Uncovering The Lost Missions: Fugitive

Yes, I finally noticed that I was calling them The Secret Missions and not The Lost Missions, and I feel really stupid about it. So yeah… thankfully I caught that early on instead of after I finished all 13 posts! Yikes. Thank you guys for not outing me out on it!
So the plot thickens as Fives continues to do what he can to get to the bottom of this Clone conspiracy. Join me on our ride as I break down Fugitive and all its intrigue and awesomeness!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode III and TCW Episodes The Unknown, Conspiracy, and Fugitive

So we find that Fives is in some hot water after his and his droid compadre’s secret surgery that proved that something was most definitely up with Tup. Nala Se’s convinced that it might’ve been Fives’s medical work that killed Tup ultimately, which is by the way the worst assumption ever. But Shaak Ti’s not one to judge, though we do see that she’s one to get her way. If you recall, Shaak Ti wanted the Jedi to take a look at Tup’s tumor while Nala Se wanted the Grand Republic Medical Facility to look at it, and Palpatine naturally went with the doc’s idea. Well… Shaak Ti figured that it wouldn’t hurt to send the tumor by her Force-wielding friends and then send it to the Facility. Gotta love her subtle craftiness; you go, Jedi togruta girl! As for Fives, he apparently has to undergo a couple other tests and then he’s home free. But just as he was walking out the door, he spotted a medical droid making a little switch with the evidence! Oh, but that’s hardly the worst thing Fives found out that day…
He’s barely taken a few steps out the door with his clone escorts when he runs into AZ1-3, who’s also being escorted somewhere. And in their brief chat, AZ kinda says something about hearing that they’d both get their memories wiped. What’s really interesting is that the two are both surrounded by clones and a Kaminoan and they can clearly hear what’s going on and they do nothing, and then when Fives fights his way out and starts running, they’re all “Oh mah gosh, what made him go all rogue on us?! I can’t imagine why!”. Weird. Maybe they figured that Fives wouldn’t listen to a quirky little med droid. Well, they were wrong, I guess. The duo is back on the run on their continual search for TRUTH! They make quite an escape as they sneak their way into a hangar, knock the daylights out of a clone pilot, and then grab a ship and fly outta there. Shaak Ti and Nala Se tried to stop them, but they weren’t fast enough. But what they didn’t know was that, after a couple of miles, Fives’s plan involved them jumping out of the ship and making their way back to the labs. AZ was not a fan of this plan, you can figure, but he went along with it anyway (if you haven’t noticed, AZ is not great at saying “no”, just at saying “uh… are you serious?”). But thankfully, the clone and the droid didn’t have to swim all the way back; let’s just say that AZ has some pretty mad skillz… survival skillz, that is! He transformed into a cute little speeder bike thingy; major WIN. And off they went, knowing that the ship still in flight would throw off the big shots for a while.
Meanwhile, as you can imagine, Nala Se must’ve had her crazy long knees knocking when she explained the situation to Dooku. First a malfunctioning clone and now a renegade clone! What’s next, a juggling clone?! (That would be pretty awesome, though I’d bet they’d want to terminate him, too) She reassures her boss that nobody’s going to find out about Order 66 ’cause she’ll find Fives first. Again, I shudder to imagine what kind of pressure this probably-once-was-a-decent-Kaminoan is under. Though it still doesn’t mean I wasn’t highly offended when referred to Tup as “the clone which malfunctioned”; HE’S A PERSON, NOT A THING, LADY! A “WHO” NOT A “WHICH“!! But what else is new in that viewpoint, right? Ugh.
So our heroes had snuck their way back into the lab, hoping to find out exactly what the tumor is and where it originated from. You’d think it would be easier for a clone to walk into a room of clones and not get discovered, but apparently that’s not the case. Doesn’t help having that tattooed 5-ish-looking numeral on your head. So he had to do the SW-ian thing of “borrowing” another clone’s armor without asking first. Once they were able to get to a computer (or whatever they call them in their galaxy), AZ discovered that not only was there no such tumor in Jango Fett, but it’s not really a tumor at all! It’s some sort of organic-ish chip that was seemingly stuck in Tup some time before. But before anything further can be dug up, Shaak Ti, Nala Se, and their clone cohorts showed up. And *facepalm*, Fives wasn’t wearing his helmet for that moment, so it took them about 2.5 seconds for them to find him (again, you’d think it be harder to notice that tiny 5 tattoo, but I guess if you’re around clones all day, you learn to tell them apart pretty quickly). Thankfully though, AZ is really good at making quick escapes possible and the clone and the droid vamoose into an overhead exit and weld the door shut. And it’s in there that Fives decides he wants the same biopsy done on him to get rid of the chip he believes he has as well. AZ isn’t too certain, considering Tup died after his got removed, but Fives is willing to take that chance if it means they can help other clones (isn’t he awesome that way?). And once they find a safe, sterile room, AZ works his medical magic, even if the results are risky…
Some time later, Fives awakes and finds out that his hunch was correct: he had the same chip, the only difference being that his looked healthier. For the most part, Fives seems to be in decent shape, but neither he nor AZ know what will happen next. So Fives is ready to do some more research with potentially little time left — this time, to find out when these chips are implanted. AZ figures it was before they were born, and after a bit more sneaking around (and some of AZ’s “perfectly normal” act-casual singing XD ), they find that pretty much every third-stage embryo has one. And once again, at the worst possible moment, Nala Se shows up (she has the worst habit of doing that, doesn’t she?). Fives confronts her, Nala Se explains the so-called truth that the chips are supposed to make them less aggressive, Fives isn’t really buying it. And also once again, Shaak Ti kicks in the door and breaks up their scuffle, but in her awesome way, chooses to listen to the clone instead of trying to kill him. The doc is certain that Fives is a major danger without his chip, but Shaak Ti decides the best thing to do is to let him talk to the Chancellor and explain everything. And so, with a goodbye to his droid friend, The Jedi, the clone, and the Kaminoan head off to get it all straightened out. Oh, but if Shaak Ti knew what Nala Se knows, she would know that getting Palpatine involved is probably not the best idea…
So all I can say is WHOA. It’s amazing how intense things keep getting each episode! And augh, I love AZ so much ❤ On top of that, all this uncovering and discovering of Fives's is really cutting it close and makes us all wonder again "what would happen if the good guys found out early?"… and this time, it's not as ironic and humorous as the Yoda Chronicles Lego specials. Ermagosh…
We will get to the bottom of this!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight