Just Let It In: Preparing For The Force Awakens

When I set out to do a blog on Episode VII today, I’d intended to do something more organized, something akin to Why I’m Hyped For Rebels Season 2 and other such posts. Where I’d number each thing I’m excited for and add a picture and stuff. But honestly, right now, I don’t want to talk in any organized way. I just want to spill my heart and all that I’m feeling and all I’m truly excited for.
NOTE: Contains mild spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the trailers for Episode VII, but that’s all.

It’s amazing, you know? The fact that we’re only a week away from a new chapter in the Star Wars saga. I remember the excitement and wonder I felt when it was first announced. I had no idea for sure what it would look like, but I had faith in Disney and Lucasfilm from the start. And as time passed more and more little things got revealed. Looking through the blog’s tumblr you can see my excitement every step of the way from late 2013 until now. It’s something I always knew was coming, and something I was always excited about, but it wasn’t until that first teaser debuted that I was hit by the weight of what was about to happen. And every time new footage came to be, I got walloped by feels. I mean, as I’ve told you guys, I first saw Episode IV in 2006, and I became a full-on SW fan in 2010 and 2011. I was pretty late to the game, but I loved it just the same. And back in 2010, I couldn’t imagine what a new chapter would look like (even though in truth I briefly developed a few fankids for the Skywalkers and Solos, but who hasn’t?). Even a little over a year ago I couldn’t imagine what it would look like. But every new teaser, every new poster, every announced actor… it just… wow. Blew me away. And seriously… now we’re almost here. I’m seeing a little more something new every day. Even getting a little Threepio viewer in a cereal box made me realize just how enormous a deal this is. The words I’m writing right now are permanent looks into my life as I await this new chapter. I love reading the stories of fans as they anticipated whatever the new film was, whether they were children of the 70’s or the 90’s or whatever time they saw it. And now this is my story, the story of where I was and what I was doing as I was awaiting The Force Awakens. Has it hit you yet what a massively huge deal this is? It’s just… wow. And of course every trailer, every TV spot reminds me of this… seeing these beautiful glimpses of the Falcon in action, Kylo Ren doing his darksidery thang, wanting to be Darth Vader when he grows up, Rey and Finn and Poe fighting for the Resistance, that wonderful sweet moment in the recent spot with Han and Rey that killed me with feels (“You’re gonna need this” “I think I can handle it” “That’s why I’m giving it to you”), and everything else. The fact that I already love these characters, that Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8, and company already hold a special place in my heart, is proof that this new chapter of SW is going to be incredible. These characters, these places, these stories… it’s amazing. Truly, undeniably amazing. The fact that a week from now or so I’ll be watching this story unfold is enough to make me question if I’m dreaming. But there’s no way this is all a dream, it’s straight-up reality. And words can’t fully describe how insanely incredible that feels.
I’d say more, but I think the best thing I can do at this point is round up all the posts I’ve made between the blog and tumblr about my excitement. And now, fanladies and fangentlemen, my Journey To The Force Awakens.

“…Of course, that would also mean that we’ll keep learning more and more about what’s to come in Episode VII. And the fact that by this December we’ll only be a year away is kinda amazing. Like really, really, amazing.”A Year Full Of Promise… And Star Wars

“THE EPISODE VII CAST JUST GOT ANNOUNCED. OwO So as you can probably tell I’m dead excited! And it’s funny, because aside from Andy Serkis and the original cast, I don’t recognize any of these actors off-hand. But there was a time I didn’t know anyone from the Originals or the Prequels, nor The Clone Wars, and I have yet to get to know the Rebels cast. But in the end, these actors became a huge deal to me as they became characters I love endlessly! So now finding Harrison Ford or Ewan McGregor or whoever in another movie makes me smile because of the SW character they played that introduced me to them. So as the new era of SW arrives, I look forward greatly to getting to know these talented people and the characters that will surely steal my heart forever :)” – Tumblr Post On The Cast Announcement

“Ermagosh I am diggin’ this title! ONLY A MONTH AND A YEAR LEFT!!!” – Tumblr Post On The Title Reveal

