Exciting News For Padawanline!

Yes, I wanted to clarify that the exciting news was about the blog, not SW itself. So anyway, I normally would give lots and lots of description or exposition or whatever and make you all wait until, like, the end of the post to tell you so I’m gonna tell you right now: PADAWANLINE IS ON TUMBLR!!! Wow, that was a horrible run-on sentence. Yes, I actually do care about grammar. Never mind! We were talking about the fact that Padawanline is on Tumblr!
Current Padawanline Tumblr Logo
So yes, a few weeks ago, I started brainstorming up a new place to expand my audience here. Why? Because
a) More room for posting photos
b) More people are on Tumblr, apparently… so this way, I might actually get some legit followers!
c) And now I can post lots and lots of little fun stuff!
So, here’s some stuff you can look forward to when you check out and/or follow my Padawanline Tumblr…
1. Links to my blogs as soon as they’re posted. This is especially useful if you don’t use WordPress and can’t follow me in that way.
2. My own handmade memes, graphics, sketches, and other fun pictures.
3. Quotes, random thoughts, and quick news stories.
And trust me, they’re probably be other stuff, too! Maybe I’ll actually figure out how to make GIFs or something…
So here’s where you can find me! Clicky clicky clicky heeeeeere!!

So look forward to lots of awesome coming to my Tumblr! And since the final installment of The Yoda Chronicles is arriving in a little over a week, you can look forward to a blog on that before long, too!

Keep The Peace,
Twilight (or PadawanTwilight, as I go by on Tumblr)