The Phantom Clone: A Closer Look

So by now, it’s likely you’ve seen the first installment of Lego’s Yoda Chronicles. I know I have! For the record, I loved it to pieces. Another gem from the Lego SW galaxy! And thankfully, the Yoda Chronicles shorts released before this were not clips from the episode. So, I hope you’ve watched it already because we’re about to take off and take a closer look at The Phantom Clone!
Note: Contains spoilers from The Phantom Clone
So I still don’t entriely get what Palpatine plans to do with this new dastardly plan of his. Even more so as it seems to me that this might’ve taken place shortly after the events of Episode II. I mean, JEK-14 has a TCW Season 3 and beyond-style helmet, but Obi-Wan and Anakin, in their individual cameos, have their Attack Of The Clones hairstyles (Haha, this is how I can tell the Clone Wars eras apart, by their fashion sense! Augh I’m such a girl :P). But I’m still learning, so who knows? Anyway, so let’s get on with some of my thoughts and looks at different scenes…
So, I was talking about Palpatine… good ol’ nutjog Emperor/Supreme Chancellor Sidious/Palpatine. The Phantom Clone lets us finally see a little of what he probably does on a regular basis as he switches between his true self (Creepy-looking and evil) and his nice old guy cover. I love Palpatine’s exasperation at having to switch back and forth between calls and of course, Grievous’ cluelessness. But did you notice the absolute weirdness of how he shifts between identities. If you watch the animation, it looks like his head is rotating back and forth! Ewww, right? It reminds me of the Halloween Town Mayor in The Nightmare Before Christmas. And in comparison, the Mayor is way less creepy than the Emperor.
Onto a less creepy-ish subject, isn’t it nice to see Yoda and the younglings again? Not since The Padawan Menace have we had the chance to hang in Jedi Academy! And of course, Threepio, who is apparently a big-time braggart. “So like, Anakin Skywalker is my maker! Jelz much, bro?” Of course, this isn’t the only time the Lego specials have made Threepio say ridiculously funny, though somewhat out of his usual character, things. (Such as: “Say hello to my metal friend!” “Yes! I am the man… er droid” “Totally awesome!”) Omgosh I can’t not laugh when Yoda’s all “Yeah, when do you not remind us of that?” 😆
So Palpatine led Yoda, Mace, and Artoo into a trap… can’t say I’m surprised. On a random note, I think it’s too cool that we now know where Obi-Wan spends his vacations! 😀 Alderaan is such a pretty planet… oh wait, now I’m distracted. Sorry. Getting back on track…
It’s a known fact now that Artoo is officially smarter than Master Yoda and Master Windu. *Sighhhh* If only Artoo could speak Standard…
No I hadn’t forgotten the whole “Grievous walks into the Holocron Vault, steals the younglings’ lightsabers, and the younglings end up on an epic adventure” sidestory. I have to say, that human girl youngling (IDK her name, but I should…) has some insane mechanical skills. I wonder if Anakin tutors her in his spare time or something. As Threepio put it (in a way you will never again hear come out of his voice… thingy) “Totally awesome!” XD
Plus, brave little Ashla used a mind trick on a rancor! If only Luke had known twenty-something years later in Episode VI; would’ve spared him a lot of trouble. Gotta salute the bravery of the younglings for beating the crud out of Grievous, breaking into Jabba’s place, and riding a rancor bareback. Oh, and freeing Han from his first carbonite prison! (That also makes me assume that this happened in the later TCW era, but I’m still not certain)
Meanwhile, Yoda, Mace, and Artoo got a little help from the Calrissians! Lando Sr. and Lando Jr., to be precise. Han, why did you ever take down those party lights and the disco floor?! Maybe they’re still in the Falcon, for all we know… Han’s just embarrassed to show them off 🙂
“That family knows how to live”. True that, Master Windu.
So then the real battle begins on lovely rainy Kamino. As soon as Dooku and Yoda start staring each other down, a million SW fans start freaking out “OMG OMG!! YODA AND DOOKU WILL FINALLY HAVE A REMATCH!!!!” Annnnd thennnnn Mace steps in and it’s suddenly like two guys sharing one date to prom or something (sorry, that perhaps wasn’t my best comparison).
“A purple lightsaber. Nice.”
“Thanks for noticing.”
“Green, what’s wrong with?” 😆
Then boom! Enter in JEK-14. I knew that JEK was going to be a Force-sensitive clone and all, but somehow the whole “evil clone army” thing didn’t occur to me. ‘Cause man, once that guy is out of his tube and into his gnarly armor… it gets crazy pretty quickly. I mean, his left arm is nothing but Force lightning! I’m still amazed anyone made it out alive!
But while this wasn’t the expected first impression from JEK, I can’t help but notice that he didn’t kill Yoda when he had the chance. Perhaps this Sith Clone actually has a heart. Here’s hoping…
So then the younglings and Threepio save our heroes and destory the evil cloning base. And everyone got stickers! 😀 Which I guess are what you do when you’re out of medals to offer. But one thing’s for sure… this isn’t over yet.
But how could I end this post without mentioning Grievous. Poor guy… Palpatine and Dooku have been jerks to him all day and now he’s left rusting in the Kamino rain by Dooku and his new “buddy” JEK-14! I kinda feel bad for him. A wise Jedi once said “The Sith always turn on each other… you’ll find out soon enough,” (Shaak Ti to Starkiller in The Force Unleashed), and another wise Jedi had the gall to call Grievous “Dooku’s errand boy” (From the genius wit of Master Kenobi in TCW Grievous Intrigue). They’re both right. Well, once this whole “evil clone” thing doesn’t work out, I have a feeling that Dooku’s respect for the General will come back.
So now all we have to do is wait for the next part, and until then, they’ll be plenty more to talk about in the Star Wars universe!
Keep The Peace and May The Funk Be With You!
– Twilight