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Tera Sinube Appreciation Post

Back when Padawanline was still in the works, one series of posts I planned to write were character appreciation posts, so I could have fun expressing my love for every single SW character and what makes each of them individually awesome. The idea got shelved for a long while, but I was gearing up to watch one of my many favorite TCW episodes, Lightsaber Lost, when it hit me: why not just write a blog on the awesomeness that is Master Sinube? And so that is just what I’m aiming to do! The first in hopefully a long line of character appreciation posts, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite things about this wonderfully wise Jedi master.
NOTE: Contains spoilers from TCW episode Lightsaber Lost.

Lightsaber Lost is a great episode for so many reasons. One of those is that it reminds me that Jedi are human, too; they make mistakes just like the rest of us! I can’t throw stones at Ahsoka for losing her ‘saber, ’cause I would’ve done the same were I in her shoes! But that’s where a little help comes in via Tera Sinube. So just what makes this old Cosian the coolest?

1. He keeps his priorities straight
Tera Sinube 01
The first time we see him we catch him “resting his eyes”. But hey, you can’t be a good Jedi if you don’t get your recommended 8 hours! (or whatever it is for his species) These “rest sessions” probably help keep his mind sharp so he can adequately catch lightsaber thieves and the rest of Coruscant’s scum and villainy. Plus, if relaxing your mind helps you pick up on the potential anxieties of others, then it can’t hurt to just flat-out relax now and then…

2. He keeps it lively

While perhaps his jokes aren’t always appreciated by the younger crowd, he knows a sense of humor is healthy to have around. And he knows just how to sprinkle in the right amount of wit in the midst of his wisdom. Heh heh… “‘fishy’ about him”… it’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. No? Just me? OK then.

3. He’s got the skills to pay the bills

I’m sure all the nasties he encountered that day must feel pretty dumb being pwned by a gentleman in his golden years. But as SW has proved time and time again, age does nothing to lessen one’s awesomeness; in fact, it can even increase one’s awesomeness. This guy knows the Coruscant underworld like the back of his hand, he knows how to talk the talk, he picks up on things others might miss… it’s no surprise he’s trumped some of the galaxy’s best detectives. And he can fight as good as any other Jedi to boot. Jocasta didn’t make a mistake picking him for this mini-mission, that’s for sure.

4. He’s the “grandpa” of the Jedi

While there are numerous other Jedi who would qualify for a senior discount, Sinube seems the most grandfatherly of the bunch. He’s both wise and witty, courteous, careful, loves kids (as we know from seeing a glimpse of him teaching younglings in The Wrong Jedi), takes naps, and drives really really slowly XD These qualities make him an especially endearing character. Yoda would qualify for this title too, but I haven’t yet seen him do anything typical of a senior citizen, which is kinda funny since I think he’s older than Tera here.

5. He makes friends easily

He didn’t even know Ahsoka before she came to him for help, but it didn’t take long for him to take a liking to this determined, though slightly impatient, young padawan. And his amiable nature made it easy for others to trust him, like a certain seemingly-innocent girl who’s not quite so innocent. Plus, he’s clearly a good friend of Yoda’s and Jocasta’s. I would love to know of their adventures as young Jedi, wouldn’t you? OK so I know I’m rambling but friendly Jedi are awesome Jedi and that’s just something I love about him 🙂

6. He don’t rush awesomeness… or anything else
Tera Sinube 06
It’s easy to get impatient, I know that from experience, and Sinube knows it too. Knows it enough that he calls it from the get-go Ahsoka would rush into things trying to find her ‘saber. He follows the Entish philosophy of “not-rushing”, knowing that taking your time to think clearly works a lot better than going in fast. I even had to remind myself of this as I was writing this post, as I had to make sure I wrote this carefully and thoughtfully, just as Master Sinube would want me to 🙂 For all his “slowness”, he’s always one step ahead! And that’s a lesson I don’t think Ahsoka would ever forget 🙂

Add in his cool species points, his clever retooling of a lightsaber into a walking cane, his great voice acting, and the way he inspires greatness in others, Tera Sinube is clearly deserved of his own character appreciation post. Even though we don’t get to see a whole lot of him over the course of TCW, he shines brightly every episode he’s in. *Applauds*

So I think that was a good start for these CA posts (which will hopefully get a better name down the road). Looking forward to writing whatever post comes next!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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