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Uncovering The Lost Missions: Orders

So we’ve arrived now to the last of this first series of Season 6, and whoo boy, this one’s intense with a capital “I“! But yeah, I think we’re all quite aware of that. It’s about to get crazy heady in this blog… but don’t despair! I’m good at sprinkling in some positivity here and there, even in an intense-ish episode of the sort. And even in the midst of the crazy headiness, I hope I’ll spark some interesting conversations, incite plausible theories, and fascinate with my potentially crazy points of view. Well, I wouldn’t say my points of view are that crazy but… I guess you can be the judge of that. Anyway there’s no point in making you read all this blathering, let’s move along and start my commentary on Orders!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode II, Episode III, Episode VI, The Force Unleashed, and TCW episodes The Deserter, The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, To Catch A Jedi, The Wrong Jedi, The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, and Orders

(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

When we last left our clone hero, Fives had dug up a boatload of information that could potentially dethrone the entire Sith game, and the awesomely awesome Shaak Ti decided that the best thing to do would be to let Fives tell Palpatine what’s going on. Of course, as we well know, uhm… the so-called “Chancellor” is kinda orchestrating the whole uncool evil Order 66 thing! I’m sure somewhere in the midst of The Force Unleashed, Shaak Ti is facepalming herself looking back. But at the moment, she’s pretty calm with everything going on. Until then, we as the audience are facepalming ourselves in the crazy ironicness of it all! But unbeknownst to her, the “honorable” Kaminoan doctor Nala Se does something that quite possibly alters the outcome of the entire episode: she rather subtly hits Fives with a medicinal drug (possibly a sedative?). How does that affect him ultimately? We shall see. But looking back myself… let’s just say any sliver of respect I had for Nala Se just went out the window.
So once they get there, Palpatine is all smiles and old-man-charming as usual, and Fives is having a hard time having any meaningful conversation with his vision blurred and his senses dulled. The Jedi and the Kaminoan explain both sides of the story in the midst of Fives’s inability to get his thoughts out right. So then the Chancellor thought it’d be just great to have a casual chat alone with Fives to help chill out his clone “compadre” out. The dueling dudettes comply, even though it was with a bit of a raised eyebrow. We don’t see or hear this mano y mano conversation, but considering what happened in the end, I’m not sure we want to. I’m guessing that Palpatine tried to explain his ultimate plan without giving away all the details and trying to make it sound like he’s the good guy (and he’s aware that he’s really good at that) and Fives read between the lines, leading him to just nearly rid the galaxy of the ultimate terror. But of course, everyone buys his “I’m an innocent sweet old guy and he totally just tried to kill me for no reason!” act as usual; the only one who didn’t was, well… Fives. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a clone run as fast as Fives did as he somewhat groggily made a dash for the door. He was too fast even for Shaak Ti — and she awesomely jumped off the staircase to catch up with him! She explains the situation to Mace, Anakin, and Yoda and they’re all like “whuuuuuuut?”, which is the logical explanation one would have if they heard that a friend attacked the Republic’s grand poobah. Gets a bit more confusing (or not so much for us as the audience) when they’re told the Jedi haven’t been asked to help find him. But Anakin knows that Fives would no doubt listen to him and Rex, so the secret search is on…
Meanwhile, no one looked more out-of-place in the busy Coruscant city than Fives… in full armor, minus a helmet, and walking about, looking lost and little off. He’s about as free at the moment as any clone ever had been or would be (well, if you don’t count the fact that he’s on the run and stuff, and I suppose that’s only if we’re not counting Cut Lawquane from Season 2… oh never mind), but he’s not out here for fun — he’s out here once again searching for the truth, or at least a friend who will truly listen to him (oh, don’t we wish AZ were here right now!). Fives doesn’t know exactly who to talk to, but he knows where to start, and he’s going to get there by taxi.
