Of Crimson Kybers: Looking At Sith Lightsabers

Fact: since our good friend Kylo Ren ignited his three-blade in the Episode VII teaser, the world’s mind has been blown all at once. And the internet can’t stop talking about it! I mean, seriously I’m actually finally talking about it! But in the midst of this… I have to wonder if some of us have forgotten just how mind-blowing all the other Dark Sider’s choice weapons are. So for my first topical post of the year (hopefully the first of many), I thought it’d be fun to chat about the spectacular blades of the bad boys and girls in the canonical Star Wars universe and give these ‘sabers a chance to shine. So let’s start at the beginning, shall we? With the “crimson kyber” that started it all… (and before you more educated SW fans eat me alive, I know that Sith don’t use real kyber crystals, it just sounded cool mkay?)
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, much of TCW Seasons 3, 4, and 5, and the Rebels episode Path Of The Jedi.

Darth Vader

I can only imagine what it must’ve been like for those seeing Episode IV for the first time back in ’77, and what it must’ve been like seeing Darth Vader unsheath that legit red blade for the first time. I didn’t see the movie until ’06, and with Episode III having just come out, red lightsabers were nothing really new to me, even in my extremely limited knowledge of SW at the time. So I don’t really recall Vader’s lightsaber reveal hitting me in any huge way. But now as a true-blue SW fan almost ten years later, I can see just what a big deal that moment is and what it must’ve been to anyone who hadn’t seen a Sith ‘saber before. I mean, when all you know thus far is those heroic-looking blue blades, you know instantaneously that that red blade is bad news (if of course, the fact that Vader’s wielding it didn’t already make that clear). His ‘saber’s pretty simple, but its role in the SW universe, and also the fact that it’s the only Sith lightsaber in the Original Trilogy, is too important not to talk about.

Darth Maul
SW Screencap 02
So now imagine how it must’ve felt, having only seen one red-bladed lightsaber in the SW films, and then having the newest baddie in Episode I show up with A DOUBLE-BLADED! If the internet was then what it is now, I guarantee there would be probably way more people mind-blown by this dramatic turn from one blade to two than this recent sword-like one Darth Ren’s flinging around. And even though I didn’t see Episode I until 2011, and it wasn’t news to me then that Maul had a double-blade, it continues to be one of the most impressive and epic-looking weapons ever wielded in the SW galaxy. That three-way duel alone was something of epicness so far beyond what my mind can comprehend…! So yeah, if you needed any sign that the Sith’s return was kinda a big deal, Maul’s lightsaber made that very clear. Of course, it didn’t ultimately make a huge dent in Darth Maul’s success… he did, you know, get cut in half and junk. But of course, you can’t keep a good (or bad, shall we say) Dathomirian down…

Then he got a shiny single-blade ‘saber. And with all those revenge-y feelings going on, he proved to be quite the adversary even with only one blade. Of course he was no match for Sidious ultimately but still, you have to give Maul some points for persistence!

Also, bonus points go to Maul’s epic eight-blade in Lego’s The Empire Strikes Out. If you want to one-up Darth Vader, this is how you do it ๐Ÿ™‚ #SithSwag

Count Dooku
SW Screencap 05
While the illustrious Count’s lightsaber seems pretty basic in form on first glance, it’s far from ordinary. Just look at that fabulous curved hilt! It’s both stylish and powerful! Not to mention that curved form must be very ergonomic. I imagine holding a ‘saber for more than a few hours every day could lead to repetitive stress injury, so the fact that Dooku’s fits his hand more fluidly must be why he’s so good at what he does for his age ๐Ÿ˜€ Hehe this screencap seems to be saying “Oh, you did NOT just make fun of my age.” XD But seriously I’m kidding Lord Tyrannus don’t hurt me.

Asajj Ventress
SW Screencap 06
Ventress’s got a pretty impressive set of ‘sabers from the get-go. The hilt’s curved just like Dooku’s, but she’s got TWO. So double the stylish-ness and powerful-ness! And the girl definitely knows how to swing ’em around in a fight.

Savage Opress
SW Screencap 07
While Maul chose to pick up a single-blade in his escapades in the Clone Wars, Savage decided to give the double-red blade a try. It is seriously one impressive ‘saber. It may be a double-bladed, but it’s distinctly different from his bro’s. Just look at those cool sharp edges on the hilt! And it’s also impressive-sounding, as it emits a very low and growly hum that adds to its wielder’s frightening unpredictability. Mental note: don’t cross paths with this dude unless absolutely necessary. And very few have found it necessary.

Darth Sidious
SW Screencap 08
Whether he wields one lightsaber or two, the Emperor always knows what he’s doing. He pretty much pwned Savage and Maul, and very nearly killed Yoda. The two he throws around in The Lawless just further blow our mind to what he’s capable of. And may I mention the sound again? It’s even nastier than Savage’s! So yeah all I can say about these ‘sabers is that they are the most intense set of weapons possibly to ever be held by a Sith Lord. And we would expect nothing less from the nastiest Sith Lord to grace the series… thus far.

The Inquisitor
SW Screencap 09
For a guy who’s not even an official Sith, he certainly knows his way around a ‘saber. And the ‘Quiz has one seriously epic ligthsaber! A fabulous double-blade that SPINS! It can function as a normal lightsaber but can also be thrown like a deadly frisbee! Is there anything it can’t do?? Of course, the spinning function helps cover up the fact that ‘Quizzy doesn’t know all the ropes when it comes to flinging laser swords around. Why go to all that trouble to spin the lightsaber when you can have the lightsaber spin for you? But The Inquisitor’s skills aside, this ‘saber is still one of the epicest ever, and definitely suits the ‘Quiz’s classy/deadly persona. And since the last episode… you and I both know we don’t want to be on the other end of that blade.

Kylo Ren

And so we come down to this guy’s epic three-blade! I will never forget my reaction to its reveal… I literally gasped in both shock, awe, wonderment, and fangirliness! It’s a totally different build and a very new kind of blade. The other two blades make it resemble a sword, which is totally different and cool! If you’re a newbie Sith awakening for the first time in some twenty-thirty years, you have to make an entrance, and Kylo here did just that! It’s the perfect weapon for walking on a snowy forest planet with a black cloak on! So yeah I have nothing but good things and fangirly things to say about this new ‘saber. Now… we wait another eleven months…

So yes, the bad guys of the SW Universe may not win the battle ultimately, but they sure do know how to make a first impression, strut their stuff, intimidate others, and be awesome in general. And who knows what Sith-y sort will walk in with a discussion-meriting lightsaber next? Only time will tell…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight