The Fourth Is Forever… Always

What up, Star Wars fans out there?! Can I just say that I’m pretty insanely hyped right now?! Oh, wow, what a weekend! May The Fourth and Revenge Of The Fifth have been fantastic this year! Let me let you in on what I did to celebrate…
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode IV, Episode VI, and Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out.
For Star Wars Day, aka May The Fourth Be With You…
First off, I wanted to look the part, and since I spent my day at home, I wore my sole SW shirt… an old, oversized, faded Battle of Naboo tee. It also reminded me that I seriously need to get more Star Wars shirts! Oh why did they have to close their Zazzle store?? #NotCoolBro
Then I did a little Olympic-style opening to the Star Wars Holiday Weekend with my lightsaber! Actually, It’s a lightsaber room light I made with a Star Wars Science kit. It’s pretty awesome, and it happens to be Obi-Wan’s blade! *Insert spazzy snicker here* And no, I didn’t actually light a fire with it. I just turned it on and declared the weekend’s beginning.
And then I watched A New Hope again for the first time in a really long while. It’s sad to say that I haven’t watched it nearly as much as I should’ve. It’s been like a year. Ugh. And the last time I watched it was the first time I’d watched it since I first saw it. May I just remind you guys that I didn’t get obsessed over SW until 2011? I saw Episode IV for the first time in 2006 and it didn’t grab me the way it oughta have then. So considering this was probably my third viewing period, my mind got blown all. over. again. I was literally crying at the end. Oh, gosh it’s such a beautiful, fun, exciting, dramatic, heartfelt, amazingly incredible movie! #HoldingBackTears #StarWarsObsessed
But you knew that, didn’t you?
Soooo since I hadn’t seen it in so long, I saw a lot that surprised me. For example, I said things like:
“It’s one of those adorable little binoculars-on-a-stick-on-wheels droids! I didn’t know they hung around the Homestead!” (I admit I’m not even sure what they’re technically called)
“Whoa, I can hardly believe how much Ewan McGregor really looks and sounds like a younger Obi-Wan! Dang!” (This should’ve been obvious, but give me some cred, I’m a ginormous Obi-Wan fangirl and rewatching this further solidified it for me)
“OHMYGOSH THERE’S A DUROS IN THE CATINA!! JUST LIKE CAD BANE!!!” (Yeah, I kinda really like Cad Bane for some reason…)
“Oh so that’s where that line came from. Dang it, Twilight, how could you forget?!” (This happened a lot with a pretty embarrassing number of lines)
But all in all, what an experience! I feel a little smarter in the Star Wars fandom now. Made my day about a billion times more awesome.
So I didn’t end up watching all the films, mostly because timing a nearly twelve-hour moviethon is extremely difficult for me. Maybe next year, but Episode IV is the classic that started it all! And now I just want to go and insert “May the Force be with you… always” and “Sometimes I even impress myself” into every conversation XD
And after watching that, I thought a perfect capper would be Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, since it takes place immediately after A New Hope. It’s short, but it’s downright hilarious! And where else can you see Darth Vader being sold as a droid by Jawas to Watto? Talk about an awkward moment… šŸ˜†
By this time in the day, the suns– er, sun, was setting (I so wish I could’ve started earlier!). So I decided to cap this epic Star Wars Day by reading the next chapter in Paul and Hollace Davids’ Jedi Prince series, the never-before-read-by-me Mission From Mount Yoda! That. Was awesome. Rather than reveal spoilers about it now, I think, when I get the chance, I’ll write my little commentary and thoughts on the entire series book by book. And if I didn’t already made it clear, the book is epic! šŸ˜€
Now as today, as some may know, is Star Wars Day II, aka Revenge Of The Fifth. I’ve decided to refer to it as “Sith-o De Mayo” šŸ™‚ My original plans were to celebrate SW Day with mostly the Original Trilogy, and to celebrate SW Day II with mostly the Prequels, but today has been busy and difficult to cram it in. In my spare time I’ve been looking at page after page of action figures on Definitely a nearly infinite list of cool stuff! I think I’ll probably close the day out on some Clone Wars if I can. And I did watch a couple of episodes on SW Day itself; it ended up being Brain Invaders and Grievous Intrigue. Of course that reminds me I seriously need to start writing some posts on the episodes… but now that the Star Wars Holiday Weekend is coming to a close, I don’t have to have all of my posts filled with SW Day-related ramblings and instead can start trying out some topical blog posts! Sweet, right? Can’t wait to get started!
So yeah, it was an awesome, but all-too-short weekend, filled to the brim with what I consider to be one of the all-time greatest movie series/franchises around. I leave you with a little greeting straight from the SW website.

Awwwwww am I the only person who thinks this is so crazy sweet?! I love this part at the end of Return Of The Jedi when Luke gets a little visit from Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin!! Sorry sorry I’m spazzing again. But you gotta love it!
Keep The Peace and May The Fourth Be With You… Always,
– Twilight