I must take a moment and talk about the Coruscant taxi and its driver. It’s absolutely surreal seeing something even more so familiar to what we have in our world in the midst of this major drama. And the driver’s kinda hilarious and true to the New York drivers we all know well. And on top of all this crazy similarity, there’s what sounds like hip-hop/rap music going on in the cab! I guess that’s not terribly abnormal really (especially since I watched Episode II not very long ago), but in this scenario, in this episode, it sorta knocked me for a loop. Of course, all the funky music and jabbering drivers couldn’t distract Fives from his clear mission, though he certainly didn’t mind having some rather awkward and not-too-pleasant conversations with the driver, who isn’t surprised or swayed by anything. I’m sure our clone hero was quite glad it was an ultimately short ride to his destination (and that he can just get the fare billed to the Republic, since he probably doesn’t have pockets for pocket change in that armor). His destination was the clone bar 97’s, to which I thought “The clones have their own hangout? Oooookaaaay I didn’t know that…”. Though it almost looks like a club for Imperials, because that infamous gray uniform is evidently party wear for clones. And the fact that the clones have any casual wear aside from their fatigues is mind-boggling to me. And plus, it feels a bit weird to see these normally steadfast clones chilling out (not to mention a tad tipsy…). So in a room full of clones, Fives, wearing only a borrowed uniform hat, scopes out for any familiar 501st face he can find… and the first he finds is fellow teammate Kicks (forgive me if I spelled his name wrong). And in the quiet of the men’s room (again, something else I couldn’tve imagined I’d ever see in the SW Universe), Fives asks Kicks for a favor: to tell Anakin and Rex to meet with him alone. Kicks is awesome and is all “sure thing bro” and Fives proceeds to grab a speeder bike and stealthily sneaks out of the club and to his rendevouz spot. But unfortunately for him, he wasn’t stealthy enough to avoid the eye of a Republic probe droid. You know, a lot of this situation reminds me of Ahsoka’s plight in Season 5, in which we find our hero on the run, searching for truth, and at odds with both our good guys and bad guys (plus, Anakin doesn’t end up helping either of them the way they’d wanted to be helped). It’s one of those episodes that put things in perspective as we recall that the Republic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (as it’s kinda run by the most evil guy in the galaxy and that same guy will shut the whole thing down pretty quickly in favor of his new empire). It’s not easy to return to that viewpoint after so many heroic missions and brave deeds and great rescues by so many Republic heroes these past five seasons, but being reminded of the finiteness of the Clone Wars and where they’re headed is important, so we don’t forget the ultimate outcome and the ultimate victory for the Jedi and Rebels in the end. So yeah I was actually booing the Republic probe droid as he followed Fives closely behind as our hero found an old secluded warehouse of which to meet General Skywalker and Captain Rex. But as far as Fives could tell, everything was going to plan: he’d finally be able to get the truth out.
When Anakin and Rex arrived, they were a bit wary as Fives wouldn’t come out and face them until they put their weapons down. Understandably so, since they’re pretty certain that their clone friend has lost his marbles, oh, and then Fives traps them in a ray shield. Well, maybe “trap” is a bit harsh, but I’m not sure how to say it better. Oh, poor poor Fives… he’s trying to explain the whole crazy conspiracy, but he’s not doing the best job of getting the words out (aside from already being pretty freaked out, he’s also drugged, you might remember) and isn’t doing the best job of not coming off loony. That’s a pretty big question, isn’t it? Is Fives just crazy to reveal the truth… or is he actually just crazy? I like’d to believe that it’s the first option, with the added disadvantage of the drugging. Though he probably shouldn’tve added “I’M NOT