“If this teaser doesn’t blow your mind, nothing else will.
AHHMAHGOSH TEH EPICNESS…!! I know where I’ll be next December… :)”
– Tumblr Post On The First Teaser

“As said by SpongeBob: 🎵 One more year, one more year, one more super duper year! One more extra fantastical, extra magical year! 🎵” – Tumblr Post On December 18th, 2014

“And so we come down to this guy’s epic three-blade! I will never forget my reaction to its reveal… I literally gasped in both shock, awe, wonderment, and fangirliness! It’s a totally different build and a very new kind of blade. The other two blades make it resemble a sword, which is totally different and cool! If you’re a newbie Sith awakening for the first time in some twenty-thirty years, you have to make an entrance, and Kylo here did just that! It’s the perfect weapon for walking on a snowy forest planet with a black cloak on! So yeah I have nothing but good things and fangirly things to say about this new ‘saber. Now… we wait another eleven months…”Of Crimson Kybers: Looking At Sith Lightsabers

– Tumblr Post Of The Second Teaser

Pretty much everything in this post, but in particular: “*Starts crying buckets of happy tears from a deep, deep love of Star Wars that has overtaken my mind, body, and soul* I’M HOME MAN! I’M HOME!!”A [Fangirly] Analysis Of The New Ep VII Teaser!

“Having this blog has helped me much in learning and understanding the SW Galaxy and has played a part in making me love these stories even more than I ever possibly could, to the point I was literally shaking and crying watching that Episode VII teaser. Amazing how it all comes together, doesn’t it? Being a Star Wars fangirl is seriously amazing. Just is. And I, for one, am glad I not only jumped out of that gunship, but decided to write about how that felt.”Padawanline Anniversary II: Year Two

“Of course one thing I really was excited to talk about is all the new books in the Journey To The Force Awakens line coming our way! Man, just the fact that we’re almost five months away from this and actually talking about the events that lead up to the film is mind-blowing. Just seeing R2-D2 and BB-8 on that Droid Factory book cover makes my head explode! To think we’re soon going to reunite with Artoo and meet this adorable BB before long… there is no better phrase to describe it than “mind-blowing”… either that or I’m in desperate need of a thesaurus right now.”The Han Movie, The App, And The Journey To The Force Awakens

“Gosh it still feels surreal thinking that in a few years we’ll be getting the NINTH chapter. NINTH! And I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Episode VII will be out this year, so yeah my mind can barely comprehend all the awesomeness SW is putting out right now :)”Rogues, Rides, & Rebels

“It reminds me once again just how amazing it is to be part of this… to be here in the midst of it all as a new era of SW films comes into being!”10 Of The Coolest Things Released On Force Friday

“*Angelic choir plays* It’s so… PRETTYYYYYYY…! How is it possible it’s only two months away?! Part of me can’t believe it’s so close and a part of me is frustrated it’s still so far away!” Tumblr Post Of The Poster Debut

“Watching something as monumental as this requires complete silence, except for gasps of shock/delight, laughing, crying, squeeing, and other noises brought upon by the sheer awesomeness that is Star Wars.”Tumblr Post Prior To The Trailer Debut

“All I can say is FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELSSSSSSSSSS. So many, many feels. I’m counting the minutes until the 18th.” – Tumblr Post Of The Trailer Debut

“AHH SO MUCH AMAZING IN SO LITTLE TIME!! T-Minus 1 month, 9 days and counting…” – Tumblr Post On The First TV Spot

“Is it truly possible that it’s only one month away?? Is this really all that is left of my three-year journey of major anticipation? Am I seriously about to see the beginnings of a new chapter of Star Wars in only ONE MONTH?! #Mind. #Blown.” – Tumblr Post On November 18th, 2015

“*Fangirling intensifies*” – Tumblr Post On December 8th, 2015

And finally… this post here today, that fully describes the mix of anticipation and impatience I’m feeling.

Ah what memories! What excitement! So until the epicness that will go down next week…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight