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Rebel Transmissions: The Forgotten Droid

Today’s Transmission is gives us a little break from all the major Malachor-related feels and drama going on to give us some Chopper-centered awesome! Well… who am I kidding there’s no shortage of feels and drama in this still, but, you know, in a lighter-hearted sort of way. Hey fun fact; you know what the hardest part of writing this blog is? Starting it off. Forgive this rambling and let’s get to talking about the droidtacular spectacular that is The Forgotten Droid!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Rebels episodes Droids In Distress, Rebel Resolve, Blood Sisters, Homecoming, and The Forgotten Droid.

It looks like the mini-Alliance has found home at last; with help from Rex and Ketsu Onyo (yayyyy), they’ve found just the right spot to plant their long-searched-for base. Only thing is, the Rebs need fuel… again. The Ghost crew heads out to casually “borrow” some from the Imperials. Yup, just your general everyday Rebel to-do list. Kanan looks to Chopper to ascertain they make a fast exit. And normally I would say that he’s got nothing to worry about; lately Chopper’s been pretty good at getting things done and making quick getaways for our heroes. But today… the astromech has different interests in mind. Across the fueling station lies a little parts stand, and on top of a defunct GOM sits a leg. A leg that happens to be a perfect match to his old one! I will be honest though it wasn’t until this episode I realized Chop had a mismatched set of legs. To think he’s probably been self-conscious about the limb all this time and I never knew! Oh the way Chopper eyeballs that thing and twirls his… um, hands (or whatever the right word is), you just know it’s love. He wastes no time grabbing Ezra by the leg to excitedly show him his find, but he completely doesn’t get it. Chop turns to Hera to express his happiness, but she explains quite sternly they’re not doing any shopping today. And what can he do? She’s kinda his mom, the one who put him back together. What follows are no shortage of leg puns and “Shopper” jokes from Ezra and Zeb as the rest of the Rebs head off. Have you ever gone out to buy groceries or some other necessity and then suddenly, boom!, the perfect Star Wars shirt/action figure/other merchandise came into your sights? Whether you were a kid shopping with a parent or an adult on your own, there was nothing that could get between you and that beautiful SW thing. I know I’ve been there (it’s how I found most of my shirts). Well, that’s pretty much exactly how Chopper felt, and important dangerous mission or not, he wasn’t gonna let that impulse buy go anywhere! Looks like someone’ll be getting… in trouble again! Hehe I can’t ever pass up referencing to that theme song 🙂
It really is amazing how clearly you can read into Chop’s emotions without a face or a voice (well, at least not one we can understand). Chopper looks at is as though sparkling heavenly light touched down on just that old strut. He might as well’ve had a pair of big anime eyes as he joyfully “whoop-whoop”ed at the sight! The Ugnaught salesman don’t miss a beat though and also throws out a leg joke. *Sigh* this is also like those times when we’d eye that perfect SW something, and the person with us would just roll their eyes and move along, not understanding the sheer majesty of said find. We getcha Chop 100%. So while the Ghost crew attempts a no-complications mission, Chopper wheels every deal he can manage in bartering with the salesnaught (would that be correct? IDK but it sounds right somehow), but can’t quite convince the guy to hand it over. Since the salesnaught doesn’t come off as the most… reputable guy around, I think Chopper found stealing the leg justifiable in this situation. Man does it amaze you guys how quickly and swiftly he grabs it?? And he doesn’t have thumbs! Just those tiny little claw-hands! He’s goooooood. And then… oh look, the Ghost crew made their exit — without Chopper on board. Chop’s all “Ohhhh dang…”. And then the salesnaught took notice and gave chase. And then he got some Stormtroopers to join in. Nothing for Chop to do but give them the slip and hide in an Imperial freighter. It wasn’t until he got in, however, that he realized the freighter was about to take off. Well this just gets better and better! Also, as Chopper roams the freighter, he comes upon some ‘troopers discussing the rebel activity lately. One replies “Rebels again? That’s the third time this rotation!”. Huh… anyone wonder what the third scuffle was about? Ah it’s a wonderful thought as to what other Rebs might be up to! Anyway, that’s a clear sign for the C1-10P to lay low.
Elsewhere on board, a protocol droid was just trying to help his master with the navigating, and instead got the worst chewing out I’ve ever seen someone give a droid ever. Apparently some Imps just want their stinkin’ cargo accounted for and don’t care what advice anyone offers! At least, whatever advice this droid offers. Even the Stormtroopers ram right into him, as if he wasn’t even there. Poor dude… you can tell he’s down. And then something distracted him — an open hatch, and the feeling that someone was in that cargo hold who wasn’t supposed to be there. Chopper has fun with the protocol and just about gave him the slip, but the inventory droid is savvier than he looks. AP-5 keeps account of everything on board and knows good and well the astro’s a stowaway. One thing that makes AP super-cool is that he’s very dexterous for a droid; he uses lots of arm motion and hand gestures compared to say, C-3PO. So he grabs Chop’s new leg with ease as he realizes it’s stolen property. However, when Chopper spin-attacks and knocks the strut back into his clutches, AP still runs about as well as C-3PO does XD AP-5 finally corners him in a dead end, but Chopper is quick to whip out his prod, pretty much done with Imperial interference right now. AP backs off, but also is a bit curious… how’d a scrappy little droid like him get a military-grade prod? “I’m a war hero and stuff. Fought in the Clone Wars. NBD” seems to be the C1’s answer. Well, turns out so did AP! He was a military analyst for the Republic back in the day. And they even both fought on Ryloth! What a coinkydink! Despite they both seem they’d rather not have anything to do with each other right now, the droids seem to quickly find common ground in their past adventures. AP is impressed that Hera was so kind to help Chop after being left for scrap, especially considering his experience with organic beings hasn’t been quite as good. Poor guy was top-of-the-line in navigating, but got demoted to inventory when the Empire took over. Despite all this, AP convinces himself he’s doing the right thing still, doing whatever his masters wish of him, even when he’s treated like dirt. Chopper pushes his buttons a little, convincing this rather proper droid to give rebelling a try. “There’s this great new thing called ‘free will’! Y’heard of it, bro?”. (Ohmergoodness putting Chopper’s grunts into words is such fun XD ) But AP-5 is called to other things right now… even if those calling for him don’t even have the decency of calling him by name. His boss wants to know if he found any Rebels on board, and for a few nail-biting moments, it looks like AP’s going to say something… and then… HE DOESN’T. I did a Chopper-esque “Whoop-whoop!” to that. And Chopper himself zapped AP’s restraining bolt off. Looks like free will is something attainable after all for this long-suffering protocol! “Ah don’t make a big deal ’bout it, it was nothin'”. But getting off the freighter may be a problem with Jerk Imperial #3 (because that’s all the name he needs) in the way. Grumpy Imp was about to get another restraining bolt on AP, so Chopper pulled out his dirty-fightin’ droid-wrastlin’ ninja moves! Yes I know that sentence made no sense, but it works. He slaps and zaps the crud outta that guy, much to AP-5’s shock. “Now we’re both in trouble” (In trouble again… *is punched for making too many Droids references*). Time for Chopper’s Awesome Plan B! He’ll just lead the bucketheads on a chase around the freighter. Also of note WOW Chop is one fast astromech! When he gets goin’ he gets GOIN’. And when he rockets up and does that flip and slams that ‘trooper?? Just AWESUM. At least, up until that one storm knocked him flat on his dome and he could barely move. AP risked the crossfire and helped his comrade up just in time, which is also quite AWESUM. And like that they shut the door on the stormtroopers and set the cargo loose. Cue victory dance! CHOPPAH IS THA CAPTAIN NAO!! “NO first one to the bridge is NOT the captain!” *shuffles as fast as possible* XD XD
Meanwhile back on the Ghost, I’m guessing Ezra had a “WE LEFT KEVIN!” moment and now he’s wanting the ship turned around. Hera’s in no rush, they need to get that fuel back and she’s not letting that selfish droid of hers cause any more problems. Well new problem the Empire dropped by yet again. The Imps are quite happy the Rebel fleet can’t go anywhere, so their first target is the little Corellian ship with alllll the fuel. In the spirit of friendship going around Ketsu knocks down a few TIEs for our heroes. Aww yay! Sabine 100% approves! Boy it feels sorta weird we haven’t seen a lot of these guys today, doesn’t it? Ah well I’m happy for whatever I get 🙂
So it looks like Chopper’s the captain. At least until he “abandoned his post” when he rescued his prized strut from AP-5. Then AP became the captain. Hehe yes I’m thinkin’ the protocol’s getting the hang of this “free will” thing pretty well XD His sarcasm and savviness is great on its own, but when paired with that serious, snobbyish voice… it’s utterly fantastic. Chopper’s decided to bring AP with him back to the fleet; after all, any friend of his is a friend of theirs! AWW MAH GOSHHH CHOPPER ACTUALLY MADE A FRIEND!! ^w^
Thankfully, with Ketsu’s help, the Ghost fam’s able to get into the hangar (or more specifically, nearly crash-land) and start getting things fueled up. Hera’s not exactly thrilled to finally hear Chop’s wa-wa-ing over the line. She don’t have time for his long explanation as to where he was and why he’s copiloting half a freighter, they’ve got a new base to get to! AP-5 overhears and he knows for a fact that the system they’re planning on calling home is actually an Imperial trap. Chopper relays this new information while AP starts looking up a safer route. AND THEN JERK IMPERIAL #3 AWAKENS! And he’s pretty steamed, needless to say. But wow AP-5 delivers some kinda sick burn combating his master’s insults with “You’re the one who’s useless”! And then Chopper comes in swingin’ with leg in hand! And Jerk Imperial #3 suddenly looked a lot less confident. While the C1-10P dueled with the doof, AP-5 became his secretary. “Chopper is unable to answer at the moment, can I take a message?”. Boy Kanan and Hera were weirded out when AP said he was Chop’s friend. Yeesh is it so hard to think Chopper could be an amiable dude?? *Recalls what happened with Artoo and “Imp” the Imperial astromech, aka King of the Lothcats* OK I might see their point. Chopper’s only friends are organics, at least until now. AP nobly tells them that Chopper helped him, so now he was helping Chopper. And just as he was about to send Hera the new coordinates… oh it’s unspeakable. Chopper got knocked down during his fight, and Jerk Imp blasted him! Even through the pain, AP manages to get the new route through, just as the jerk hits him again. AHHH NUUUUU APPPPPPP!! 😥 I have never seen Chopper more furious than when he charged the Imperial. You just do. not. mess. with his friends. As the fleet heads off to their new base, Chopper stays by AP’s side in his friend’s final moments. Oh I just… can’t even man. To see these two very different droids come to share such a bond after only a short time… it’s precious and sweet and fun in every way. And to see it end so soon… *makes R2-D2 sad whimpery noises* 😦
But alas… the forgotten droid is not forgotten anymore. A short time later, Sabine gets him back and fully functional again, and he has Chopper to thank for donating the parts from that beloved strut of his. Awwwwwwz I wish I could add an emoticon that fully expresses the feels this gives me! :3 It’s kinda like with all of Artoo’s close calls, where you know that droids can be fixed, but you’re never sure what qualifies as “beyond repair” or not. So I know I’m super super thankful to see AP-5 back on his feet. And after the slightest sign of sweet friendship between the two… they start arguing again. “LANGUAGE LIKE THAT WILL GET YOU DISINTEGRATED ON SIX SYSTEMS! I SHOULD REPORT YOU MYSELF!!” XD The rest of the crew stares as if they have no idea how to respond to this rather peculiar brand of friendship, but I know, and you know, that these two droids are brothers in arms… and legs 😀
SORRY I JUST HAD TO RUIN THE MOMENT AND GET ONE MORE LEG JOKE IN! This episode was truly an absolute blast. We can always use more droid duos! What’s great is that, though they share some similarity to Artoo and Threepio, their relationship and personalities are uniquely their own and make for a perfect team that fits perfectly into the SW galaxy! AP-5 is the perfect counterpart to Chopper, and I definitely am excited to see more of them again! So until next post…