CRAZY!”, as that sentence tends to make people believe the opposite. Anakin tries to calm him down and get him to come quietly, but Fives is not having it. He knows that Palpatine’s involved and that a bazillion clones are awaiting orders to kill their leaders and friends in the Jedi, and of course Anakin’s all “Bro, Palpatine’s awesome! How could you say that?? Let’s just chill out and try to think things over” (Yeah, and Ani’s an excellent judge of character, as we all know…). But such chilling out couldn’t happen because along came Palpatine’s clone gang with weapons drawn. Fives doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but they weren’t interested in listening, so he grabbed Rex’s blaster to get them to stop. Buuuut well… the other clones didn’t get that message and shot first. And that’s where I started ugly crying. Anakin and Rex manage to escape the ray shield and come by Fives’s side. And OMGosh there’s not a dry eye in the house… I about lost it further when I saw Rex tearing up just the slightest. The Arc Trooper’s mission has ended, but not alone… with his friends and leaders General Skywalker and Captain Rex, and several of his brothers in armor πŸ˜₯ IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO SAD THAT I CAN’T EVEN… πŸ˜₯
I had originally hoped that maybe Fives would ultimately escape from the eye of Republic, like Cut Lawquane, but in retrospect, Fives joining with the Force was probably the inevitable. And after much thinking, I realized that even if Fives had convinced the Jedi and his fellow clones of Palpatine’s true identity and Order 66, it probably still wouldn’tve changed much. I mean, we’ve seen what happens when Jedi attempt to arrest the Chancellor; it doesn’t end too well. And with Dooku and Grievous still be alive, who knows what they would’ve done! Or would Palpatine have found a way to kill them off early? And I’m guessing that he still would’ve found a way to convince Anakin to join the Dark Side. Plus, any clone with the chip could still be told to execute Order 66, probably even if they did know the truth. Not to mention Fives would probably get killed anyway, and probably in an even worse way, if not just memory-wiped and dumped in the middle of Hoth or something. While I would’ve loved to see the good guys win this one entirely, the likelihood is that the SW story would continue onward as it already does, Vader and all, just possibly even worse (Just thought about this: what if Padme had died before she was pregnant with Luke and Leia? Ahhh the idea is terrifying!! It would definitely be even worse!). So Palpatine supposedly got reports from a biopsy that Tup and Fives both had some parasite they picked up from the last planet they were on, and the Jedi are like “OK, that seems reasonable”. Dooku gives props to Nala Se for keeping the secret (and also being a huge part of what led to Fives’s death; think about that! If he hadn’t been drugged…), and then Sidious gives props to Dooku for overall keeping the secret, and proceeds to emit the most creepy laugh ever as the SW drama continues onward, closer and closer to the day when the he would say the fateful words that would destroy the Republic and the Jedi Order: “EXECUTE ORDER 66“.
So that was indeed a heavy episode and a lot to take in, but amidst tragedies of this sort in the SW universe, I always remind myself of the beauty that will come out of it when Luke brings the good back to his misguided father (and of course the awesome Ewok party the ensues afterward). And it helps to have drawn a very humorous TCW sketch on tumblr yesterday πŸ˜€ So I’m glad you guys joined me for this edition of the Uncovering The Lost Missions and managed to sit here and read all my jabberings. I’m quite excited for the next series — Aname draaamaaaaaa!! (My couple name for Anakin and Padme ❀ ) Until next time…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Uncovering The Lost Missions: Fugitive

Yes, I finally noticed that I was calling them The Secret Missions and not The Lost Missions, and I feel really stupid about it. So yeah… thankfully I caught that early on instead of after I finished all 13 posts! Yikes. Thank you guys for not outing me out on it!
So the plot thickens as Fives continues to do what he can to get to the bottom of this Clone conspiracy. Join me on our ride as I break down Fugitive and all its intrigue and awesomeness!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III and TCW Episodes The Unknown, Conspiracy, and Fugitive

(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

So we find that Fives is in some hot water after his and his droid compadre’s secret surgery that proved that something was most definitely up with Tup. Nala Se’s convinced that it might’ve been Fives’s medical work that killed Tup ultimately, which is by the way the worst assumption ever. But Shaak Ti’s not one to judge, though we do see that she’s one to get her way. If you recall, Shaak Ti wanted the Jedi to take a look at Tup’s tumor while Nala Se wanted the Grand Republic Medical Facility to look at it, and Palpatine naturally went with the doc’s idea. Well… Shaak Ti figured that it wouldn’t hurt to send the tumor by her Force-wielding friends and then send it to the Facility. Gotta love her subtle craftiness; you go, Jedi togruta girl! As for Fives, he apparently has to undergo a couple other tests and then he’s home free. But just as he was walking out the door, he spotted a medical droid making a little switch with the evidence! Oh, but that’s hardly the worst thing Fives found out that day…
He’s barely taken a few steps out the door with his clone escorts when he runs into AZ1-3, who’s also being escorted somewhere. And in their brief chat, AZ kinda says something about hearing that they’d both get their memories wiped. What’s really interesting is that the two are both surrounded by clones and a Kaminoan and they can clearly hear what’s going on and they do nothing, and then when Fives fights his way out and starts running, they’re all “Oh mah gosh, what made him go all rogue on us?! I can’t imagine why!”. Weird. Maybe they figured that Fives wouldn’t listen to a quirky little med droid. Well, they were wrong, I guess. The duo is back on the run on their continual search for TRUTH! They make quite an escape as they sneak their way into a hangar, knock the daylights out of a clone pilot, and then grab a ship and fly outta there. Shaak Ti and Nala Se tried to stop them, but they weren’t fast enough. But what they didn’t know was that, after a couple of miles, Fives’s plan involved them jumping out of the ship and making their way back to the labs. AZ was not a fan of this plan, you can figure, but he went along with it anyway (if you haven’t noticed, AZ is not great at saying “no”, just at saying “uh… are you serious?”). But thankfully, the clone and the droid didn’t have to swim all the way back; let’s just say that AZ has some pretty mad skillz… survival skillz, that is! He transformed into a cute little speeder bike thingy; major WIN. And off they went, knowing that the ship still in flight would throw off the big shots for a while.
Meanwhile, as you can imagine, Nala Se must’ve had her crazy long knees knocking when she explained the situation to Dooku. First a malfunctioning clone and now a renegade clone! What’s next, a juggling clone?! (That would be pretty awesome, though I’d bet they’d want to terminate him, too) She reassures her boss that nobody’s going to find out about Order 66 ’cause she’ll find Fives first. Again, I shudder to imagine what kind of pressure this probably-once-was-a-decent-Kaminoan is under. Though it still doesn’t mean I wasn’t highly offended when referred to Tup as “the clone which malfunctioned”; HE’S A PERSON, NOT A THING, LADY! A “WHO” NOT A “WHICH“!! But what else is new in that viewpoint, right? Ugh.
So our heroes had snuck their way back into the lab, hoping to find out exactly what the tumor is and where it originated from. You’d think it would be easier for a clone to walk into a room of clones and not get discovered, but apparently that’s not the case. Doesn’t help having that tattooed 5-ish-looking numeral on your head. So he had to do the SW-ian thing of “borrowing” another clone’s armor without asking first. Once they were able to get to a computer (or whatever they call them in their galaxy), AZ discovered that not only was there no such tumor in Jango Fett, but it’s not really a tumor at all! It’s some sort of organic-ish chip that was seemingly stuck in Tup some time before. But before anything further can be dug up, Shaak Ti, Nala Se, and their clone cohorts showed up. And *facepalm*, Fives wasn’t wearing his helmet for that moment, so it took them about 2.5 seconds for them to find him (again, you’d think it be harder to notice that tiny 5 tattoo, but I guess if you’re around clones all day, you learn to tell them apart pretty quickly). Thankfully though, AZ is really good at making quick escapes possible and the clone and the droid vamoose into an overhead exit and weld the door shut. And it’s in there that Fives decides he wants the same biopsy done on him to get rid of the chip he believes he has as well. AZ isn’t too certain, considering Tup died after his got removed, but Fives is willing to take that chance if it means they can help other clones (isn’t he awesome that way?). And once they find a safe, sterile room, AZ works his medical magic, even if the results are risky…
