The Star Wars Fan’s Essential Guide To Phineas & Ferb

So you may have heard that the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special is coming up this Saturday, but perhaps you find yourself in an unsure position because you’ve never seen Phineas and Ferb, but your SW-loving side of you won’t let you NOT see the crossover. Well, good news, uncertain friend! If I’m a Jedi Knight of the SW fandom, I’m a Jedi Master of the P&F fandom! I’ve been a huge fan of the show longer than I’ve been a huge fan of SW, so I’ll gladly be able to get you caught up to speed so no one will go into P&FSW blind! “Ferb, I know what I’m going to blog today!”
This post is relatively non-spoilery in both the SW and P&F sides of this, though some general knowledge of both would be recommended.

I seriously thought the world was going to explode the day I heard that they were doing a P&F/SW crossover. Two of my most favorite things coming together in a way I could only dream of! Putting the cast into the SW Universe during the events of Episode IV! And I actually have been piecing together a direct Original Trilogy/P&F parody of my own for the last few years to begin with! So yeah, WOW.
Anyway, to begin, we’ll start with the basics of the show itself, but to do that, we’ll need to go ahead and meet the characters as they are and explain the story through them.

So, Phineas and Ferb are a pair of stepbrothers who are the living definition of “carpe diem”. They seriously never let a day go by without making every moment count. But they don’t do ordinary kid things that kids might do in the summer… not with these two. They build full-on rollercoasters and rocketships, throw together stage shows and circuses, save alien planets, our world, and even prove the existence of previously unknown creatures. And all in the course of a day. Like seriously who doesn’t want to be them??
Phineas (the one whose head is vaguely shaped like an angular “p”) is the idea man; full of optimism and big ideas. He’s incredibly smart, very clever, has an innocence to him, and is everyone’s best friend. Every day he comes up, or helps come up with, the game plan for the day, generally to the words of “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!”. Now Ferb, his brother, closest friend, and partner-in-crime, (the one who looks like an angular “f”) is indeed the man of action. Kind of literally since he isn’t too much for talking. Generally, Ferb will say a little something every episode, though he has been known to talk a bit longer and/or more often on occasion. Whatever the case, the quiet Brit is no stranger to the hammer, screwdriver, or welding iron and always has the blueprints before Phineas needs them. On top of that, the boy knows how to siiiiiiiiing! And when he sings, it’s always in a voice pertaining to the genre of song. He can rock, he can rap, he can do soft-shoe and show tunes, and he’s epic at it!
Phineas and Ferb just get each other, man… they’re a perfect team and together make summer beyond extraordinary.

So you’re likely thinking that what the boys do is so far beyond what’s normal for a couple of kids this young. And yes, yes it is. Most folks who get to see their awesomeness, both young and old, are way too impressed to really question it much. But there’s one who kinda can’t handle it; that would be Phineas and Ferb’s older sister Candace. Sure on the surface Candace looks like a normalish teen girl who loves her phone, her friends, and her big dreams, but welp… she might be a control freak to the nth degree. Whether out of concern or her own desire to be in charge, she is bent and determined to prove to her mom that they really do this crazy stuff on a daily basis, as she calls it, “busting”. For whatever reason, their mom is never around when the boys do what they do and somehow, Candace can’t for the life of her get mom to catch them in the act. But despite her slight insanity and boundless determination, she really does love her brothers and rather admires their abilities. Unfortunately, if she’s not freaking out over her brothers’ goings-on, she’s likely worrying about herself, her friendships, or her relationship with her then-crush/now-boyfriend Jeremy. Ah well, she’s trying 🙂