Keep The Peace,
– Twiight

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Reveling In Rebels: A Season One Recap, Part 1

So today I’m gonna do something a bit different. Basically I’m gonna sit and ramble on how much I love Star Wars Rebels! OK maybe not entirely… because that could take a long while and we only have, like, six or seven months until the next season! But yeah… this show has become such a part of my life, like everything Star Wars does, and I just wanna pour out my heart on how much this show’s meant to me, and go back and look at this season as a whole, and how incredibly amazing it all is. I know this probably isn’t what you would naturally be looking to read, but hey, what’s a blog if not someone talking about something important to them? So fangirl or fanboy along with me why dontcha? 🙂
NOTE: Contains spoilers from basically the entire first season of Rebels… so don’t read this if you’ve missed a single episode.

14 seems like a small number, doesn’t it? But Rebels has made it a number bigger than you could ever imagine. I can say this because every time I watch an episode, older or newer, I can’t help but take notice as to how the characters have grown, how their relationships have grown, how their world has expanded. A week before the show started, I transformed a piece of Rebels promo art into a wallpaper. I couldn’t wait to meet these characters, and now whenever I look at that wallpaper, it sorta hits me that I have not only met these characters, but that I know them. I don’t know every little detail about their lives and every chapter in their stories, but I absolutely reel when I realize just how much I know about them even so. When I look at these characters, looking all cool and determined and ready to fight, I’m reminded of what they’ve been through. I’m reminded of Ezra’s battle with himself, Kanan’s false guilt, Sabine’s desire to have all the answers, Zeb’s losses. And even not knowing all of Hera’s story, there are plenty of times where we know she has faced plenty of trials of her own. At the same time, I’m reminded of how each of them moved on or won that battle in some way. I get all teary when I see Ezra face The Inquisitor and say “I’m not afraid…”, just as I do when I see Kanan stand tall and say “I have nothing left to fear”. I’m hugely encouraged every time I watch Sabine willing to trust even without all the answers. I keep hoping we’ll see Zeb come to some sort of peace regarding the tragedy the befell Lasan. And I about die “aww”-ing when Hera encourages her comrades at every turn, putting their needs often before her own. Maybe that all sounds a bit crazy, but to me, it’s just amazing realizing how, after 14 episodes, I feel like I’ve known the Ghost crew my whole life. Now to me they are as core to the SW galaxy as the Skywalkers themselves!
Every chapter reveals something, furthers something, expands on something. No episode airs without some sort of overall effect to the series at large. This can clearly be seen in Droids In Distress, as the droids’ seemingly average owner is actually playing his own part in the growing rebellion. Who’da thunk it, right?! And it goes even farther beyond that! So let’s take a second and talk about the episodes, and how each adventure affected the story as a whole.
I still remember the day I first saw Spark Of Rebellion, just how absolutely huge that felt! How I laughed, how I cried, and how it effortlessly snuck its way into my heart, as if I’d been watching it forever! And now when I watch it, I feel this sense of awe as to how much has changed over this season. I actually watched Spark Of Rebellion after watching Fire Across The Galaxy last week. Definitely a cool experience, seeing them from that first rescue to their most recent one 🙂 It’s amazing seeing how they’ve bonded since then as well as how Ezra’s grown up. I mean, we now know a lot more about Ezra’s past than we did on the pilot. He grew up with such incredible parents, but eight years without them and he’s sorta gone against their message of helping others and standing up for those who can’t. Of course I’m not criticizing him, it would be easy to become jaded if I were in his shoes. And of course, he probably connected losing his parents to the good things they did, so he likely wanted to get away from that as far as possible. While I know I probably overuse the Aladdin connection, he really is a diamond in the rough at this juncture, he just doesn’t know it yet. And man oh man… I get all sorts of feely when Ezra watches as Zeb and Sabine give out food to the Tarkintown residents… how he’s really starting to figure it out, how it’s starting to reopen his eyes to why exactly his folks did what they did. And seriously, one of potentially my most favorite moments ever in the show has to be in Path Of The Jedi when he tells Yoda that helping others makes him “feel alive“… just… wow. So much wow. To see him take that leap from looking out for number one to finding joy in giving back just blows my mind every time. It’s hard not to cheer every time I watch Spark Of Rebellion and see Ezra slowly making the right choice in things, and even going out to help when the odds are all stacked against him. And despite all the craziness that conspires, at the end of it all, the crew’s doesn’t seem to want to say goodbye to this thieving street kid. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ezra makes the right choice at the end when he makes the decision to join the Ghost family. Could there have been a better first chapter for this story? I think not 🙂
Then there’s Droids In Distress again. Beyond just Bail Organa’s connections that none of us had a clue about, this episode has a lot of interesting ties to the rest of the season. I love, of course, learning more about Zeb and his story. As I said on my Transmission on the episode, it really opened my eyes to what a great guy Zeb is, and made me respect and love him even more than I already did. In the days before Rebels debuted, Zeb was kind of an enigma, and seemingly kind of hard to define through just the character intro video alone. I never doubted he’d be an awesome character and that I’d love him, but I had no idea just how awesome he would be and how much I would love him. So yeah this episode went beyond just the concept of the Rebels running into Threepio and Artoo, it gave me a full-on case of the feels and put me on the edge of my seat. And of course, we get to see Ezra’s first really big show of Force as he awesomely defends his comrade, even though he has no idea how he did it. Along with another interesting tie, as we now know Sabine really was an Imperial Academy student. Whether she really was a level five or not I don’t know… pshh she’s so beyond grades. On a scale from one to ten she’s a 37! Watching this episode again recently definitely wet my appetite to learn more about Zeb and Sabine in the season to come. And made me keep crossing my fingers that a character from the Droids series might walk in one day…
Speaking of Zeb, then there’s Fighter Flight! It was pretty cool of Ezra to save Zeb’s life and stuff… up until he started holding it over his head. We got another glimpse at Ezra’s past through the awesome Mr. Sumar, which opened up a whole chapter on his family we didn’t know about. The whole overall story with Ezra and Zeb is an absolute delight, further expanding on the Ghost family’s awesome dynamic. And of course, that infamous TIE… I never would’ve seen coming exactly how that Fighter would end up being used in the end! And an infamous painting on the wall will always remind us of such events. You could say Chopper is the real hero in this because if he hadn’t gotten Zeb and Ezra squabbling they wouldn’t have ended up in the situation that led them to the TIE in the first place and if they hadn’t had that TIE later on Kanan might be a dead man right now. Well, this might not be entirely the case, but yeah no one can deny Chopper the title of “Rebel Hero”… even when he does throw dishes at you, hits you with electricity, removes the screws from your bunk, and laughs at you just ’cause he wants to 😀
Then it got real on Rise Of The Old Masters. This episode really nailed me in the feels. I guess after the mostly lightheartedness of Fighter Flight I had no clue just how much it would blow my mind. But hello The Inquisitor’s in it! And man… Kanan and Ezra’s relationship is so great… you feel for them both in their frustrations this episode as Kanan feels inadequate as a teacher for Ezra, and Ezra, who feels like Kanan’s giving up on him. But after being led into a trap (that only now we realize was totally thanks to Gall Trayvis), nearly dying at the hands of The ‘Quiz, and taking on a good chunk of the Empire, they both are willing to do — not just try. I love how much their relationship grew in this one, and you gotta love Kanan for not being perfect, for being real, for being honest, for being extremely relatable to both Ezra and the rest of us. It just makes their father-son-esque bond all the awesomer. And The Inquisitor’s quite epic in his first flesh-and-blood appearance, too… I always knew he was an intense baddie, but I had no idea he was so classily calculating, and that made him all the cooler! Yeahhh I’m gonna miss him chasing down the Rebels like he do. Most defs. And his epic lightsaber. But eh well I’d miss Kanan a lot more so I won’t miss ‘Quizzy that much… but I’m getting ahead of myself.
And then there’s Breaking Ranks! Ezra’s inside job and the first time we get to meet Zare Leonis! It’s insanely cool getting to dig deeper into the Empire and how it does what it does, like training up young ‘troopers. And yeah Zare is so stinkin’ cool… and the fact he’s got his own book series going on makes him all the cooler! But yeah, it’s nice to know that Ezra’s not the only “rebel” in these ranks. Even when you’ve got crazy cadets who think the Empire hung the moon (pfffff see what I did there?? XD ). There’s so much I can’t wait to dig into further in Zare’s series, but until then, I’m just happy to enjoy this adventure as it is, as Ezra’s made an unexpected friend while undercover and the Imperials get whupped by friendship and teamwork! (Sorry I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true) Oh, and Jai and Zare live our dream and drive a walker. That too.
Of course, we have to talk about Out Of Darkness. This is the episode where we really got to sit down and learn some more about our rebel girls… including a third girl we would have yet to meet, “Fulcrum” 🙂 Getting to see Hera and Sabine bond over fighting Fyrnocks is quite the adventure, and we’re quite glad they made it out alive. And just getting these tiny hints in the direction as to the larger mission at hand is really cool, both in the moment and looking back. Fulcrum — er, Ahsoka — I’m sorry I ever might’ve given you a smidgen of doubt. And I’m sure Sabine’s thinking that a bit now. Though it will be interesting to see if Sabine and Ahsoka ever butt heads over something in the business of rebelling. It’s really amazing seeing how Hera handles this, how she’s able to encourage Sabine to have faith even when she can’t give her all the answers. It is so much legit truth, and it comes to mind every now and then when I’m asking questions that I can’t have answered. Getting to know more of their stories is one of the things that makes this episode so awesome. And it’s really hard to encapsulate all of that in this one paragraph, so go and read the Transmission on the episode for more (and ignore all my ramblings from back before I ever wondered if Fulcrum was Ahsoka). Like say, when you look at how everything comes together at the end… it is all kinds of epic.

Come back next week to read the rest of the recap!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Race For The Holocrons: A Closer Look

So while the Rebels took an off day this week, I figured it’s about time we get back to talking about all of the New Yoda Chronicles that’ve come out in the past year! Yeah these Lego specials just can’t help but be an absolute delight to watch. And even though I’m probably the only one to talk about them seriously, I’m glad people actually want to read these to begin with. So thank you for that. So let’s dive in and go deep in the second chapter of the first trilogy of TNYC, Race For The Holocrons!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode IV, Episode V, Episode VI, Star Wars Droids, The Padawan Menace, The Empire Strikes Out, and Escape From The Jedi Temple, and TCW episode Wookiee Hunt.

So since we last left our heroes, Yoda and Obi-Wan decided that it’s about time Luke started his holocron training. Luke doesn’t even really know what holocrons are, but he knows he’s gotta go find them. Of course, problem: Vader and his boss want to find them, too, as they have the potential to reveal info valuable to the Empire. So Luke followed the Force to where they reside… Utapau? Well, he’s still figuring out the whole “Force” thing, so you can’t blame him from ending up planets away from where he was supposed to be. Besides, in regards to Tatooine, Ben had told him there was nothing left for him there! I guess he meant in regard to his everyday farm life, not literally. Let’s just cut Young Skywalker some slack here. So as would be expected, Luke and his crew hit a dead-end, as the head ‘pauan has no clue what a holocron is. But the ‘pauan doesn’t miss a beat and offers up some used Clone Wars-era starships to the gang. No clue how the Utapauans managed to keep these vehicles in such good shape, and how it is a bunch of ‘troopers never came over and reclaimed it. Sidious must’ve regarded it all as junk. Leia politely turns down the offer, and Luke, exasperated from his failed search, kicks a pebble over the old vehicles. But apparently there’s another brand of “vehicle” in the pile — BOGA? Or at least a critter the same species as Boga?? I always thought that that giant frilled lizard was one of the coolest creatures in the SW galaxy, and he was a good steed for Obi-Wan back in the day. But apparently… either Boga became feral after years of neglect, or this is an entirely different critter and their species is just naturally wild and unpredictable. Yup the big guy decides pretty quickly to give chase after Luke, Leia, and the droids. Luke whips out his lightsaber and at least partially wounds the fella, but new problem: they’ve run right off the landing platform with their ship. Le sigh, can this day get any better?
Meanwhile, Sidious reiterates his desire to get his grubby little Force-lighting-shocking hands on those ‘crons. Vader’s all “NBD, Master, just need to find that Luke Skywalker punk and he’ll lead me where I need to go!”. And it just so happens that Vader is onto Luke by chasing down the Millenium Falcon. Han and Chewie are enjoying their day about as much as Luke and Leia are right now. A well-planned pull of the brakes and blasters aimed at the TIE seem to have vanquished their foe. But that Darth is a tough cookie and somehow manages to claw his way onto the Falcon’s roof and into the hatch. Yeahhh having Darth Vader show up in your cockpit is probably every Rebel’s worst nightmare. And Vader has some fun and knocks the scoundrels around in the cockpit. But then Vader takes a look around at the ol’ ship and is like “Seriously? This piece of junk is what helped destroy my Death Star?”. Han’s brave and talks back, not without throwing the unfair “pleather pants” name back in Vader’s face. So naturally that gets a red lightsaber all up in Captain Solo’s grill, and he demands to know Luke’s whereabouts. And Han’s snarky response is a perfect transition to the next seen, as Luke is indeed “in a whole in the ground”. Hur hur.
So anyway, they were still falling… Luke was trying to get closer to his comrades and the ship, but you know, gravity isn’t always very cooperative. And then shows up Force Ghost Ben, giving Luke a heart attack for the second time this weekend! Master Kenobi’s about to tell Young Skywalker about the holocrons… but judging by the fact Luke’s falling and a giant green beast is right above them… Obi-Wan makes his message quick, and lets him know the stakes as Vader’s in on the secret too, and the boy needs to get to Tatooine ASAP. And then he ducks outta that mess pretty fast, leaving Luke with a hurried “may the Force be with you”. Knowing that time is of the essence, he’s not gonna sit around and fall for hours; Luke slams his lightsaber into the rock walls and uses the Force to form a giant rope with the debris. Not too shabby for a guy who couldn’t tell Tatooine from Utapau on the map! But just when they thought they’d gotten that lizard off their tails… yeah… he can climb. Luke’s able to Force-bend their rope and snap it like a rubber band, returning them to the landing platform. But Boga here is a fast little booger. So our gang darts for an old Separatist fighter. They would’ve gotten off the ground faster, but while Artoo has no problem trusting strange computers, he doesn’t like syncing into one. Considering all things, it was a Separatist ship, and Artoo knows those guys were nasty. Yus now we know the little droid’s got everything now that we’ve seen his sanitizer extension XD But they’re able to make it offworld without any reptilian hitchhikers, and so, it’s on to Tatooine!
Meanwhile, Vader’s still trying to get Han to spill, but thank goodness for the Corellian’s strong will. It’s only when Luke makes a quick call letting Han know where they’re going that there’s a problem. Yes I think Vader knows the difference between the Dune Sea and Naboo’s Dune Sea Hotel. ‘Cause duh on Naboo everything is soft. *Gets hit with tomato* Heyyy who threw that?! So yeah… anyway, Han and Chewie made a quick getaway into the escape pod. Problem was, this particular escape pod has a launch button outside of it. And Darth had no problem pressing it. #Facepalm
And thus, after having to start the thing a couple of times, Vader’s flying the Falcon off to Tatooine.
Elsewhere on Tatooine itself, the holocrons’ glow has attracted some attention from the locals. And the locals being the Jawas. They be all “UTTINI!” over the loot they’ve dug up. And so it appears the competition for these things has been upped from two to three…
So Luke and his comrades were having a pretty smooth flight at first… and then Wedge Antilles and a bunch of other Rebels mistook them for an Imperial ship (Um… guys, different war! Get your facts straight man!). Luke tried to touch base with Wedge and explain the situation, but they were firing at him, and well… Luke had to fire back. It looks like the other Rebs were OK though so that’s good. Yeesh this would be pretty tragic otherwise…
Ironically, the same thing’s happening to the other Skywalker. It must be so weird having your own TIEs aiming at you. I’m guessing Vader had a little “conversation” (aka Force choke) with the pilots involved afterward. Oh wait… disregard that last sentence; he expertly blew up all the TIEs, so that saves Vader time so he can Force choke other less-than-stellar Imperials! Ha yes, you really could say “there are heroes on both sides” in this situation!
And guess where Han and Chewie ended up? A nice little slimy mudhole called Dagobah! Captain Solo expertly navigates them to a cave for shelter… though yeah this is “THE” cave. They label it “Darkside Cave” here, but whatever you call it… the horrified screaming/roaring they make running out says that they didn’t have too much fun in there. Though one really has to wonder what it is each of them saw. Yikes this just got really deep… y’know I’m gonna do the right thing here and not think too much on this ’cause I don’t want to freak anybody out. But yeah, as soon as they ran out, there stood Yoda. And thus happened one of the happiest reunions ever! I love they still call each other “Yoyo” and “Ian”; ah those were the days, huh? Chewie’s all “Wait… you two know each other? What’d I miss?”. It’s OK, Chewbacca, it happened about the time you got caught in a Trandoshan hunting game with a bunch of Padawans.
Anyway, firsties on Tatooine would be Lord Vader! Who doesn’t watch his step and runs right into Dr. Ezavan and Pondo Baba. But Vader doesn’t bat an eyelash and lightsabers the good doctor’s arm off. I love his response “WHAT?! NOW EVERYONE HAS A LIGHTSABER?!”. Maybe they should consider stopping making such a big deal about people running into them. And maybe consider getting to know people before they judge whether they like them or not 🙂 Luke, Leia, and the droids arrive shortly after, also running into the duo. Thankfully this time, the wanted men make a run for it… right into a closed door. And Luke’s all “What did I do?”. Probably didn’t recognize Pondo Baba with his new arm.
Also, I’d just like to ask why Jar Jar thought it’d be a good idea to take his daughter out to the Mos Eisley Cantina for her birthday. It’s not exactly the most friendly place in the galaxy, and I didn’t think Jar Jar was much of a fan of this planet (“…the sun’s doin’ murder to meesa skin!”). It must be what she wanted, I do guess. But I’m not here to talk about Ex-Rep. Binks’ parenting, I’m here to talk about the race for the holocrons going down here as Vader walks into the Cantina. Also, love the rancor sipping an umbrella drink in the background! XD OK anyway, so Vader was about walk in and show ’em who’s boss, buuuuuuut the droid scanner went off on him. Seriously, does this guy dislike droids so much that he’ll risk locking people out? What happens if you had braces, or fillings, or a metal hip? What about the fact that Pondo Baba must’ve gotten a metal arm?? Duuuude c’mon. But Vader took it well, I think. Force-slammed him into the ceiling. The best part is watching all the happy droids flock in now that the ban’s been lifted; just watch that GOM droid get down! XD
So Luke was trusting his feelings again, using the Force to guide him as he walked through the Mos Eisley streets. And this time, it happened to lead him right to Watto’s place. It always wows me when you see characters meet up like this, even though Luke may never know that Watto was his dad’s former “employer”. But yeah, while Leia and the droids would rather’d leave, Luke’s got his eyes on a fabulous old podracer… the one his dad made, to be exact (seriously isn’t this crazy how it all connects??). Not having any cash on hand, Luke comes up with a different way to seal the deal… something called a Jedi mind trick. Watto’s like “Bro they don’t work on me, mkay?”. And you know, interesting thought here: wouldn’t it still have been fairly dangerous for Luke to have revealed himself a Jedi? Knowing Watto, he could’ve easily sold him out to the Empire to make a quick buck. Thankfully, it seems he doesn’t care too much. And Vader probably wouldn’tve trusted Watto to know that kind of intel anyway and would’ve ignored him. So when Watto’s not impressed with Luke’s mind trick, he gets Leia to join in, claiming she’s a Jedi as well. And boy I bet they were surprised when their mind trick actually worked. On Watto… and Threepio! Daaaaaaang the power of the Chosen One’s kids! And so with that, Luke got the podracer on loan and left Threepio as collateral, and they returned to their mission. And Threepio took the job as a sign-spinner. He’s pretty good for not having a lot of dexterity in those limbs!
And guess what Lord Vader was buying? Luke’s landspeeder! Definitely one of those weird moments as Luke zooms by Vader and they both realize they’re driving each other’s rides. Commence chase scene!
Back on Dagobah, Yoda popped some popcorn for his guests and chatted for a bit about the planet and about Luke. And then Yoda realized that Young Skywalker was in trouble! He sent Han and Chewbacca after him… in, naturally, Yoda’s little starship. Yeah if you thought it was bad when Obi-Wan, Yoda, and R2-D2 were crammed in there, it looks to be even worse for these two.
Yeah it was a normal Jawa shopping trip for Bib Fortuna. But he’s not able to look at those lovely glowy-blue blocks for long, ’cause along came Luke and Vader at full speed! The Jawas closed up shop and vamoosed back to their sandcrawler in about three seconds. Finally the guys came to a stop and decided this needed to be settled with lightsabers. But what they didn’t know, is that their being near that sandcrawler full of holocrons was empowering said ‘crons, like, a lot. Leia takes notice of this and tries to interrupt, but of course these Skywalker boys are a little busy. But yeah, don’t ask me how exactly they did that, but the holocrons actually power up so that the sandcrawler zooms on outta there! Man, those things are so useful… they store Jedi history, lists of Rebellion-centered planets, prove one’s Force-sensitivity, and are a great alternative to fossil fuels! No wonder there’s such a market for them. The ‘crawler goes so fast that it knocks the hoods off of the Jawas and reveals… humans. Normal humans in masks. Well, that explains a lot XD Hehe I love fourth-wall-breaking gags like that. So Vader and Luke, after trading respective vehicles, hit the gas pedal and the chase is back on! Isn’t it funny, in Phantom Menace and the first story arc of the Droids series, that both of these are racing vehicles, both used on desert planet raceways? Craaaazayyyy! And yeah as they’re driving, they’re dueling at the same time. Yeah I think there are rules about that in the Tatooine Drivers’ Manuals. Even so, it’s pretty epic! It reminds me of all the swordfighting on the cars in Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, but, dare I say, a lot more high-stakes.
Oh, Han and Chewie finally landed on Tatooine to help Luke… andddd Luke was long-gone. Just Leia and Artoo hanging out. So the four of them piled back on Yoda’s ship and rejoined the chase themselves.
And the chase goes from being more Crystal Skull to Raiders as the Skywalker boys start catching up to the speeding sandcrawler. Luke and Vader both climb up on top of the vehicle and duel a bit before Vader finally shoves the boy off. Of course, as Vader goes and swims in his holocron loot, he doesn’t realize that Luke’s pulling an “Indy” and is hanging on to the front of the ‘crawler! Luke finally climbs back in and faces down the Darth once more… but Vader has an ace up his dark sleeve; the sandcrawler’s heading through Mos Eisley, and he knows Luke won’t allow innocent lives to get caught in the crossfire. So Luke manages to pull the machine to a stop… just as Vader goes and nabs all the holocrons and makes a run for it. Though Darth didn’t get off entirely easy, as he did get his cape caught and had to cut the thing short before he could get to his shuttle. And Luke turned out to be OK in the midst of the sandcrawler wreckage. Threepio, who nearly got creamed by the vehicle to start with, recognizes the sacrifice Luke made in giving up the holocrons to save him and others. Aw Luke I’m so proud of ya! And Han and the gang finally showed up… and found they missed all the action. Figures.
Obi-Wan and Yoda are proud of Luke as well, but they are definitely aware that they’re in all kinds of trouble with the holocrons in Imperial possession. “…They were our last hope.” “No… there is another… thing… we could do… if we felt like it… or not.” XD And that “thing” happens to involve an old friend… JEK-14! Whose peaceful siesta on Naboo is about to get interrupted. Yessss I have lots of questions now as to why he’s on Naboo, and whether he was there in the first place back in the last chapter. But when your Force-enriched arm starts talkin’, it’s time for the now older JEK to get a move on. Twenty years of retirement is long enough, buddy…! Luke’s about to get some help from an unexpected source 🙂
So yay I can’t get enough of these Lego Star Wars tales! Where they’ll go next, only time will tell, but it’ll be great when we get there! Until next blog…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Rebel Transmissions: Droids In Distress

So it’s time once again for another Rebel Transmission! A fantastic-ly fun episode with humor, heart, seriously close calls, and of course, a couple of familiar droids! And yeah I don’t know why I’m having trouble opening up this post right now… er… let’s just cut to the chase and take a deeper look at Droids In Distress!
Note: Contains spoilers from Episode IV, the first four episodes of Droids, and Rebels episodes Spark Of Rebellion and Droids In Distress

So here we are, back with the crew of the Ghost, as they’re being chased by TIE fighters and an Imperial Star Destroyer! Just the normal everyday routine for these guys, NBD. But that’s what hyperspace is for! With that out of the way, our heroes have time to focus on the other important matter at hand… the matter of money. It’s not easy feeding (and arming) a family of five (and fueling a ship) in the galaxy these days (especially when they’re against the Empire), so Kanan makes the suggestion “why not go and grab some weapons to sell to Vizago?”. Zeb isn’t too keen on the concept, but it’s either that or they’re giving up the Ghost… quite literally. So off to the weapon-nabbing races it is!
And this time, our heroes are taking the bus. Or technically the public transport shuttles. Yup, just the norm around here. So an Imperial senator is also on the shuttle, with a non-Basic-speaking comrade, and where there are failures to communicate, a protocol droid is necessary… enter C-3PO! And R2-D2! And I’m all “OHMYGOSH DEH DROIDSEHS!! …Wait they’re hanging out with this Imperial girl? What’s up with that?”. Well, we shall soon see. Now, originally, when I’d heard that Threepio and Artoo were going to be joining us at some juncture in the show, I really really had my fingers crossed that we’d see a character from the 80’s Droids cartoon. The show also takes place before Episode IV, and we meet a rebel or two ourselves out there. And what else would explain why these two aren’t in the care of Captain Antilles or the Organas? How cool would it be to see Kea Moll or Mungo Baobab or whoever in the flesh out here! But as I was watching this, I realized that those guys being involved at this point wouldn’t line up; the droids met Kea Moll in the first few episodes, and she happened to be a member of the growing Rebel Alliance, but at this juncture there is no official Rebel Alliance — just a few who believe that freedom is everyone’s fight (anyone catch the reference? anyone? no one? *sigh*). So yeah maybe we’ll meet some of these heroes in the future, but not yet, at least, probably not hanging out with the droid duo.
Anywayyyy, back to the episode. Man, if everything that conspired really was all to Kanan’s plan… he’s really really good. Our heroes were just playing the role of normal bus passengers, but Chopper appeared to have been in a “mood” and started playing the game of “I’m-not-touching-you…” with Ezra XD OK so looking back it seems to have been all part of the plan, so Ezra could complain and they could make a point to separate the senator from her protocol droid so in turn Sabine could get the dirt in the business of translating, but at the time I had no clue. Either way, it’s downright hilarious to watch! And then when Chopper starts hitting Ezra with a little electricity… ermagosh aren’t you glad your kids don’t do that in the backseat on long trips? Hehe. So that scuffle leads to all the “astromechs” in the passenger area being stuck in the back (Threepio did not like being mistaken for an astromech). And now what’s a senator to do? Enter Sabine, convienently located one seat behind them. One thing we learned from the last episode was that she understands Wookiees, which was pretty impressive, but now she offers up her abilities in translating this fellow’s language to the senator. Multitalentedddd the girl is!! Of course, all of this was in picking up exactly where a certain weapons shipment would be 🙂 Question is, if the whole thing about her being a level five student at the Imperial Academy isn’t true… how does she know all these random languages? Something to query about.
Meanwhiles, Threepio was no enjoying sitting backseat with Artoo and Chopper. The astromechs were just talking about something and then a fight sorta broke out and they started shoving each other. It makes me laugh hearing Threepio say “See Artoo? Here’s a droid with manners!”; pshh Chopper? Mannerly? As if! Artoo just rolls his dome, mentally rolling his eyes if he had them.
Ah yes, so the plan was falling into place just perfectly. Now Sabine knew where they’d be needing to go, and she may have mistranslated as such for the good senator hehehe. Now it’s Ezra’s turn to get to work…
As we can see, Ezra’s not exactly impressed with his time on the Ghost so far. He signed up for Jedi training, not exactly… well, stealing junk. But here he is all the same, crawling through the vents, leaping over buildings, doing his thing as per us’. But thanks to him, he was able to sneak into Bay 7 and get the door opened for his crew. And in the bay lies crates among crates of a very nasty variety of blasters. Blasters that Zeb is far from thrilled to see. And did I mention that they’re kinda banned? O.O But they’ve got more trouble than the bargained for… the senator figured out that Bay 17 was not the right one. Thank goodness good ol’ Chopper decided to slow the Imperials down and started another “brawl” with Artoo! Which kinda worked up until the Imperial recognized the droid and realized something was really up. And Chopper seems to be saying “NO WAIT WAIT WAIT! I’M NOT THE SAME DROID! I’M ANOTHER ONE! DON’T GO TO BAY 17! Aw dang.”. Well you tried, little buddy.
So it takes about three seconds for the Stormtroopers to show up and catch our heroes in the act. But that’s where Zeb comes in, doing his awesome thing and throwing them ‘troopers like footballs! As well as punching, kicking, and some prod-staff-swinging. In the midst of all the insanity, Threepio’s in a bit of a panic, as he has no idea what to do in this sort of situation. But Artoo has a plan of his own, and it involves following Chopper. And despite his mixed feelings about it, Threepio follows the astromechs aboard the Ghost as our heroes make a dash for it.
Onboard, Chopper’s “friends” don’t quite get the welcome they might’ve wanted… restraining bolts whoohoo. But of course no one listens to Threepio, who might’ve had some things he wanted to point out to these “ruffians”. Oh, and Sabine gets the idea that maybe Vizago would be interested in buying the droids, too. So yeah this is not how Threepio had planned his day to go…
Now in the midst of all this, Zeb is really not sure if they should be selling the disruptors, unsure of whose hands they might fall into. Kanan and Sabine aren’t too worried; as long as the Empire doesn’t have them, that’s what counts right? Zeb isn’t too sure. Next thing we know, it seems Zeb is in major need of some alone time and kicks Ezra out of their shared quarters. Ezra was not having it, but that was before Hera told him a little of what’s bothering Zeb. Those disruptors were the Empire’s choice weapon when it came to destroying the majority of the Lasat people. Oh gosh my heart so goes out to Zeb right now… Empire y u b such jerks?! 😦 Ugh sorry not sorry. But we’ll have to save this conversation for later, as the Ghost has landed on Lothal at last, ready to deliver the goods to their Gothal(?) business partner. It’s in these last few moments aboard that Sabine finds out that Artoo is actually on a different sort of mission, and that his owner has some serious ca$h. So wait Sabine can understand astromechs too?! Wow! Oh wait… so do, evidently Hera, Luke, Anakin, and a bunch of others. Well, it’s still cool anyway. So, even with Zeb’s discomfort with the concept, Kanan and the crew are still about to hand over the guns to Vizago. But no one called for Threepio to make a huge mistake in all of this… the golden droid may have made a distress call to the Empire, making a point he’d been kidnapped a bunch of thieves. And guess who was at the other end of the line? Agent Kallus. *Sigh* of course… why Threepio, why?? I’m guessing he has some trust issues. Or maybe some memory issues, considering he has no clue whose side he’s on. Either way, that is not good for our Rebels.
Sooo yeah they were just about to get that long-awaited, much-needed moola from Vizago when the Empire shows up. And Vizago makes a run for it, naturally. Man, that guy is about as shallow as they come, yet he’s still a rather entertaining character. OK but yeah… now it becomes clear that destroying those disruptors is how it’s gonna go down. And then comes to the party a couple of predecessors to the AT-STs, andddd that Imperial ship, loaded from top to bottom with Stormtroopers and our very own Agent Kallus. I’ll go make some more ice. Yeahhh Threepio figured it out pretty quickly that Stormtroopers are indeed the bad guys. That droid can sure run when he wants to!
But in the midst of all this, in comes Kallus, holding a electric-prod-staff-thing, and igniting a little head-on fight with Zeb. Needless to say, Orellios couldn’t back away from a fight, especially not with some punk Imperial who’s throwing around Zeb’s hometown’s weapon-of-choice. This duel is pretty incredible to watch, reminding me of some of the scarily intense duels of The Clone Wars. Zeb comes out on top for a while and does a good job at giving Kallus a run for his money. And man, the minute Kallus starts doing his Imperial thing of getting personal with his badmouthing and talking all about the small part he played in killing off the Lasats, oooooooh man Zeb is downright furious, which is somewhat of an advantage. But it doesn’t last too long before Kallus got the upper hand and knocked the Lasat to his knees. And one more blow would’ve been the end of him. Man I will never forget how on the edge of my seat I was at this point. I had no clue how this was going to fan out, and I really seriously thought Zeb was about to die. But in the heat of the moment, Ezra does what he had no clue he was capable of… he Force-pushes Kallus into a building at the last second! Kanan’s like “Danggggg…” and Ezra’s like “Whut did I just do…?”. The others rush aboard while Kanan runs off to get Zeb. Oh right, they did successfully blow up all those disruptors, btw, but I should’t have to tell you that. So yeah, even just seeing Zeb nearly dead had me worried for him. But the two made it just in time… just as Kallus woke up. Thankfully, Zeb will make it, thanks to a little unexpected help from Ezra. And now, Kanan’s making a point to start the potential Padawan’s training the next day 🙂 Ermagosh that silent “thanks” and “anytime brotha” between Ezra and Zeb about made me start tearing up… ^w^ But there’s still one last thing to do… getting the droid duo home.
And while I might’ve suspected it, I was hugely happy to see Bail Organa the one reuniting with Threepio and Artoo! Knowing what ultimately happens to him in Episode IV, I was really glad we get to see him again, and wearing a fantastic sweater 🙂 Man, anyone ever wonder if maybe Bail and Kanan had run into each other during the Clone Wars? Or even before then? Kanan takes notice of the Jedi-ism Senator Organa says, but otherwise doesn’t seem to pick up on it. Isn’t it funny how this simple kind act of returning the droids would be returned by getting everything they needed? Yeahh I can’t help but get all feely at their brief interchange. And now, Bail turns to Artoo, wanting to know what he learned about this small group of rebels…
So WOW! This episode is seriously amazing! One of the highlights about this one for me would have to be getting to know more about Zeb. I mean, I’m amazed at how the folks at Lucasfilm have made me love him more than I ever thought I would. The way they make him emotionally relatable, yet also a bit of a frighteningly fierce fighter, is so awesome. You both want to hug him and keep your distance from him at the same time, if that makes any sense 🙂 So yeah anyway, two thumbs up for the guys behind Rebels, and to this incredible episode itself! Who knows what adventures await us next?

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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10 Reasons I’m Hyped For Rebels!

So here we are… only a month now stands between us Star Wars fans and the premiere of Star Wars Rebels! A mere twenty-nine days, but ohh what an eternity that feels like to us all! So, to hopefully pass the time until then, I’ve decided to compile together some of the reasons I’m most excited for this already clearly-amazing show! And for the record, this isn’t the “top ten”, so they’re in no order in particular 🙂
NOTE: Contains minor spoilers from the Rebels trailers and clips that have already been released.

1. These Guys!

(Image credit: StarWars.com)
It’s tempting to go and fangirl over Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper all over again, but I already wrote a blog on my thoughts on the crew! But I can say that I love these guys even more than I did when I wrote that post… each one of them is so amazing, so real, so fun, so relatable! I can say with great certainty that I will love joining them for the long haul in this series 🙂

2. That Original Trilogy Vibe

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
Now, I love both trilogies equally, but it does definitely feel really awesome to be in this era for the first time in so so long! After a lot of time spent these last few years in the Prequel era (which were seriously awesome too), it’s hugely exciting to be coming into a new time and place in the SW Universe! And not only that, the McQuarrie-an style, the bond between a specific group of characters, the Imperial threat… it’s very classic SW-feeling and I can’t get enough of it! Like say, no negativity towards the Prequels/TCW, it’s just that the Originals were where it all began, and while, yeah, this happens before then, the vibe is still there, and it feel so goooooood.

3. Da Baddies

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
I haven’t had much time to give The Inquisitor and Agent Kallus the love they deserve, so now I shall spazz about them for a bit! These guys are so so intense… I mean, Kallus is already like dead-on serious (and has awesome sideburns), but then The ‘Quiz is that seriousness SQUARED. I mean, one of the things that make these two so great is that they’re not even that high up on the Imperial food chain and they still take their jobs as serious as their Sith bosses! And they are appropriately frightening and malicious, while still having a villainous sort of appeal that makes them two of the coolest Utapauans/humans in the known galaxy! Their voices, the way they carry themselves, their skill, their determination… for baddies, they’re pretty darn awesome! And perhaps the best thing is that these guys are real legit threats, which I know is totally the norm in the SW Universe, but it’s still an awesome thing to see in any animated series! Just knowing that one of these dudes could truly end the lives of our heroes is both terrifying, but necessary to amp up the intensity and keep me on the edge of my seat, audibly gasping at the near-misses and crying buckets when the bad guys have their occasional moment of glory, and then cheering and crying happy tears when our heroes still continue to fight for what’s right no matter what.

4. Familiar Faces

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
It’s felt so so good to get to know a whole slew of newbies, and I was perfectly happy just getting these guys at the helm of the Ghost. But then they made my head explode and had the Obi-Wan Kenobi show up for a bit! And let me say he looks awesome in this style… definitely makes you do a double-take when you realize how unique the style of Rebels is from TCW! And on top of that, it looks like we’ll get to hang out with Threepio and Artoo at some point! Which is like, also head-exploding worthy as well (it’ll blow up twice if we run into any familiar Droids faces while we’re there!). And even the great and awesome Luminara Unduli! And who knows who else might drop by down the road? It sure feels good to see these familiar friends once more!

5. The Laughs

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
A little levity is always essential to the SW Universe, no matter how crazy things get, and the footage from Rebels continues to prove that. Just watching the “The Machine In The Ghost” short sets off my funny bone! Seriously, the timing and irony couldn’t be more perfect! The Ghost crew has their off days and arguments sometime, and when that happens, there’s not a doubt in my mind that a lot of these situations will leave us laughing! Perhaps especially where Chopper is concerned 🙂 Quips, wit, and sarcasm are all part of the SW Galaxy, and Rebels clearly had no problem keeping that a part of the series!

6. This…?
Rebels Screencap 05
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

(Image credit: Rebels Wiki)
Another thing that’s a common sight in SW would be romance ❤ I've heard tell that Kanan and Hera might be a thing, though I kinda doubted until I saw this. Maybe it’s nothing, orrrr maybe it’s something! And if you’ve seen the Disney Channel ad, you know that Ezra and Sabine miiiight have something (at least as far as Ezra’s concerned 😆 ) Who knows, really? I suppose we can only wait and see what happens down the road, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from watching a whole lot of SW it’s that you never know what will happen or how it’ll happen or when it’ll happen or who it’ll happen to. So likely story, I’ll likely have a couple of someones I can squee over before the series ends :3

Rebels Screencap 07
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
Seriously, it’s so so gorgeous I can’t watch anything, trailer or clip or whatever, and not gush on all the work that went into it. Especially the character animation. I know that the TCW’s animation was gorgeous too, but daaaAaaAaaaAnggg I don’t know exactly what they did here but it is some kinda mind-blowingly epic!

8. The Heart

(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
You can’t not have heart in SW, it’s just a fact. I get all the feels just watching the trailer, man. While yes, their being like family probably makes for some humorous debacles, but most likely their being like family is going to lead to tearjerking, heartstring-tugging moments through-and-through. On top of that, you have a band of mismatched heroes who just want to do the right thing and fight for what’s right, which automatically equals tears, both happy or otherwise. Plus there’s the nostalgia tears that I get in general. Aww man I can only predict the awesomeness that will happen but I know it will be awesome and I will be hit with a brickload of feels for the next five years or so…

9. This:
Star Wars Rebels Screencap 09
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
OK, so this isn’t as deep as the others. I just love SW-y action. And explosions. Them too. Oh, and space battles.

10. The FANDOM!!
Funny Rebels Gif
(Image credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)
I can write Closer Looks posts on the episodes, make gifs like this, draw fanart, buy action figures… being knee-deep in the Rebels fandom will be EPIC!

And that’s just ten reasons! Only ten! There are clearly way more, though… just can’t figure out how to categorize them all! So hopefully the wait will zip right by at lightspeed and before we know it, we’ll finally get to join Kanan and Ezra and the gang in a new era of Star Wars awesome!

Until then,
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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