Some time later, Fives awakes and finds out that his hunch was correct: he had the same chip, the only difference being that his looked healthier. For the most part, Fives seems to be in decent shape, but neither he nor AZ know what will happen next. So Fives is ready to do some more research with potentially little time left — this time, to find out when these chips are implanted. AZ figures it was before they were born, and after a bit more sneaking around (and some of AZ’s “perfectly normal” act-casual singing XD ), they find that pretty much every third-stage embryo has one. And once again, at the worst possible moment, Nala Se shows up (she has the worst habit of doing that, doesn’t she?). Fives confronts her, Nala Se explains the so-called truth that the chips are supposed to make them less aggressive, Fives isn’t really buying it. And also once again, Shaak Ti kicks in the door and breaks up their scuffle, but in her awesome way, chooses to listen to the clone instead of trying to kill him. The doc is certain that Fives is a major danger without his chip, but Shaak Ti decides the best thing to do is to let him talk to the Chancellor and explain everything. And so, with a goodbye to his droid friend, The Jedi, the clone, and the Kaminoan head off to get it all straightened out. Oh, but if Shaak Ti knew what Nala Se knows, she would know that getting Palpatine involved is probably not the best idea…
So all I can say is WHOA. It’s amazing how intense things keep getting each episode! And augh, I love AZ so much ❀ On top of that, all this uncovering and discovering of Fives's is really cutting it close and makes us all wonder again "what would happen if the good guys found out early?"… and this time, it's not as ironic and humorous as the Yoda Chronicles Lego specials. Ermagosh…
We will get to the bottom of this!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Uncovering The Secret Missions: Conspiracy

And the drama continues…
Also, I’m completely aware that I majorly flubbed on the last Uncovering blog… the screencap I used was from Conspiracy, not The Unknown. But I think I’m OK with it now; it will never happen again. So yes! Let’s put the last episode behind us and get on with the second of the Secret Missions!
NOTE: Contains Spoilers from Episode III and TCW Episodes The Unknown and Conspiracy

Banner for Uncovering The Secret MIssions Blog
(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

So another funny coincidence with this episode and the one prior: the first words of Conspiracy‘s prologue was The Unknown‘s secondary blog title “a flaw in the plan”! I had totally forgotten that until I watched it again! Looks like I’m on the same level with the Clone Wars folks πŸ™‚ But anyway, we start back on this adventure on the always-rainy Kamino to find out why Tup went all cuckoo on us. Fives was being all legit and wanting to stick by his buddy, but well… Shaak Ti set up a bit of an appointment for him to ascertain that he didn’t have whatever made Tup sick. I love that while she’s explaining the situation, Fives shoots Rex this “Dude, whatdaheck?” look πŸ˜† And yeah, it’s great seeing Shaak Ti again, one of the most awesome and chill Jedi ever, and she’s still here for her clone friends. In fact, she’s there while Kaminoan doc Nala Se is running her tests on Tup. But stranger still is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him physically…
It’s definitely interesting, SW-ian medicine… it looks vaguely familiar to us earthlings, yet completely not familiar. But just because their stuff is all future-y looking doesn’t mean it can do everything, and that’s where the problem steps up as Nala Se has one idea (kill him and do an autopsy to find out what’s wrong) and Shaak Ti has another (atomic-level brain scan that won’t kill him). It’s absolutely fascinating watching them “argue”, if we can even use that term; with the naturally calm don’t-even-blink Kaminoan disposition of Nala Se and the calm, wise thoughtfulness of Shaak Ti, it’s more like a professional discussion as they both try to one-up the other on whose choice it is to choose Tup’s fate. Shaak Ti wins this round, at least for the moment… she may not look smug, but on the inside, I bet there’s a part of her feeling pretty awesome that she just beat Nala Se. While the doc’s probably steaming a bit under that cold-looking white skin. Tup’s going to, most likely, get his brain scan as the Master wanted… or will he?