But why is it that Candace never busts her brothers? The connection might be their pet platypus, Perry.
“He’s a platypus, he doesn’t do much,” so say most people at a glance of their derpy-eyed teal monotreme. But the fact is, Perry does more than anyone gives him credit. He’s actually a secret agent, working for the Organization Without A Cool Acronym (OWCA), an elite group of animal agents living under the cover of suburban pets. While the boys do their thing, Perry is on the move, taking down the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his evil plans. Perry is super-cool and collected, not to mention a master fighter and very smooth. But even though he’s living this double life, he really does love his human family and more often than not would rather spend time with them than fight evil.
Now Doofenshmirtz is well… a little crazy. A major misfit having grown up in the backwater European country of Druselstein with an incredibly complicated family life, he not only got a more than a few chips on his shoulder, but a burning desire to take over the Tri-State Area our characters call home. Yeah taking over the world or destroying the world is incredibly impractical to him; he’d much rather become the ruler of the Tri-State Area or get revenge on an obscure family member. And it doesn’t help that his brother’s the mayor, so it’s safe to say he has a lot of issues. Heinz is a master inventor himself, making some pretty impressive (though often silly or randomly-conceived) “inators”. His problem is that he tends to put self-destruct buttons where none need to exist. Oh, and the fact that Agent P easily defeats him every time. Though usually, his inator gets a little usage before it explodes… and when that happens, Phineas and Ferb’s newest creation usually disappears. Blown up, rolled off, flown off, turned invisible… it always happens. Or if not gone entirely, only a small reasonably-made-looking portion of it is there. So Candace fails and looks like a crazy person in front of their mom. But Phineas and Ferb don’t worry too much about it… they’re just glad they made today awesome!

So that’s the gist of it, but there are a number of other characters who need to have their roles mentioned! Don’t worry there won’t be a quiz at the end 🙂

Obviously I should dig into their parents more, those would be Lawrence and Linda. Lawrence is a thoughtful, always-smiling sort who works as an antiquer. He, unlike Linda, actually has seen Phineas and Ferb’s full-on stuff, he never really questions it though; he clearly has faith in the boys, and well, even if he did tell Linda what was going on he never voiced it in a manner that would be concerning. So that’s just how it goes. Linda used to be 80’s pop one-hit-wonder Lindana, but now has happily taken the role of stay-at-home mom. She’s very relaxed, has lots of interests and hobbies, and loves her family to pieces. Of course, Candace tends to wear her out with her constant need to bust Phineas and Ferb, especially when she rarely sees anything Candace claimed to be there. But she takes it all in stride, believing Candace’s craziness is just that of a normal teenager. Then she goes and makes snacks for the kids and the poor girl is left standing in shock and frustration.

Now onto Phineas and Ferb’s circle of friends. First up would be Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, the quintessential girl-next-door. Isabella always joins the boys on their projects with a friendly “Whatcha’ doin’?” greeting. The leader of a troop of Fireside Girls, she’s always got her team ready to help them out if need be. I mean, seriously, you need a pit crew? Done. Recon team? Done. Need to get the word out on something? Done and done. Her loyalty is unwavering, and it might have something to do with reasons more than just “friendly”. She has a complete and utter crush on Phineas. And she’s not always too good at keeping those feelings under wraps. Phineas is still utterly clueless on the situation, but well… the two have had a few moments, even if Isabella was more aware of it and Phineas didn’t intend it. AUGH THEY’RE SO CUTE.

Then there’s the dynamic duo of Buford and Baljeet. Buford started out just being the town bully plain and simple, but has since proved to actually be kind of a good guy. Under all that tough exterior is a guy who loves goldfish, hanging out with friends, and a few other less-than-bullyish things. He also can speak French. And Latin. But he doesn’t let it on it if he can help it; he keeps his tough-guy persona going strong most of the time. Baljeet is the resident brainy kid and Buford’s nerd punching bag/friend. Baljeet loves school so much he takes summer school classes just because, and understandably, the guy is crazy smart. He’s not entirely sure of himself oftentimes, but he can prove to be a huge help to the boys, as well as an epic singer and secretly a bit of a smooth operator. Rarely a day goes by without Buford messing with Baljeet the way bullies do, but though they’d likely deny it, they’re best friends. Or at least best frienemies, and always find themselves joining Phineas and Ferb’s fun.

