about! Including, of course, some more Star Wars Reads! (No longer really Summer Reads, but oh well) Today we’re exploring not one, but two of Jude Watson’s incredible Jedi Quest series. If you like, you can read my posts on the previous books The Path To Truth, The Way Of The Apprentice, and The Trail Of The Jedi in the respective links. (Though I will warn you, they are old and not the same quality posts I write now.)

But yes, what more can I say on these lovely books? They are among my top top favorites! They’re so richly detailed and so masterfully written. Though I’ve never read a bad SW youth novel, these are so amazingly done that it’s hard to tell them apart from the full-length novels. Each chapter is full of deep intrigue, great character moments, and fascinating, totally-believable ideas of the state of the galaxy before the Clone Wars. Ms. Watson digs in deep on the Force, the Jedi, and Obi-Wan and Anakin’s long, sometimes-difficult road to true brotherhood. I have yet to read the recently-released Anakin And Obi-Wan comics to know what these years look like from a modern, canon perspective, but Ms. Watson’s works seem to line up with the canon stories almost flawlessly. And either way, they are amazing reads. I highly, highly recommend, especially if you enjoy the Prequels and TCW as much as I do, or if you want a better idea of what was going on between I and II.

Now, let’s dive into the fine details of these chapters. First, The Dangerous Games, an epic with both podracing and political scandal!
Contains spoilers from the aforementioned book, and some of the books prior. And if you haven’t seen Episode I you will be a a disadvantage.

(Image credit: Amazon.com)

– Traffic does happen in the SW universe, and not just in The Yoda Chronicles! That’s why there are spacelane officers.
– “I know, I know, feel my anger and let it go. But do I have to be a Jedi all the time, even in space traffic?” #Relatable
– Y’know I remembered a while back on one of my Rebels posts wondering if there’s a certain age you can start driving/flying in the SW universe. There’s apparently nothing out-of-the-ordinary about 14-year-old Anakin at the controls, so maybe there isn’t? Of course, I know this isn’t the final canon word, but it’s reasonable. Or maybe it’s different, depending on where in the galaxy you are.
– Ms. Watson paints the most vivid picture of this world and where the games are held. It’s fascinating and gripping! I feel like I’m there. I can feel the electricity of the busy crowds of the city, and imagining being there for a galaxywide sporting event is a thrill! Anyone else smelling hot dogs and pretzels? But at the same time, through Obi-Wan’s explanations and Anakin’s observations, we see that Eusebus isn’t as perfect and glossy as it makes itself out to be, giving me a sense of realistic caution, and a better understanding of why the Jedi’s mission is so important today.
– I just love Obi-Wan and Siri’s bond! Their conversations are so fun to read, and feel so natural and easygoing!
– I’m just now imagining Ferus Olin to have an Irish accent. Because Irish accents are cool, and it adds a little something more to his character than just the serious, unaccented voice I was giving him before.
– I also love Obi-Wan’s solid friendship with Didi and Astri. It’s one of those things that reminds me “oh yeah, Jude Watson wrote another SW series before this one and I really need to read it already”.
– Though Bog’s a bit of a blowhard, I still find him an highly entertaining character.
– I get it too, Ani. YAS PODRACINGGG!!
– Heheh ok so maybe “solid” isn’t a good description for Obi-Wan and Didi’s friendship, but it says much of Master Kenobi’s character that he’s still willing to help out the poor hapless charlatan.
– And Tru Veld is still one of my faves of her characters. His species is so cool, and he’s the most laid-back ball of sunshine in the Jedi Order! I hope he’ll come along the ride for more stories in the future 😀
– It’s so easy to agree with Anakin’s decision to help the Tyerell kids. Even though he disobeyed Obi-Wan to do it, I could see myself doing the same thing if I had the ability to do so. And of course, we all have to remember the Jedi are not right about everything. But then, at the same time, we know Anakin is doing this not just out of compassion, but also from a slight desire for vengeance. Not to mention his love of the game itself. There’s so many gray areas here, it leaves us readers with a lot to chew on.
– I absolutely can hear an Italian accent for Didi and a thick New York accent for Fligh. BTW if you didn’t read my last Reads post, you missed the part when I mentioned that I love reading Star Wars books out loud so I can do the voices.
– Seriously? Still no lap restraints in these things? Of course, maybe these air taxis are more like those little shuttles or golf carts they have in sports stadium parking lots and you’re just expected to hold on to something ’til you get there…
– Jedi have a seriously epic eye for detail and an amazing memory! This is why they’re so good at the peacekeeping game!
– I know there’s a lot of difference between them in reality, but this multi-leveled swoop bike obstacle course calls to mind the landspeeder race tunnels in the Droids series. Coincidence…?
– Aww! There was once a little yellow-tailed summerbird living in the Senate Building! Things you can learn from a good SW novel! 🙂
– Pretty sure Scorch Zanales has the coolest name of any podracer driver in the SW universe.