So meanwhile, Fives was not having the greatest day. He just wanted to be there for Tup, and instead he’s stuck getting… well, stuck with needles by a quirky little med droid. Despite it all, it didn’t take long for me to love this adorkable doctor. AZ, who is also known by a much longer name, seems to like things by-the-book, even if it means he irritates Fives to no end when he calls them by number and not by name. Agh, so many numbers! Between AZ’s ridiculously-long number and all the clone numbers rolling around, it’s enough to give somebody a migraine! But all the same, he seems to want to relate to people, even if he doesn’t understand them very well. Lo and behold though… Fives is in perfect condition! Doesn’t mean he’s free to go, though… he’ll be hanging at the hospital as long as Tup’s hanging there, too.
Now, while Shaak Ti was talking with Jedi Council about what to do about Tup, we find that Nala Se and Lama Su are hiding a dirty little secret in these pure-white hallways as they make a call to Dooku. Apparently, the Kaminoans have been let in on the whole “Order 66” thing, in fact, they’re talking about some chip that’s connect to that terrible command. You have to wonder how they managed to sucker the Kaminoans into this… I mean, isn’t there a Kaminoan Jedi of some sorts somewhere?? It must’ve been some pretty penny for Lama Su to be all “Sure, whatevz” to Sidious’s “Hey dude, can you install this chip doohickey that will make them kill Jedi whenever I want them to so I can become emperor?”. But who knows? I’m still trying to figure out what in the world is going on here. All we know is that Dooku’s cool with Nala Se killing Tup… and the Jedi have no idea! Oh noes!
While they’re conspiring, Fives is getting suspicious… AZ had been the one to first suggest the brain scan, but Nala Se had turned him down. And you know, who’s AZ to question authority? But Fives is able to convince AZ that not helping save the patient at all costs is going against the droid’s highest priority. Despite never having had broken the rules before, AZ is willing to take a chance, and off the duo goes to give Tup a secret brain scan and get their own “second opinion”.
So after making a (mostly) clean escape, Fives and AZ are able to get workin’ on their diagnosis. And to their surprise, the scan reveals… a tumor, which wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense considering that clones are built to be as perfectly healthy as possible. But before AZ can do anything about it, Doc Nala Se enters in. Fives darts out of sight just in time, but AZ hangs around to explain himself and what they need to do to save Tup. However, Nala Se ain’t havin’ it… she brushes AZ off as “malfunctioning” and again restates her less-than-favorable “cure”. So it seems as if now there’s no way out of this for Fives or AZ or poor Tup… but Fives is cleverer than most, and he’s got a handy little droid on his side, and he’s not giving up without a fight.
Just as Nala Se was about to terminate Tup, an intruder alarm goes off! Major win for our heroes. AZ’s going to get that tumor removed and finally prove it to the doctor. You know, it’s nice to know that Fives is as squeamish as I am when it comes to this kind of stuff πŸ™‚ The removal is successful… but things don’t go quite as well as planned, ’cause Nala Se figured out that it was a false alarm and burst in on the duo. Needless to say, she’s not happy whatsoever. I know that we’re all pretty mad at her because she’s working with the bad guys, but you have to kind of feel sorry for her — I mean, she probably didn’t plan on having it come to this when she was in med school before she found herself putting clones together; she’s been tied up in a really complicated situation and is stuck having to do whatever the big cheese Sith wants, and she knows that things will go majorly sour if the Jedi find out their little clone secret, so yeah that’s a lot of pressure for one Kaminoan. AZ and Fives showed her the legit proof, but Nala Se wasn’t cool with it. She grabbed the encased tumor, Fives grabbed the death-inducing needle that’d almost had been used on Tup, and who knows what would’ve happened next if not for Shaak Ti making her entrance. You just got busted, doc. But the fact that our heroes won this round isn’t quite as sweet a victory when Tup finally comes to; after some brief words, this brave soldier passes on quietly *sniff*. And we’re all still wondering why…
Later on, despite all that’s happened, Shaak Ti’s glad she has her proof and plans to let the Jedi take a look at it. But when trying to convince the Chancellor of this, Nala Se’s bright idea to send the tumor to a big-deal Coruscant hospital is accepted more quickly. This time, the doc takes home a win. And understandably when the old man in the big chair happens to be hiding the greatest secret of all…
