A Year Full Of Promise… And Star Wars

I’m going to hope that we can still consider it the new year when it’s already two weeks in. If not, just bear with me, k’? I’ve been sort of struggling with coming up for a new post lately, and I figured instead of trying to throw something huge together, it’d be easier to just write what Star Wars-y thing happens to be on my brain. And that would mainly be the excitement that I can hardly contain for all that will happen this year in the SW Galaxy!
Certainly, perhaps the biggest thing is that Rebels will debut later this year, and you all know already just how excited I am for that from my last blog. But still, it’s worth really talking about! After all, Rebels is truly an undiscovered time in the SW Galaxy. I mean, yeah, there are EU books that tell their ideas of stories, there are videogames, like my personal fave The Force Unleashed that give insight to that world, and there are even animated escapades of Artoo, Threepio, and Wicket in that time. But oh my goodness, the stories Rebels will tell… they will go beyond what we even think we know about that slot between Episodes III and IV. It’s so thrilling to think we’ll be getting something truly never-before-seen-and-no-questioning-its-“canon-ness”-whatsoever! I mean, The Clone Wars wasn’t exactly completely new to us; before the series existed, there was the microseries, which already gave us some idea as to what that time was like. We already kinda had an idea as to what their world was like, we already knew most of our core characters, and of course, we knew how it would end ultimately in Episode III. Now, hold your blasters, I mean no offense, as I would viscously defend TCW to any naysayer; we obviously had no idea what all shook down in those three years and it gave us a great look further into these characters and more time to love the heroes and villains who we knew well or didn’t know well. But you can understand why Rebels will be very very different from TCW; we’re meeting new heroes, new villains (such as the… delightful… Mr. ‘Quisitor…) and seeing new places in a whole new way. Instead of having that “I can’t wait to see more about what adventures (insert name) and (insert name) had!” feel, we’re all “I have no idea who you are yet, but I can’t wait to meet you and get invested in your story”! Like say, as a dedicated fan of all of animated SW tales, I’m not hating on any of them; I’m just trying to grasp my mind around the big new hunk of the Galaxy we’re about to discover in eight months or so. To think that by next year I’ll be knee-deep into Rebels is a crazy thought. Oh, and even the thought of having a couple of action figures of our new Rebel heroes is just… WOW. And I don’t even have a clue about who these heroes are yet. Did I just blow your mind, ’cause I think I might’ve just blown mine, if that’s possible. META.
Next up on my list of super-excitedness for the upcoming year is the Phineas And Ferb Star Wars crossover! As a longtime P&F fan, the oh-so-perfect idea of putting the ever-inventive stepbrothers into the SW Galaxy is one of the best things to ever happen! If you’ve never watched P&F before, go and get yourself caught up before this Summer/Fall! To help, I’m planning to write a post as a crash-course in the show so no one will go in completely blind. And really, considering how clever and well-placed their few SW references have been before, I just know this will be an absolute delight. Though some people may disagree with me, I can’t help but love that Disney and Lucasfilm are together! Who knows what other amazing stuff will come to pass between this perfect peanut-butter-and-chocolate combination? 😀
Of course, that would also mean that we’ll keep learning more and more about what’s to come in Episode VII. And the fact that by this December we’ll only be a year away is kinda amazing. Like really, really, amazing. I’m already thinking about wearing a pair of lightsaber sunglasses from Hot Topic on the day I see it for the first time (THE HANDLES LOOK LIKE LIGHTSABERS AND THEY LIGHT UP AND YOU CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN ANAKIN, LUKE, OR VADER’S BLADES. COOLEST. SHADES. EVER). Of course, I may try for costuming instead. We’ll have to see… 🙂
And a girl can’t help but still be excited for what will come in those TCW bonus episodes. Whenever they come along, I’ll be quite ecstatic. Until then, I’ll keep patiently waiting. Of course, the same couldn’t be said for my brother who kinda seriously can’t wait for new episodes and asks me often if there’s any news on them, but perhaps he’s just a better, more dedicated fan than I am… maybe…
And really, who knows what’s to come this year?? Always in motion, the future is. All I know is, it’s going to be great! And I’ll keep posting on either here or tumblr when I get new news! Oh yeah, I do have some new ideas for Padawanline this year…
I recently got a DVD of TCW Season 3 and with now some 60-something episodes all together, I’m thinking of doing Closer Looks of the episodes in random order called #CloneBackThursdays. Every other Thursday, if I can find the time, I’ll blog my entertaining and random commentary on an episode of TCW. We’ll have to see if I can do it regularly enough but not so regularly that it gets boring. I just hope to blog more this year in general anyway, but remember, I post often on tumblr, and hopefully that will fill in the gaps at times. I’ve posted a fair amount there and it’s a lot of fun!
But whatever happens, we have a lot to be excited about this year, I’d say 🙂

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight