Every Saga Has A Beginning…

April 23rd. A day for firsts.
It was the day, three years ago, I got the very PC I’m writing on. It was also the day that Boba Fett walked into The Clone Wars back in Season 2. See what I mean? It’s kinda a big day! And in this case, it’s the day of my first blog post here on Padawanline!
You can read more on the About page, but I’ll rehash some of the most important stuff. Here I go by the username Twilight, as in the Star Wars ship. I thought I would go by Falcon in honor of the Millenium Falcon, but I bet a ton of other people are using that. Plus, I’m a girl so I think Twilight sounds slightly more feminine (Don’t tell Anakin I said that, though! The guy would have an absolute fit! 😛 )
This blog is meant as a place for SW fans of all levels. Whether you’ve watched all the films a million times and poured over every reference book and every other medium in existence (a “Jedi Knight” of the SW fandom) or if you just watched Episode IV yesterday and you can’t wait to get involved in the fandom and learn more (a “Padawan Learner” of the SW fandom) or somewhere in between (the category I fall into), I’ve got a blog everyone can enjoy! But please, go and read the About. It’s super important. Seriously.
This blog post is simply a kick-starter sort of blog to get everyone excited. I’ll start posting my ramblings soon enough. It’s already so tempting to write more, considering I rewatched the Clone Wars miniseries today and made a lot of observations and thoughts and even some random jokes (btw, when I say “random jokes”, I’m not talking about something offensive or something that treats SW in a way it shouldn’t be treated, you’ll see soon enough what exactly I mean…). But that’ll be for another post in the near future.
Until then, get excited! I know I’m excited!
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight