Rebel Transmissions: The Future Of The Force

It’s a new year and I’m back on the blogging train at last! I apologize I didn’t get to these last couple episodes sooner, or get around to putting my Episode VII fangirling into words. But now that the holidays are over, I can start getting back on a schedule of sorts! And so, today we’re looking into The Future Of The Force, where excitement, chaos, adorable babies, and an epic confrontation abound…
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode II, TCW episode Children Of The Force, and Rebels episodes Always Two There Are, The Future Of The Force

A normal day. A normal shuttle trip. One face in the crowd holds her grandchild, looking forward to a new start. If things in the galaxy were as peaceful as this picture I’ve described, then it would’ve stayed that way. Unfortunately, things in the galaxy are not at peace. The Empire. A couple of inquisitors. Red lightsabers ablaze. A peaceful, normal day has taken a horrifying and tragic turn. Dude things just got reallll on my blog. Sometime in the last few weeks my writing got really deep. There’s just no way for me to recap this opening without some serious respect.
On Guerell, a normal day is about to take a different turn as well. Ahsoka has come to visit the Ghost crew today, needing to discuss some Jedi business with Kanan. It’s always fun seeing Ahsoka interact with the crew, but this is particularly fun seeing her interact with just Kanan this time. They have a very similar thought process in some ways as well as a similar sense of humor. Makes you wonder if they ever crossed paths back in the day, even just briefly. Either way, it’s cool that they’re good friends now. So Ahsoka knows that something’s up with those nasty inquisitors that keep following them around, and while she investigates one of their more recent doings, she sends Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper to look into another. And yes Ezra was listening at the door the whole time, ’cause that’s what he do. He made an excellent save though; popped right back up, all chill like he didn’t just fall over at Kanan and Ahsoka’s feet 🙂
The boys’ mission, interestingly enough, leads them to a more residential area in a slew of housing units, where the team splits up and takes two different routes. Ahsoka’s mission leads her to that once-peaceful shuttle, where it now lies dark, devoid of life, and covered in lightsaber marks. Not entirely devoid of life, though, as the grandmother we saw earlier is still hanging on… just barely. Ahsoka gets the answer to what the ‘quisitors were after… a child. A Force-sensitive child. With crazy stuff like whole shuttles getting wiped out you’d think more people would question the Empire. I’m guessing their superiors made a point to not publicize it too much. Still completely wrong though. Anyway, now Ahsoka knows where she’ll be going next.
Meanwhile Zeb and Chopper stumbled upon a couple of parked TIEs… and a lovely miniprobe with them. Zeb makes quick work of the probe, but they won’t be making quick work of the TIE because a baby girl lays inside. “I really hope that’s not a baby inquisitor” XD No I have a feeling that any kid of Sev’s (and/or Five’s?) would be in a proper car seat. And definitely not be as cute. Pff sorry for the weird rabbit-trailing. Just a thought. Though Zeb has no idea of the little one’s importance, he knows that she’s coming with. Also “NO we’ll blow up the fighter AFTER we get the baby. What is WRONG with you?” XD XD Also, guess Zeb’s taken a few more droidspeak lessons since Always Two There Are, huh?
Ezra and Kanan find themselves led to a busted-in apartment where a couple of red-blade-wielders waltzed in and attempted to take a mama Ithorian’s child. Only they didn’t because the little boy is in the safe hands of a droid… for now. Kanan relays this info to Zeb quickly. And ohmygosh watching Chopper play with the little girl…! Chopper seems the least qualified to be caring for an infant, but I’d say that of all the guys he might be the best with her. The way he spins her around and plays peekaboo! Who’da thunk that this grumpy droid would be such a good babysitter? It’s impossible not to smile at him in these moments. Seriously. He does seem a little tired though once the boys head back out, but who wouldn’t be? 🙂 Thankfully it doesn’t take Zeb too long to find the droid with the bundle of joy. Hehe it’s funny how clearly terrified that droid is of Zeb for a bit there. Yes indeedy “intimidating” is his middle name… though maybe not so much “babysitter”. I’d sorta wondered before if maybe he’d had a family of his own before the Empire did their junk. Seeing this I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Oh it’s such fun to see our guy Rebs out of their element here! XP So despite little Pypey doesn’t seem to like Zeb too much, at least he got what he came for. And then like that, the droid gets K.O.’d and in walk the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Time to go. Like really really time to go. Zeb makes a dash for an old building while informing Kanan of the mess. Though the Quizzes arrive after the Lasat and the child disappear, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out where they’re hiding. Thankfully Kanan and Ezra are right behind them. Both teams manage to find a hiding spot, but then Ezra sorta scared the baby and their safe spot might not be safe for long. Kanan insists Ezra fix this with a little Force-connecting, which would normally work if Ezra wasn’t totally freaked out himself right now. Hehe yes watching the three so terribly unqualified for this is hilarious. That screencap I used in the title image just cracked me up XD But yeah the crying leads the quizzes right beneath them as a red blade comes up from the floor. With that our heroes decide it’s time to go up a floor. And then up a few more floors as a detonator intended for the inquisitors comes back to bite them. It’s super terrifying the way Bro and Sis just walk up those stairs like they’re so confident it’s no rush. On a less terrifying note, her sarc bouncing of his seriousness is awesome. You can tell they don’t really really enjoy each other’s company too much and it’s honestly very enjoyable XD Thank goodness Ezra’s diversion with Pypey on a comlink gives them a little more time. Sev gives a chuckle at her partner’s failure. Wouldn’t expect anything less from her.
So without any more floors, Kanan sends Ezra and Lil’ P through the vents. After all, upon realizing that these kids are potential Jedi, the stakes got a heck of a lot higher. Certainly takes a lot of ingenuity to comfortably manuever air vents with a baby in hand, but Ezra does a great job of it. And then that horrifying moment when Fifth Brother’s lightsaber cuts through and gets closer and closer! But somehow in that terrifying moment, Ezra is able to calm himself and in turn calm the child. And then Kanan and Zeb step up to give the ‘quistors someone to fight. They hold their own pretty well all things considered. Kanan’s ‘saber skills can take just about anything Sev can dish out, and Zeb manages to fend off Fivey for a bit, though unfortunately not as long as Master Jarrus was. To quote a young Anakin Skywalker, THIS IS TENSE! However, Ezra and Pypey made it out without a hitch… mostly. As he casually mentioned “you can come live with us on Gurell” and one of Sev’s miniprobes was watching the whole time. I think we all felt a mixture of *facepalm* and fear when we realized what just happened.
So as for Kanan and Zeb, they’d finally run out of tricks, so Zeb grabs Kanan like a piece of luggage and they go off runnin’! Kanan seems a little out-of-sorts being carried like that XD But he can still shoot, and with a few well-aimed shots, they break a window, jump out of the building, and land dead-center on some guy’s passing speeder. Talk about your dumb luck, right? Because unlike a similar chase in Episode II… Kanan didn’t know they’d land where they did. But two can play at that game, and the ‘quisitors take their own leap and aren’t nearly as nice to their Ithorian driver. The exciting chase is halted on both ends as Kanan takes a good shot to the quizzes’ speeder and Fifth Brother lightsaber-frisbees our heroes’ speeder down. I hope the mini-Alliance paid that Ithorian back… or at least that he had some good insurance (“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘LIGHTSABER SLASHES’ AREN’T COVERED?!”). Ezra and company made it to back to the hangar, but Chopper had the door locked, and naturally Seven and Five were on their tails. It takes very little time for the dastardly duo to completely wallop Jarrus and Orrelios. Ezra pulls out his blaster-saber, ready to defend his comrades and protect this child to the end (Pypey is absolutely fascinated by the glowing blade hehe). Despite he had his game face on, Sev is all “psh whatevs” and Force-throws him against the wall, somehow still cradling the baby. Just when it seemed all hope was lost, the doors open, and out steps a confident, quietly fierce Togruta woman. And she’s got twin white lightsabers. Ahsoka sends Ezra and his crew to the ship while she takes care of our guests. And let me tell you she TAKES. CARE. OF. THEM. Wowwwwwww. So much wowwwwww. This episode hits a lot of nostalgic notes with not only a similar situation like back on Children Of The Force, but we get to see what a truly amazing person Ahsoka’s become. I can’t help but watch this and see glimpses of her as a spritely fourteen-year-old as well as her as a well-taught, focused sixteen-year-old. Didn’t think it was possible for her to get better but lo and behold…! She completely owns both inquisitors AT THE SAME TIME. And she didn’t need her lightsabers the whole time to do it, either. She took a second to meditate and then snapped back up and yanked Sev’s red blades right out of her hands! Once she’s flattened Sis against the wall, it looks like the fight’s over. But then, in addition to the sudden appearance of stormtrooper backup, SEVENTH SISTER FORCE-GRABS HER ‘SABER and FLINGS IT BACK AT AHSOKA FROM BEHIND!! I know I was mentally screaming “AHHHHH NOOO AHSOKAAAAAA!!!”, but then Ahsoka jumped over the projectile like it was NBD. And then I could breathe again. After that Ahsoka said her goodbyes and leaped right on back up to the Phantom and was gone baby gone. If all that just happened didn’t leave you fangirling/fanboying… are you honestly even human? Ahsoka is boss.
It’s real sweet for our heroes back on the ship. Pypey and his mom are reunited, everybody’s finally able to let go of that tension and have a laugh, Chopper gives the babies spinny rides, it’s all good. The Rebels’ll be taking care of the future younglings now, and as Ahsoka smiles, watching Chop and the little ones, it seems this crazy day has ended on a happy note.
At least, as long as you don’t count the fact that the inquisitors know where to strike now. That… could be a slight problem.
Ahhhhmagoodness that is one solid epic episode! No way I couldn’t blog about it, right? So hopefully this answered a question or two, or made you think about (or rethink) something, or maybe just made you happy. Looking forward to all the exciting posts to come this year!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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