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The Future Of The Freemakers

This post contains some spoilers from Episode VII, Episode VIII, and The Freemaker Adventures.

Not gonna lie, I’ve been missing The Freemaker Adventures a lot lately. I know that might sound ridiculous when there’s no shortage of Star Wars stories around, and for sure I’m thankful for all that, but spending these last two summers with the Freemaker family has been very special to me. I think because it’s been the most deep, meaningful storytelling we’ve ever seen in Lego Star Wars, and when you combine that with the usual Lego Star Wars hilarity and cleverness, amazing things happen! It is truly on-equals with the rest of the canon galaxy for me, and I’m sure for many of you reading this.

At the beginning of the summer, I told myself I wouldn’t let myself be disappointed if there was no new season this year. But throughout the last couple months, I’ve had dream after dream where I’m seeing ads for new episodes! Even one night, I dreamed they made Lieutenant Valeria a playable character in Battlefront II! (Frankly, that would make a ton of sense and needs to be done) So I’ve realized yes, I am a little disappointed.

I guess the toughest thing has been the fact they never said it was over. If Return Of The Return Of The Jedi was the series finale, it was a fantastic, perfect finale. But the Disney XD socials only said it was the season finale. And it made sense to me that they would continue it! Lego’s made other animated series that have lasted far more seasons, and with TFA’s stellar reviews, surely they could go on for a season or two more! I had to remind myself, though, that Lego Star Wars will always be there, regardless of whether it has any animated programming to go with it. So there’s nothing to say they have to keep making Freemaker Adventures. Those are the facts, hard as they may be.

The other hard thing is, the season two finale was so fantastic and so perfect, it made me want more! Of course, that’s just a staple of Star Wars… no matter how happy or satisfying the ending is, it’s impossible to not want to know what happens next. And there are so many things I’ve pondered on over the months on what a third season might hold. I want to see the battle of Jakku and the rise of the new Republic, and where the kids were in all of it! We know where Luke’s path ultimately goes, and I want to see how Rowan fits into it. How does that first Master-Apprentice bond look? What is Luke like as a young, optimistic teacher? Do Rowan’s Forcebuilder talents make things more challenging? Does Rowan even need a real master, considering how well he’s done on his own? Meanwhile, what are Zander, Kordi, and Roger doing with their lives? I’m assuming they’re out there doing what they intended, fixing up the newly-freed galaxy, but how exactly are they doing it? How are they using their talents? And are my theories on Becky Smoochenbacher true?? Not to mention the biggest question of mine: what happened to the Freemakers’ mom and dad? And what about any other extended family — aunts, uncles, grandparents? I know they don’t want to go the same route Rebels went with that kind of storyarc, but just some confirmation of what happened, whether it was just an unfortunate accident or something intentional, would be satisfactory. Whether these questions would be answered or not, there are just too many amazing story opportunities! And that means, far as I’m concerned, there are too many amazing reasons to make at least one more season.

Though I’m certainly feeling the show’s absence right now, I’m not without hope for the Freemakers.
First of all, it truly may not have been the series finale. Perhaps with Solo‘s summer release, Lego wasn’t able to release two different series of Star Wars sets at the same time, and so Disney’s pushing it back a year. And you know, Disney XD has pushed back series before. Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’s first season ran in 2015, and didn’t get a second final season until 2017. I don’t know what caused the delay, but it speaks volumes that Disney did let them finish what they started. So who knows? Maybe The Freemaker Adventures will be back next summer!
And a couple weeks ago, Star Wars announced a new book… a droid encyclopedia with in-universe narration by Roger.
Look how amazing he looks on the cover!!

(Image credit: StarWars.com)

No one’s said for certain, but to me, this means that Roger is a 100% canon character in the Star Wars universe. I always thought so, but to see it confirmed in a canon reference book? It’s beyond anything I could’ve hoped to see!
It’s a reminder that Lucasfilm knew we loved these characters. They knew we wanted more Freemakers in our lives.
So who’s to say what’s next for this show?

