Lego Shorts and Saesee Tiin: A Random Update

Hey hey Star Wars fans out there! It’s time for a Random Star Wars Update Blog! This, of course, is where I post ramblings that are all mushed together instead of focusing on just one subject or whatever. RSWUBs, I think I’ll call them (Mostly because it sounds like some kind of astromech droid)… but then again, I might change the title entirely. I’m not entirely sure why, but whenever I join a new site I sound like a total rookie for the first few months, so cut me some slack if this all comes off completely random. So… where do I begin?

– New episode of Lego’s The Yoda Chronicles debuts
Can I just make it clear how much I love the Lego Star Wars shorts and movies?? Well, I would, but that alone would be enough for a whole blog post, if not two. If you aren’t watching them, you totes should. A new short debuted on their site as of, I believe, the 26th. It’s the third part of the official Yoda Chronicles series, The Dark Side Rises. You can watch it here:
Watched it now, have you? (Lolz talking like Yoda am I) Good.
OK, so I have to say, did anyone else realize that the whole “sensing a disturbance” thing is a pretty vivid experience? It might’ve just been a thing they did for this short, but hey, I couldn’t tell you what Master Yoda actually senses when he senses a disturbance. Did I make your heads hurt? ‘Cause I just did… nevermind! It’s not worth questioning really. After all, from what I hear, Yoda’s got himself a wicked Midichlorian count (If you don’t know what that means, Padawan SW Fans, watch Episode I again; Master Qui-Gonn makes it pretty clear).
And um… anyone else curious as to why Sidious is working on some new clone army, apparently? Why?? It’s not like he doesn’t already have one at his beck and call! Just spit out “Order 66” and boom! There you go! Ultimate Episode III chaos and destruction! Buuuut perhaps the Emperor here is getting a tad bit… well, impatient! Figures. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. How come his plans are so darn convoluted? As one episode of TCW said, “Simple Is Never Simple”, though I’m pretty sure that’s not what that statement was referring to. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Count and the General are sure thinking that…
While I still can’t agree with their usual politics, you kinda have to feel bad for them as Dooku has to lug his “Grievious Pieces” across the land (like Reeses Pieces, but a lot less tasty… and a lot less edible…) while getting caught in the middle of various battles. It’s not exactly the most glamorous view of the Clone Wars, right? Of course, it’s hard to have much of any kind of view when you’re running away from fights all the time (Boom! Zinga! Take that, Separatists! :P). Have to wonder if either learned any sort of lesson. Or at least maybe got a raise from Sidious. Ah yes, this miniseries will only continue to get interesting! I think they’re updating it every couple of weeks. In the meantime, you so oughta watch the rest of the shorts!

– My newest addition to my action figure family…
As a SW fan, I naturally would have some action figures. Because of course, Star Wars characters are consistently awesome and deserve to be among my toys. But fact is, I don’t have rows among rows of random characters and rare editions… at least, not yet. My little action figure family is all made up of ones my brother didn’t want anymore, with perhaps the exception of my TCW Season 2 Landing At Port Rain Obi-Wan Kenobi that he gave me to me new as Christmas present (which is, by the way, one of my favorite action figures I own and one of my absolute fave SW charries!!). My brother’s not lost interest in SW or collecting SW stuff, but when it comes to action figures, he’s more interested in Grievous, Battle Droids, and Clone Wars Miniseries ones. So I got all his awesome old ones! And as of Friday, I managed to find his Episode II-era Saesee Tiin action figure! That and a random Stormtrooper that I’m not sure where it came from. I’m not big on collecting “bad guys” usually, but the Toy Story fangirl I am doesn’t let any toy get left behind. Anywayz, yes… I now own Master Tiin! I couldn’t remember his name for the longest time until they put out that Lego set recently. My certainty with owning him was solidified after he made those cameos in the TCW Season 5 finale. Of course, he might’ve been in some episode before that… it’s been a while since I’ve watched a number of the episodes (long story short: when I rediscovered SW in 2011, I rewatched the majority of the first, second, and third seasons of TCW online and haven’t had the chance to buy the season sets until recently, and I only have seasons one and two so far). Frankly, I just remember him best from the Clone Wars Miniseries. I definitely want to learn more about him. And I’m also curious as to what happened to his lightsaber. And if you don’t know who Saesee Tiin is, I don’t blame you. Look him up on the Star Wars Encyclopedia online. But I figure I’m probably boring some people now, so let’s just wrap the blog up.
As you may or may not know, Star Wars Day is in less than a week and Star Wars Day II is in exactly a week, so I’ll hopefully get to post more as the day gets closer! Dude I am so excited I can’t stand it!! *Insert fangirly squeal/scream here* I could totally write a whole other post just about my excitement for this year’s Star Wars Day but this is already a long enough post so I’ll just wait a couple of days to do so but I’m still so so excited!! Wait… does this mean I’ve ended both of my first two posts with the word “excited”? Oh forget this, you can go back to your lives now.
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight