Padawanline Anniversary III: The Third Awakens

Betcha thought I was going to save that title for next year didn’t you? 🙂
Today is Padawanline’s third birthday, can you believe it?! Feels like just yesterday when I sat down and decided to put my SW fangirling into words! (You can read the entire backstory here and last year’s “thank you” letter here) It’s been a truly incredible year for the Star Wars fandom… in these last twelve months, we’ve fought with the Bad Batch, ran alongside Rey and Finn, witnessed Vader and Ahsoka’s epic confrontation, met and immediately wanted to befriend Jyn Erso, and a number of other things that blew our minds and made us feel all the feels. And it’s been a blast getting to write about all those things.
Once again, all I can say ultimately is “thank you”. I have the best readers and I’m constantly amazed that people actually want to read my spazzy all-caps fangirly gobbledygook. With new SW happening on the daily, being a fan right now is a thrilling adventure (as always), and I’m so glad you readers of mine have joined me in this incredible journey. There are so many more things I could say, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I don’t think I can really say anything more that hasn’t already been said, just that YOU ARE ALL AMAZING and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. *Gives BB-8 thumbs-up*
Now, normally at this point I’d just give you my list of my favorite posts from this year, but I have something else for you…
You’ve probably noticed I don’t allow comments on this blog. Y’know… ’cause trolls and spammers and stuff. Though I don’t want negative comments, I do want to hear from you, my regular readers. Which is why I’ve come up with a solution: a SURVEY! I have put together a survey so you guys can give me some feedback and help me make Padawanline even better! You won’t be able to make actual comments, but I think I’ve figured out a good spread of questions and answers for you. If you wish Padawanline was better organized, you can let me know! If the color scheme hurts your eyes, let me know! If absolutely nothing’s wrong, let me know! Help me reader friends, you’re my only hope! It’s not too long or complicated, just want to know how I can improve this blog.

Take the survey HERE

Many thanks if you took it. You should start seeing some improvements by the beginning of next year!
Anyway, just thank you again for making this another amazing, exciting year for Padawanline! I’m sorry this post isn’t the best-written… let’s just say I’m happy beyond words 🙂
*Raises glass of blue milk* TO LIFE NEVER WITHOUT STAR WARS!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

P.S. And now for the BEST POSTS OF 15/16!

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