Now for the next chapter, and possibly my new favorite in the series: the chilling mystery that is The Master Of Disguise!
Again, contains spoilers from the aforementioned book and some of the books prior.

(Image credit: Amazon.com)

– LOL the cover art totally threw me off. I kept thinking Anakin was dueling a changeling or something… I didn’t quite recognize Ferus from the back…
– Yeah when you put it that way, with such masterful, tangible descriptions, I can see why one might think sand is bleh.
– Wow! Darra and I are twins! She looked blonde to me on an earlier book’s cover art, but they’re describing it as copper-and-gold, which is exactly my color!
– I must try out her bright-ribboned padawan braid. If anyone knows of a good padawan-braiding tutorial I’d be forever grateful, because those tiny things are so strangely difficult to make… hehe sorry for all the hair talk.
– It’s amazing how these books can be both beautiful and heartbreaking in parts. Between the clear devastation of war and the regrets Anakin left behind on Tatooine, my reactions are definitely what you might refer to as “all the feels”.
– Oooh so many branches of science to study! It would be fun to be a scientist in the SW galaxy, ’cause with so many worlds, there are nearly infinite amounts of things to discover and study! Yes I am a science nerd. Did I forget to mention that?
– I really appreciate the moments with Madame Jocasta in this book and the last. I like the way Ms. Watson writes her, making her a tough old bird with a solid sense of humor!
– OK Yoda’s appearance in here was the highlight of my day. He may be my favorite voice to read out loud now.
– Whoa Tru’s lightsaber is orange? That is so cool. Could be orange ‘sabers are just for training here, but still. I think it’d be a good lightsaber color!
– Chapter Eight is so fun. Obi-Wan and Jocasta, Jedi mystery-solvers! Also glad to know that Obi-Wan likes tea, because so do I 🙂
– I’m actually starting to want Soara Antana to teach me lightsaber techniques, too. I might be a glutton for punishment, but I do love a challenge.
– I am both wildly fascinated and horribly shook over these concepts. Granta Omega just got scarier. And non-Force-sensitive Sith cults? It just felt colder in here.
– I hope someday I learn to write plots this intricate and in-depth!
– YADDLE SPEAKS! That was really neat, because I’m 99% sure I’ll never read a SW novel giving her a spoken line again.
– Just when you think it can’t get any more intense, IT GETS SO MUCH MORE INTENSE! But that’s something I adore about this series. And this book I think may be the most intense yet!

Ahh, aren’t those just fantastic? Well, *does Yoda impression again* much to blog on, I still have. Look for one last Reads post next week, and then there’s this upcoming new series I must discuss, and also I received an amazing visual encyclopedia for my birthday, so… yep. Lots of Star Wars equals lots to write!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Tera Sinube Appreciation Post

Back when Padawanline was still in the works, one series of posts I planned to write were character appreciation posts, so I could have fun expressing my love for every single SW character and what makes each of them individually awesome. The idea got shelved for a long while, but I was gearing up to watch one of my many favorite TCW episodes, Lightsaber Lost, when it hit me: why not just write a blog on the awesomeness that is Master Sinube? And so that is just what I’m aiming to do! The first in hopefully a long line of character appreciation posts, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite things about this wonderfully wise Jedi master.
NOTE: Contains spoilers from TCW episode Lightsaber Lost.