So whoa, right? It’s a lot to take in! And we’re not through with this story… not for a moment. Ahhh I hope this all ends on a better note than I think it might! So many questions! And we still don’t know what Kaminoan hospital food tastes like! (I’m sorry I’ll stop making that joke) The first two of the Secret Missions have been great thus far, and we have plenty more to go! This episode’s proved that SW can mix in pretty much any genre — including hospital dramas! So I’ll keep you up to date as the plot thickens…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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Uncovering The Secret Missions: The Unknown

So I know I’m not the only person who last Friday got warm fuzzies being reunited with the Clone Wars gangΒ for the first time in forever (*Twilight resists urge to sing Disney song of same title and ultimately fails*). I got to catch the first two episodes, and I’m planning to watch a new one every week from here on out. OK, so you may be staring at me right now thinking “You had warm fuzzies at The Unknown and Conspiracy? Aren’t they a smidge dark for that?” I meant that just seeing these guys again made me so blissfully fangirly it made me warm and fuzzy inside. I was all “ANAKIN! REX! FIVES! AHHH I MISSED YOUUUUU!!!” and wanted to just soak all the wonderfulness up even in the midst of the episode’s opening battle! Overall, yeah, it had its dark moments, but I love this show too much to focus on that! So let’s get on an get into the awesomeness that is the Season 6 opener!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III, Episode VI, the Clone Wars Microseries, the TCW episodes The Unknown, The Wrong Jedi, and Cat And Mouse

Lost Missions Phototitle 01
(Original screencap credit: the official Star Wars Youtube)

So as I said, I spent most of the opening battle fangirling it up, just happy to see my fave characters again! And even more so as, if you guys remember, a chunk of this particular episode was sneak-peeked in that “Future Of TCW” video. I met many a freaked-out TCW fan with it, letting them know “Dude, it’s cool! We’re getting more episodes! It hasn’t ended yet!” and it was indeed a shining light on my horizon, reminding me that it wasn’t the end, either. I mean, I figured we might get a couple of bonus episodes, but it turned out that we got 13 of ’em! And for that, I’m eternally grateful! Anyway, Anakin, the clones, and the two new Jedi Tiplar and Tiplee were tearing it up — well, the miles and miles of battle droids, anyway, and they were majorly winning. Soooo can I just stop a minute and talk about the Jedi who I wish I’d met sooner? Tiplar and Tiplee are the originale Jedi twins, and they’re so so cool! I’m not familiar with their species, but they’re absolutely epic! Again, I wish I’d met them sooner, especially since Tiplar (I think; I get them mixed up) bites the dust in this episode. What must it be like being a Jedi and a twin? As a twin myself, I bet they’re not always so in sync. I mean, when they were kids, they probably weren’t thrilled that they both were Force-sensitive, because both of them wanted to be a bit “more special” than the other. Think that the other younglings ever made fun of their similar-sounding names? Do you think that maybe they had trouble being unique when the others got them mixed up or when they were treated as if they were the same person? And what’s “twintuition” like when you have Force abilities? Oh wait — Luke and Leia are twins. That answers that question, I guess. But still! So many wonderings. And above all, they literally have the same voice, the awesome Anna Graves, who gave voice to awesome characters like Satine and Sugi! Plus, Tiplee actually pulls off blue makeup with a red complexion! That’s not an easy feat. No matter what these sisters have dealt with in the past, they fight completely and totally awesomely and know how to lead the troopers. And thankfully, they don’t have to share one lightsaber or anything like that πŸ™‚
And it’s worth wondering about Anakin… I recently did have my assumptions that these episodes do take place directly after Ahsoka’s departure proven true. So… how he’s doing, suddenly going it solo? I mean, he seems pretty chill and about as, well, Anakin-ish, as usual in Episode III and the Clone Wars Microseries (which leads directly into Episode III). When did he let it go? It’s not as if it’s that obvious in this episode, but we’re all wondering it… we just don’t know how to say it. And considering his temper lately, I think it’s better not to bring it up… but that’s the least of our worries at the moment, moving back to our story.
This episode really is a big old family reunion as we find out who’s in charge of that whole slew of droids — the one and only Admiral Trench! We haven’t seen him since Season 2 (unless he showed up in one of the few episodes I’ve missed in Season 3…), and last we saw him, his ship kinda blew up. And here he is! None too worse for the wear! Except for the fact that he’s literally half machine now; yeesh, and you thought he was rather scary-looking just as the spidery dude he is… now he’s a robo-spider-humanoid! Eek!! But despite his new arms and eyes and stuff, he hasn’t changed much; still a dignified, fairly creepy-looking, and tough-to-beat separatist as always.
So our team of good guys was majorly winning — and then something went completely wrong. The clone they call Tup took his blaster to Tiplar for literally no reason. When things like this happen, the only thing to do is fall back and figure out what in the world just conspired. And as it seems, Tup isn’t sure why he did what he did either, but he can’t think too long on it before he suddenly makes it all-too-clear that he wants to do the same to Anakin and Tiplee. The mess has left everyone confused… the medical clones, poor mentally messed-up Tup, the Jedi, even Trench is all “what they hey hey?” and calls up Dooku to tell him what happened. When Dooku catches wind of this, he’s like “Ohhhh noes, this isn’t good…”. And once he lets Sidious knows, the big cheese Sith isn’t too thrilled, either. He said something about “a programming error” that could “ruin all his plans” to which I’m all “RUIN THE PLANS!! RUIN THE PLANS!!“, ’cause I very much know what plans he’s talking about. But it struck me as to what the “error” might’ve been… perhaps Order 66 is something that they’ve been designed to carry out no matter what, and Tup accidentally got it a bit prematurely? Hmm… (not to be confused with Order 6, the one where you’re supposed to throw your comlink as far away as you can; that’s a Lego short joke if you’re confused) This is one of those times where my mind reels at the fact that one small thing could’ve possibly halted the entire tragedy that ensues in Episode III, like seriously. But ah well… the way the cookie crumbles, that is.
So, the Jedi and clone meds come to their own conclusion that, whatever’s wrong, the Separatists might have something to do with it. And thus, they send Tup off to Kamino to find out what they can do to help him. But getting our clone friend shipped off didn’t go as smoothly as planned, because the Seps sent a barrelload of buzz droids and super battle droids… which, as you can imagine, did a heck of a lot of damage on the ship (and the other clones caught in the crossfire), and took Tup with them! The only thing I could say while watching all that unfold was “UNCOOL”.
But the good guys aren’t giving up! Anakin, Rex, and Fives head out to save their ill compadre the way only they can — really, really awesomely. DUDE, they landed on the underside of the Separatist ship and spacewalked their way up to the docking bay! And then they got a look and saw about a bazillion battle droids… Rex was all “Uhh… are you serious, bro?” to which Anakin was like “What? You think taking down that massive horde of droids isn’t going to be easy?”. But Fives had a better idea — grappling gun hitchhiking! They got a grip on the ship and floated behind them. A few minutes later, the trio made their entrance, and the way Anakin takes down those droids… it’s a thing of beauty! We only wish we were as good as he is! Major epic points for General Skywalker! And I laugh every time the droid pilot, unaware of the craziness going on behind him, says “Hey… now we’re experiencing turbulence!” right before he gets blasted XD And with no way to get the head droid to spill his guts, all the threesome can do is get Tup to Kamino ASAP. And as we prepare to continue to the tale in the episode to come, Fives does the right thing any friend would do and goes along to support his friend in this difficult time. So what’s to happen next?? What exactly is wrong with Tup?? What are the Seps really up to? And most importantly… is the hospital food on Kamino any better than what we have at Earth hospitals?? OK, I’ve actually already seen Conspiracy, but for the sake of things, I wanted to end on that kind of note (Spoiler alert: We still don’t know what Kamino hospital food is like). It’s a really epic start for The Secret Missions, intense, intriguing, and exciting all around! Really digging deep into the SW Galaxy!
So until the next Uncovering post, just remember…

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