And hey, The Clone Wars came back after a four-year-absence (three if you count the storyreels). I think literally anything is possible 😀

So whether the Freemakers have said goodbye, or if they’re just getting started, I’m happy. Either way, I’ll keep rewatching the reruns and imagining up new adventures of my own! And I definitely look forward to finally reading Roger’s first published book this fall… and for all the new Star Wars stories to come 🙂

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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From Clones To Rebels

I had full intentions to write a blog about the Lego shorts, but thennn I got aboard several Star Wars hype trains all over again. I’m down to the very last few chapters of the last Jedi Prince book and I’m biting my nails as to what’s going to happen next. I rewatched several TCW Season 2 episodes over the weekend, including a few I haven’t seen in nearly two years. So yeah… I’ve been going nuts about those things, but then! Hark, yesterday I got the coolest SW dish yet! The next animated Star Wars series, Star Wars Rebels, is set to premiere on Disney XD in Autumn 2014!!! *Twilight squeals in a super fangirly way* Oh, why must they keep meh waiting?! Well… mostly because they’ve got The Clone Wars to wrap up. While it may seem that I’m blissfully unaware of TCW’s grand finale being this year, I am aware of it. The news of it ending kind of saddened me, and who wouldn’t be a little blue? But we have to understand that the Clone Wars happened in a finite period of time; impatient ‘ol Sidious can only wait so long to get his new evil apprentice and call out Order 66! Considering I wasn’t sure that TCW would last this many seasons, I’m just thankful for the time we had. So to me, I can’t be more thankful for whatever they’re planning to do to tie up the loose ends before we say goodbye. I’ve seen the two clips they’ve released so far, and it’s a great comfort to me that it’s not quite over yet. I’m downright psyched to uncover the mysteries of this series! Mostly because I’m not sure what mysteries they’re talking about! Yeahhh I have got to get fully caught up with TCW…
But now Star Wars will have more new stories to tell in the animated form! If you haven’t already heard, Star Wars Rebels takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, a time that hasn’t been looked at much in the canon, unless you count the 80’s cartoons Droids and Ewoks, and The Force Unleashed videogames. The Force Unleashed has probably given us the best kind of idea of that era as we watch Vader’s “Plan A” for overtaking Emperor Palpatine (that would be a guy named Starkiller, his apprentice). Droids and Ewoks both have different sides of different stories and areas of the SW Universe, but as I’ve said, Rebels is going to be different. I’ve always myself wondered how the Rebellion came to be, and I’d hope to be introduced to some of these brave Rebels. I admit that I sadly overlook the Rebels sometimes as compared to the Jedi. As in, I know more about Kit Fisto than I do Wedge Antilles. That’s got to change, I know. Well, what better place to get to know them than this new show? Besides, it’s going to be CG animated and Dave Filoni is one of the executive producers, among other TCW veterans working on it, so I bet it’s going to be epicly mind-blowing in terms of Star Warsian awesome as well as animation! I have high hopes for this series. More fantastic and engaging characters, exciting adventures, nail-biting multiple-part stories, laugh-out-loud one-liners and moments, intense action, bittersweet moments, cry-your-eyes-out moments, lovable good guys, bad guys we love to hate, adorable couples and romances that I’ll go nuts over, and heartfelt stories that will guaranteed be awesome! Nothing unusual… just what Star Wars has always been and always will be. And in anticipation, I oughta go and finally give some of those Expanded Universe stories about this era a look. It’s not going to be entirely easy to switch gears and venture into a new time and place after The Clone Wars, but I think it’ll be wonderful in the end. After all, one of the things that makes Star Wars so great is that you can relive all the adventures over and over again! Well, I’ll try and keep you all updated as more news comes out! Or at least always have some thoughts to post about each update. Allrighty, Lucasfilm Animation, I’m waiting with eager anticipation!
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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