Essentials For A Not-So-Ordinary Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day is almost here, and it’s hard not to get excited about it! There’s lots going on here and there and fans getting together and cosplaying and movie marathoning and stuff like that, but what if you find yourself without any huge plans on Star Wars Day? What if you’ve got to work or study? And this year SWD II Revenge Of The Fifth (or as I call it Sith-o de Mayo) will be on a Monday, and I’m pretty sure most businesses and schools don’t consider SWD an official holiday… yet. Maybe you’re busy with family, or maybe you don’t have a lot of fellow huge SW fans in your circle of friends, or maybe there’s nothing going on in your area. Well, whatever the case, I’m here to make sure your “ordinary” SW Day is extraordinary! So I’ve put together some of my own ideas (and some cool SW stuff that I think most of us would like to have) to help add some SW-iness to your day!

Step 1: Dream Star Wars-y Dreams
SW Bedsheets
A good night’s sleep beforehand is always a good idea, and if you happen to have SW bedsheets like these I found on eBay, then a good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed! (if of course you can manage to fall asleep as excited as you are) And it’s hard to not get excited for SWD after having dreamt you were Ahsoka Tano or were saving the day with Han Solo (and I’ve had those dreams myself, unfortunately not with these awesome sheets…)

Step 2: A Force-ified Breakfast
SW Cereal
On holidays, I like making breakfast extra-special, though not all of us have time to make Vader-shaped pancakes. So sometimes just finding a nice little something that reminds you of SW works well. Obviously, I don’t think most of us are going to eat this age-old Episode II cereal, even if they do sell the boxes online. So my ideas for this could include: Apple Jacks (the cereal’s red and green, like a couple of familiar lightsabers!), cinnamon buns (Leia’s Episode IV hairstyle, perhaps? Haha), or Double Chocolate Krave with skim milk (I found out by accident last year that mixing the two makes the milk turn bluish. YAY BLUE MILK!!) Use your imagination! Find food you like and find simple ways to add a SW touch! And if you can’t get any of those foods, just eat whatever while watching The Clone Wars (the main series or the microseries), Lego Star Wars, Droids, or Ewoks. Krave and The Clone Wars is my favorite Saturday morning combination! πŸ™‚

Step 3: Strut Your Star Wars Stuff
Hot Topic ROTJ Shirt Stock Image
One of the simplest ways to celebrate SWD wherever you are is to dress the part. I myself will be wearing my awesome Hot Topic SW shirt of awesomeness that you are seeing above.

Wearing accessories also works if you don’t have a shirt on hand, even if it’s not this majorly cool (though majorly pricey) Episode VI belt. But if you’re for whatever reason lacking in any legit SW merch, there is another hope for you: DisneyBounding.
Darth Maul DisneyBounding Girls

The term basically means to take a character and use his or her colors and style to inspire an everyday outfit, and well, since Disney and Lucasfilm are together now DisneyBounding can work in a SW-y way too. This way you can feel Star Wars-y without having to wear a whole Stormtrooper suit! I put together a couple of Darth Maul outfit sets for guys and girls as an example. You guys could easily do better than me, but it’s not hard to come up with something! You could even try out tech, ships, planets… whatever you can think up! And all you need to do is look in your closet and get creative!

Step 4: Rebel-outionize Your Workday
SW Portfolio
If you’re studying on SWD or at school on SWD II, then this amazingly amazing SW portfolio/folder might be a necessity! Or if you’re just working one of the two days it still could be useful! Even though this one was found on eBay, I’d highly recommend looking high and low in the office supply aisle for something SW-y to add to your workday or schoolday. Thermoses, notebooks, pens, mousepads, maybe even lunchboxes! There’s no need for your busy SWD to be like any other day!

Step 5: Imperial March Your Way Through The Day
R2 Cassette Player
Music is great if you find yourself working a really boring job, on a really long car/plane/bus ride, or just happen to study best to music, so why not put on some SW soundtracks? If you can’t binge-watch all six movies, you could probably listen to all six soundtracks in one workday! And if you don’t have the soundtracks easily accessible or on-hand, then just listening to any music in this awesome R2-D2 cassette player would be perfect! And please tell me I’m not the only one who still has some cassettes here… I feel old now… perhaps a pair of Rebel Alliance headphones or Stormtrooper earbuds would be easier to find these days πŸ™‚

Step 6: Enjoy A Star Wars-Style Meal
SW Peanut Butter Jars from Instagram
So most of us won’t be able to find these vintage SW peanut butter jars to use for our lunch (but don’t we wish we could, right?), but like with breakfast, you just have to get creative! A BLT not only has some lightsaber-colored ingredients, but a few nicks with a knife could turn it into a BLTIE Fighter! (That part depends on how well you cut food, having any SW cookie cutters on hand, and how much you care about what your fellow students or coworkers think about you) And let’s say that it’s a “bantha-lettuce-tomato” instead of a bacon-lettuce-tomato… unless that totally grosses you out. And this step qualifies for dinner, dessert, etc. Whatever you can think up! Makes me really wish I had one of those SW cookbooks right now…

Step 7: Live The Story, One Way Or Another
Clone Wars Microseries Cover
If you’re seriously busy either day, it’s likely a moviethon won’t fit in. But don’t let time crunches keep you away from your SW! Here’re some of my picks for easy-to-make-time-for SW stories!
– Episode IV: If you can’t make time for all six or even three of either trilogy, watching the one that started it all is a good choice. It’s what I did last year, and it never ever gets old.
– The Clone Wars anything: Not many shows can give you something akin to a feature film in under half an hour, but TCW always delivers. Crack open those season sets, get out the movie, or log into Netflix and pick a favorite adventure or two to give you a taste of SW awesome in your day! And the microseries works too if you have even less time, then you can get in a couple of exciting battles in less than ten minutes an episode!
– Lego Star Wars anything: Whether it’s the shorts or the specials, Lego SW is always a fun choice. Last year I watched The Empire Strikes Out after Episode IV… it’s a perfect blend! And evidently DisneyXD is debuting a new Yoda Chronicles special on SWD at 7p, so that might just be perfect timing!
Stock Image of Jedi Prince #1 Cover
If getting any screentime is a little trickier, a book could work, but unless it’s a novel you’ve read over and over again, most of these books are fairly long. If free time is in short supply, I highly recommend grabbing a young readers’ novel like those of my favorites Jude Watson, Ryder Windham, and Paul and Hollace Davids! And certainly there are plenty of others if you’re not in the mood for those particular series.
Tiny Death Star Screencap
And if the only spare time you have is on your phone at the end of the day, a good mobile app would fill in the gap left by not having played a full-blown SW videogame. I haven’t played any myself due to lack of a smartphone, but there sure are some fun ones out there that would most certainly add a little SW awesome to your day!

So however you spend your SWD and SWD II, it’s not hard to add a little SW-y magic and turn an otherwise ordinary day into an extraordinary day! I’ve got an Original Trilogy moviethon planned as my SWD main event, but who knows what else will happen that day? I’ll get you updated after the days’ ends. And plus, I’ve got an Uncovering The Lost Missions blog waiting in the wings for next week! πŸ˜€ So… what do you have planned for your awesome Star Wars Day this year?

Keep The Peace and May The Fourth Be With You,
– Twilight