Lightsaber Lost is a great episode for so many reasons. One of those is that it reminds me that Jedi are human, too; they make mistakes just like the rest of us! I can’t throw stones at Ahsoka for losing her ‘saber, ’cause I would’ve done the same were I in her shoes! But that’s where a little help comes in via Tera Sinube. So just what makes this old Cosian the coolest?

1. He keeps his priorities straight
Tera Sinube 01
The first time we see him we catch him “resting his eyes”. But hey, you can’t be a good Jedi if you don’t get your recommended 8 hours! (or whatever it is for his species) These “rest sessions” probably help keep his mind sharp so he can adequately catch lightsaber thieves and the rest of Coruscant’s scum and villainy. Plus, if relaxing your mind helps you pick up on the potential anxieties of others, then it can’t hurt to just flat-out relax now and then…

2. He keeps it lively

While perhaps his jokes aren’t always appreciated by the younger crowd, he knows a sense of humor is healthy to have around. And he knows just how to sprinkle in the right amount of wit in the midst of his wisdom. Heh heh… “‘fishy’ about him”… it’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. No? Just me? OK then.

3. He’s got the skills to pay the bills

I’m sure all the nasties he encountered that day must feel pretty dumb being pwned by a gentleman in his golden years. But as SW has proved time and time again, age does nothing to lessen one’s awesomeness; in fact, it can even increase one’s awesomeness. This guy knows the Coruscant underworld like the back of his hand, he knows how to talk the talk, he picks up on things others might miss… it’s no surprise he’s trumped some of the galaxy’s best detectives. And he can fight as good as any other Jedi to boot. Jocasta didn’t make a mistake picking him for this mini-mission, that’s for sure.

4. He’s the “grandpa” of the Jedi

While there are numerous other Jedi who would qualify for a senior discount, Sinube seems the most grandfatherly of the bunch. He’s both wise and witty, courteous, careful, loves kids (as we know from seeing a glimpse of him teaching younglings in The Wrong Jedi), takes naps, and drives really really slowly XD These qualities make him an especially endearing character. Yoda would qualify for this title too, but I haven’t yet seen him do anything typical of a senior citizen, which is kinda funny since I think he’s older than Tera here.

5. He makes friends easily

He didn’t even know Ahsoka before she came to him for help, but it didn’t take long for him to take a liking to this determined, though slightly impatient, young padawan. And his amiable nature made it easy for others to trust him, like a certain seemingly-innocent girl who’s not quite so innocent. Plus, he’s clearly a good friend of Yoda’s and Jocasta’s. I would love to know of their adventures as young Jedi, wouldn’t you? OK so I know I’m rambling but friendly Jedi are awesome Jedi and that’s just something I love about him 🙂

6. He don’t rush awesomeness… or anything else
Tera Sinube 06
It’s easy to get impatient, I know that from experience, and Sinube knows it too. Knows it enough that he calls it from the get-go Ahsoka would rush into things trying to find her ‘saber. He follows the Entish philosophy of “not-rushing”, knowing that taking your time to think clearly works a lot better than going in fast. I even had to remind myself of this as I was writing this post, as I had to make sure I wrote this carefully and thoughtfully, just as Master Sinube would want me to 🙂 For all his “slowness”, he’s always one step ahead! And that’s a lesson I don’t think Ahsoka would ever forget 🙂

Add in his cool species points, his clever retooling of a lightsaber into a walking cane, his great voice acting, and the way he inspires greatness in others, Tera Sinube is clearly deserved of his own character appreciation post. Even though we don’t get to see a whole lot of him over the course of TCW, he shines brightly every episode he’s in. *Applauds*

So I think that was a good start for these CA posts (which will hopefully get a better name down the road). Looking forward to writing whatever post comes next!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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