Another common member of their gang is Irving. He’s basically Phineas and Ferb’s biggest fan. He’s got a blog about them, keeps a ton of recorded footage of their inventions, and is always willing to join up with the boys and help them out with whatever. Despite he tends to fanboy his head off around them, he always comes through when they need a hand or a friend.

Candace’s friends are friends of Phineas and Ferb’s as well, and they get involved more than often, much to Candace’s chagrin. Stacy is Candace’s BFF. While Candace tends to freak out a good bit, Stacy always keeps a cool head and offers friendly advice whenever she can, even when her advice is less-than perfect. She’s not particularly an overachiever, but she loves just being herself and being there for her BFF.
Jeremy has been Candace’s crush for a long time and there have been a number of times where Candace failed at the “staying cool” game and the “don’t get unnecessarily jealous when you don’t know the situation” game. Jeremy (again unlike Candace), generally is pretty chill, but he loves to hang out with the boys and Candace, too. The days of their awkwardness have long since left to their current status as boyfriend and girlfriend. And yeahh they’re pretty adorable :3

On Perry’s side of things, we have his boss, Major Francis Monogram. Monogram always addresses Agent P’s next mission and tells him exactly what Doofenshmirtz is up to. Major Mongram’s very organized, very professional, not impressed by much, and likes things to come out just so. He’s got a bit of a secret love of song-and-dance and acrobatics, but when the need arises, nothing can stop him from doing what needs to be done. Then there’s the Major’s comrade, Carl. Carl’s a slightly awkward unpaid college intern, but despite Monogram doesn’t always give him much credit (no pun intended), the kid always comes through in the end, and is always good for a laugh.
And of course, Doof has his partners-in-crime as well. The first being his robot Norm. He was invented as the ultimate weapon to defeat Perry (as Doof took the whole “the enemy of the platypus is man” thing a step further), but still continues as Doofenshmirtz’s loyal, though bumbling at times, henchman. With a smile on his metal face at all times, he’s probably a better friend than a bad guy. Though he does have some pretty crazy weapons at times so don’t underestimate him… entirely.
Also kind of on Doof’s side is his daughter Vanessa. Vanessa’s a bit of an emo/punk/goth, but her all-black attire doesn’t make her much different than Candace, truthfully. She’s actually got more in common with her than she might realize. Vanessa, for a while, was intent on busting her dad to her mom, who has no idea he’s an evil scientist. And like Candace, there was much fail XD Doofenshmirtz really does love Vanessa and she to him, even though they don’t always get each other. And her character has grown much over the series since.

So now that you know the basics of the characters, here are few things you’ll likely see as common in the P&F world.
– Musical numbers: Really really awesome ones of every genre and sound imaginable.
– Running quotes: “Hey, where’s Perry?”, “Yes, yes I am”, “Curse you Perry The Platypus!”, “You guys are so busted!” are a few examples.
– Running gags: There’s a giant floating baby head that shows up sometimes. Why? Uh… none of us are sure, really. But boy does it get a lot of laughs!
– Awesomeness in general.

So hopefully by now you’ve tanked up on P&F 101! And wow that took longer than I could’ve imagined. But anyway, I do recommend you take some time and catch a few episodes. Definitely watch some earlier ones interspersed with some later ones if you can. Much has changed from the first episode, so it’s a good idea to keep a balance so you won’t be thrown off by the differences in the most recent season. Seriously, I think you’ll love it. I mean, who doesn’t?! Imagination, positivity, wry, clever humor, heart, and tons of inventiveness! And if you’re concerned that the SW parodying might get a little mean, don’t worry about that at all. There haven’t been a ton of SW references, but the few that have been made are super subtle and super clever, and if not subtle then hilariously obvious (like the Yoda-ish looking guy in the season 3 episode Doof Dynasty XD ). Everything I’ve seen of the special really looks amazing, and I think that you guys’ll have a hard time not getting hooked on this awesomeness. For sure! So now back to our regularly-posted strictly-SW stuff.

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight