The Art of Quist’rng…

Hey to all you SW fangirls and fanboys out there! I suppose you’ve all heard the newest news about Star Wars Rebels, right? Some of you might’ve heard it straight from the New York Comic Con yourselves (and if you did, I’m so jealous of you). I’m so so insanely insanely excited right now, people! If you haven’t heard, jet down to the SW website right. now. They revealed a lot of awesome stuff, like the exact timeframe Rebels takes place in and where the story starts and how many amazingly epic TCW people are working on it. And then they revealed the first fully-rendered character art for Rebels: of a really bad guy named The Inquisitor! My literal first reaction, besides my admiration that it’s keeping the style of TCW, was “this guy is so scary he’d make Darth Maul cry!” And yeah, I’d say that definitely suits “Quizzy” here (hehehe I’m so going to start calling him that). I mean, he’s one of those freaky Mortis guys with the freaky white and red skin and yellow-y eyes, and he wears all black (as most baddies tend to do), and he carries around double-bladed lightsaber. This guy may be only third banana on the Imperial food chain, but he looks like the sort not to be taken lightly. If Maul, Savage, Ventress, and Grievous all went to the same school, he would’ve been the schoolyard bully. That’s how bad he is. Buuuuuut… well, no one said us Earthlings couldn’t “take him lightly”! (Though if you’re hanging around on Clone Wars Adventures or The Old Republic, you might not want to do that XP jk)
That’s why I came up with this new idea for an internet craze/sensation thingy. Risky, I know, as I have never done such a thing. But I mean… I’m always talking backwards about SW, it seems. I didn’t get into the films and everything else until 2010, so due to my lack of interest, I wasn’t really there at the beginning when any of the films came out or when any of the series came out. I merely spent the last few years catching up and watching anything new that has come out (mostly TCW episodes and Lego stuff). But now, I can hardly believe that I’m about to be there at the beginning of a whole new SW era with Episode VII, Rebels, Detours, and beyond! It’s a crazy feeling, you know? It boggles the mind at where I’ll be in five years when the Sequel Trilogy is in full swing and Rebels will likely be on its last season. I mean, seriously, just think about it! I think it’s pretty amazing whether you grew up with the Original Trilogy or if your earliest memory involved Ahsoka’s adventures in TCW. This series is getting bigger and even more awesome by the minute, as we live and breathe. So this is just an experiment to see if it catches on. A way we’ll all look back and remember how The Inquisitor was the first character revealed. I call it “Quist’ring”! The art of making “Quist’rs”!
Basically, I took the artwork of Quis here and transformed it into a Chuck Norris-style meme. All you have to do is come up with just how bad, scary, malevolent, dangerous, or jerky ol’ Quizzy is and have it be hilarious. Here are a few of my hopefully-funny attempts at Quist’rs.

(Original Inquisitor artwork credit:

My first thoughts on him.

Points if you catch the reference here. If you don’t, you probably won’t get it.

This one’s really not that funny, especially if you’re like me and don’t hate Mondays. But I tried…

So now I challenge you to make your own Quist’r and post it wherever you post stuff! Your blog, tumblr, twitter, wherever! Please don’t link me to it, though as I still don’t allow comments. And make a point to keep them clean, I know that this could get really bad really easily. But if we do enough and they’re really good, who knows? They could become the biggest thing since Vadering!
So, we may still have a while to go before we get to see The Inquisitor in action, let’s have some fun with the Empire, shall we? I bet you’ll see a few new Quist’rs in future posts!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

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