Uncovering The Lost Missions: Voices

And now we continue onward, attempting to uncover whatever secrets and mysteriousness lies within these final four of TCW! And if you want secrets and mysteriousness, these episodes sure got ‘em! Seriously folks, prepare for a lot of deepish discussion in this one and the ones to follow! That’s all I can really say right now… so… let’s sit down and watch Voices together!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode V, Episode VI, The Yoda Chronicles Episode I, and TCW episodes Overlords, Altar Of Mortis, Ghosts Of Mortis, Orders, The Lost One, and Voices
Uncovering title image #11

“Jedi Mystery!” Those are the first words of the narration at the show’s opening, and boyyy is that Tom Kane guy right… we just dug up a lot of dirt on the Clone Wars’ origins. I guess the biggest question is “Why did a Sith just go and create our entire army?” (Welllll y’all could’ve listened to Fives a few episodes back but nooooooo…), and when you’ve got a question this big, the best thing to do is sit down and see if the Force’ll help out. And that’s where we find Yoda, meditating for a bit before rejoining the council in trying to answer these big questions. But instead of further answers on all that craziness, he hears a familiar voice… a voice he seriously isn’t sure he’s hearing: Qui-Gon Jinn’s. Yoda’s all “Uh… you’re dead bro, sooo…” and Qui-Gon’s like “Then explain why I’m still talking to you. I’m part of the living Force now!” and then does a few tricks to further convince his old master of the fact. And Yoda be all O.o It’s rather fascinating, watching Yoda in these episodes… realizing that even he doesn’t know everything. I’m sure secretly Qui-Gon’s all “Heh. And you guys all thought I was the crazy one!” XD
Yoda returned to the council meeting, but he was about as attentive as a fourth-grader in a lecture on politics. For good reason, considering what he just saw and heard. Of course, all the Jedi in the room are all “WURT Yoda wasn’t paying attention?!” (OK they don’t say it but it’s what they didn’t say that says it). Master Windu reiterates the situation… clearly, whoever’s really in charge of this whole Sith deal seems to be someone right in front of their noses. But Yoda doesn’t really have much more to add to that statement… he’s really not in his element today… and Mace and Obi-Wan kinda know it as the two head off for a brief conversation. Also, on a random note, it is really fascinating watching that green bearded Jedi guy in motion, slithering around like he do. For so long he’s just sat in his council chair and now he’s actually moving! Crazy, man… OK anyway, so back to Obi-Wan and Mace. Mace is totally picking up on whatever’s chewing at Yoda, and he’s pretty weirded out about it. The two make a point to keep an eye on the Master, in case something’s seriously wrong. Because yeah Mace is sensing something big (and dark) on the rise…
Meanwhile, Yoda was out mediating outside the Temple. And may I say that it looks like the weather is lovely there right now? Guhh the animation of those leaves… anyway, so Anakin just happened to run into him while he was out there, and Yoda decides to confide in him what he’s been hearing. Yoda’s heard the whole Mortis deal, how Anakin and Obi-Wan evidently talked to Master Jinn while in that “rabbit hole”. Anakin brushes that off that it was just a really weird vision, as most of the stuff on Mortis was. Because of course, the Jedi are pretty sure that once you’re dead you just hang out in that Force-spirit-soup. But Yoda knows that there’s a good chance they don’t know everything… but he also knows he might just be a little crazy and needs a nap. Um I’m going to stick with the first option. Yoda? A little crazy? As if! And yeah the way Yoda says “Rest, I need…” just brings up all this Episode VI nostalgia… noooo don’t die on us Master!!:cry:
So when Yoda goes out to the council and tells them that he’s kinda hearing voices from beyond, the gang bonds together for a good long meditation to see if anyone else hears something. And they do this pretty much all day… and nothing happens. I’m sure Qui-Gon is watching them, chuckling at the way he’s messing with them… kick him off the council will they? :P OK so after everyone inevitably got the kinks out of their backs from kneeling for twenty-four straight hours, Ki-Adi Mundi proposes that maybe this voice is just the Sith messing with them. Obi-Wan’s like “Duuude! Yoda’s like, a rock! No Sith could play that kinda game with him!”. Mace is all “Look, Yoda, you’re great and stuff and wiser and older than pretty much anyone, but I don’t think you’re above being manip’d by the dark side.” and Yoda’s like “Yeahhh I could see that… the dark side’s already done so much to blind us; who knows what they might be able to do!” so, the Jedi decide to get a second opinion on the matter. But what do you do when the second opinion still doesn’t clear anything up? According to the Jedi doc, Yoda’s fine physically and mentally for his age. Ki-Adi Mundi, once again throwing out big “what-ifs”, wonders if maybe Yoda having trained Dooku prior to his fall might’ve caused a problem or two. Again, Obi-Wan’s doubtful, as Dooku was just one out of the zillions of Jedi who were Yoda’s apprentices. But Ki-Adi fires back that Dooku could easily use their old bond against Yoda, and what better way to take out the Jedi than by taking out the head honcho? Yikes… the concept of dark side Yoda is unfathomable, yet disturbing. But what if…? The doc proposes a treatment that could possibly give Yoda a closer idea of this “voice”, and naturally, it’s potentially dangerous. But whatever Yoda wants to do… and of course, he wants to do it.
Sooo I’m still no expert on SW-ian medicine, and especially not in the area of Jedi medicine, but basically Yoda’s going in deep, quite literally. Into a tank that will put him into a deep deep meditative state, as deep as one can go without being dead. Whooo boy… this could go south, but Yoda wants his answers and you can’t change that. And as the treatment begins, on cue, Qui-Gon steps in and points Yoda to where he needs to go — to some slimy planet called Dagobah, where he’ll figure it all out. Oh, and he can’t tell anybody else about it. That’s about it before Yoda was fished out and revived by his Jedi buddies. Yoda kinda rambled on about having talked to a couple of dead friends… and that naturally started a tizzy amongst the Jedi, who again, are pretty sure that you don’t just go around having conversations with living people when you’re dead. But Anakin, coming back on what Yoda told him earlier, reminds them that they might not know everything there is to know about the Force. Eh, but Ki-Adi’s still sticking to his “Sith-controlling-Yoda” guns. Mace makes the final call that, until they get everything figured out, Yoda’s going to be hanging out in the medical bay under senate guards for a while. But I have a feeling that Yoda’s not going to be there for as long as the rest of the Jedi want… he has a couple aces up his sleeve… the first being Anakin.
I cannot fully express how much I love Yoda’s little plan here. He pretty quickly convinces (or maybe not so much) Anakin to help him make his escape. Anakin isn’t totally sure if he’s doing the right thing, but Yoda’s like “Dude. You break the rules all the time! You can certainly do that for me right now, can’t you?”. Heheh it’s nice seeing Yoda’s mischievous side again :) So I guess Anakin and Yoda are just going to take a “casual” walk outside… to get some “fresh air”. And once the two have casually made their way past the guards, Anakin gets R2-D2 to set Yoda up with a ship and get him on his merry way. And by the time Mace and the doc show up, Yoda’s already gone, off to Dagobah!
So it’s not long before the Master and Artoo land on said planet. Thankfully, Artoo’s allowed to stay on the ship… understandably so, as the next time he steps into the mudhole he nearly gets eaten. If he could speak Basic, he’d totally be saying the infamous “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” . I seriously love watching Artoo and Yoda hang out! It’s nice to know that that squabble they have twenty years from now was not rooted in their past XD
So after walking for a bit, Yoda sits down, ready to hear what Master Jinn has to say next. And I about cried when Qui-Gon spoke next… “Yoda, my old friend…” gahhh the warmth in his voice… it’s like getting a vocal hug! I want to be his friend so badddd :3 I’m sure he would’ve probably hugged him for real if of course, he wasn’t currently still trying to figure out the whole “Force ghost form” thing and if it wouldn’tve probably weirded Yoda out. Anyway, but though he can’t be seen yet, Qui-Gon uses a bunch of sparkly lights to guide Yoda to where he needs to go. Qui-Gon’s warm voice and sparkly lights?! Ahhh it’s all so magical!! I’m getting all the feels right now. So Qui-Gon tells Yoda that Dagobah’s a crazy Force-rich planet… it looks like Yoda didn’t just choose Dagobah because “a nice place to live, it is” (cookies if you get the reference)! Apparently Master Jinn is, as he said, made up of the living Force, which is entirely different from the cosmic Force (yeesh the Force is so confusing!). So instead of just joining the Force soup that others would, he gets to hang out and do whatever as just himself… not a bad deal! Of course, just because he’s in this high ranking of deceasedness doesn’t mean he knows everything, and he can’t really say much in regard to Yoda’s wonderings about the Sith and the future. So the sparkly lights lead Yoda to a rather familiar cave… a cave that I really really wouldn’t want to go into anytime soon… why does everything involving the Force has to be so complicated and frightening half the time?! Of course, that’s why they’re the Jedi and I’m not.
Yes, this familiar cave. It’s dark and creepy and has just the right amount of black fog and disturbing foggy visions of what’s to come… visions of Jedi fighting clones and Jedi dying and Darth Sidious doing what he do, plus Sidious inviting Yoda over to the dark side. Anybody else severely shook when they show CG versions of things that will happen in the films? The Mortis episodes and now this… yikes. It’s very clear that Yoda’s as shook as anybody right now, and that’s saying something since Yoda comes off as a pretty unshakable guy. As Yoda stumbles out of the cave, I think it’s safe to say that he wasn’t exactly expecting that kind of answer to his questions… and there’s still so much he doesn’t know or fully grasp about what he saw. Qui-Gon knows that things are getting pretty much worse and worse and the dark side is getting stronger and stronger as the Clone Wars continue, but he also knows that there is always hope. And with that, Qui-Gon points the way for Yoda to his next step on the path to stronger-Force-ness. So someday, Yoda will continue to be able to provide help and hope in the dark times ahead, even post-death (any chance that means we’ll see Yoda in Episode VII? Just wondering… the only time we saw him in his Force ghost form was when he stopped by the ewok party). So with the Force as his guide, Yoda steps back in his ship, ready to be lead to a mysterious place that will deepen his understanding, test his limits, and get him ready for the future to come…
OK that was so deep I literally can’t wrap my head around this. And not just because my understanding of the Force is kinda iffy. Dang, man… uh… perhaps some secrets are harder to uncover than most. I think I’m going to stop blogging now because I’m not sure there’s anything else I can really say to aide us in our understanding. Just WOW.

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

Uncovering The Lost Missions: The Lost One

With only a few weeks left before Rebels comes out, it’s time to get down to the very last of The Lost Missions! Which of course reminds me that we’re getting down to the very last of The Clone Wars period… *sniffles* But within these last four Uncovering blogs are to be so much awesome that four posts can barely contain it! Seriously. So join me, will you, for a bit of discussion and thoughts on this incredible episode? :)
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode V, and TCW Episodes The Lost One

Title image for Uncovering blog #9

So we get to see Plo Koon again (yayyyy!)… or not see.. I mean, that planet he went out to respond to that distress call is dusty like heck! Not the point, but seriously we can’t really see anyone in all this mess! Plo and the clones are searching high and low in the soup, but not really coming up with anything for a while. Untillll suddenly comes into the picture a crashed ship… (am I the only one wondering how a distress call came from a totally crashed abandoned ship? Was it sent a long time ago and it just didn’t reach the Jedi until now or what?) oooooh mysteriousss!! It’s even more mysterious on the inside, as yeah, it’s a totally crashed abandoned ship, emphasis on the “abandoned” part… it’s emptier than Palpatine’s soul (sorry not sorry)! Except then Master Plo finds something in the dust and debris… a lightsaber. That belonged to somebody. And that somebody might be someone we have yet to get some dirt on… all this junk is heading back to Coruscant!
So if you didn’t already know, that somebody would be Master Sifo-Dyas (*phew* I spelled it right!). This Sifo guy has always been a mystery to us SW fans… at least to me, anyway. I remember my curiosity and confusion watched Episode II for the first time, being all “Whuuuuut…? A Jedi said ‘Hey! Let’s make a clone army for whatever reason!’?”. And the thing about that was, I had been watching TCW for a few months at the time I saw Episode II (I already understood enough from just having seen Episode I to be able to enjoy TCW Seasons 1 & 2). And even now, after having watched all the movies and almost all the TCW, this Sifo-Dyas thing was something I still couldn’t figure out. Well, good thing The Lost Missions decided to answer those questions, right? Anyway, the Jedi are intrigued by Plo Koon’s find, but still as confused as we are. Obi-Wan knows what he heard, that on that fateful day he walked into the Kaminoan cloning facility, the Kaminoans were expecting Master Sifo-Dyas, who apparently was in charge of the whole cloning deal. And of course, Sifo-Dyas pulled that stunt entirely without asking the Jedi Council. Apparently, this guy was quite the rebel in his own right… just… not in a good way as far as the Jedi are concerned. But evidently, Sifo had figured they’d eventually need an army, even though the rest of the Jedi were all “Psh! You cray!”. But certainly no one was complaining when Yoda arrived in that gunship with a bunch of ready-to-fight-for-the-good-guys clonetroopers when droids and Geonosians had them surrounded! And ever since then, they’ve kinda dropped the subject. But now… the big questions have returned, and the Jedi are interested in getting some answers.
So they dropped by the temple library to get some answers. But things aren’t matching up… so Sifo-Dyas died trying to resolve conflict on Felucia, but exactly how is it the ship crashed? (OK maybe I’m just wondering that) And on top of that, the rest of the information on the case has been mysteriously locked up… by the supreme chancellor. Why am I NOT surprised about that? Yoda sends Obi-Wan and Anakin off to gather some dirt on Felucia, and Yoda decides to have a little talk with the Chancellor. Oooooh this is getting all so mysterious!!
But man oh man, am I the only one who shudders a little watching Yoda and Palpatine talk… kinda normally? It’s not the only time they’ve talked, I know, but as far as I can remember, the only time they’ve talked mano y mano! YeeEeeeEeeesh it just gives me the shivers… how is it this guy pulled off such a charade with such smart, strong Jedi around?! Just watching the Supreme Chancellor in this conversation… seeing him clearly play dumb and act like he doesn’t know stuff… I’ve been talking about how, throughout most of the episodes this season, he’s been particularly wily and sneaky and creepy, and yeah it’s all accumulating here. I mean, really… dude, we know you know something about all of this… a lot of somethings, actually. About Sifo-Dyas, about the clone army, about this wonderful plan of yours that the Jedi are completely oblivious to… all I can say is that he’s one good Sith, clearly, if he can play innocent around this amazing Jedi and not arouse his suspicions. Palpatine’s all “Hey look man, I wasn’t even in office at the time Sifo died. Go talk to Vallorum if you want answers!” and that’s what Yoda does… as the secret Sith gives his “little green friend” the creepiest, nastiest look ever upon his departure. Ohhh I literally got goosebumps people… YIKES.
As Yoda’s about to head out, he gets word from Obi-Wan and Anakin that, despite some communication difficulties with the Felucian natives, they’ve found out that another Jedi accompanied Sifo-Dyas on that fateful mission. The communication issues have kept them from knowing who it is, though, soooo yeah… “one of those days, it has been”, but at least Yoda’s got an idea where to head next.
So wow, it feels really crazy to be seeing ex-Chancellor Valorum in TCW. I honestly feel bad for the poor guy… he’d tried to do his best as chancellor back in the day and got kicked out of office by some swaggering Naboo senator (who, may we mention, turned out to be a Sith Lord). Ughhhh if he was going to get kicked out of office why couldn’t they have elected Bail Organa?!?! What grief you could have spared!! Sorry back on topic… the point was, it’s really interesting seeing Valorum again, no longer in the big chair, but doing all right, seemingly. Anyway, according to Vallorum, the reason for the secrecy was because Sifo was originally involved with some serious spice ring busting, and the then-chancellor didn’t want the very sensitive, potentially dangerous information to get out there at the time. But what he didn’t call for was that the Master would get sidetracked trying to make peace between the Felucian tribes, and well, not make it off the planet alive. So that explains the whole mix-up, I guess. As far as this other Jedi, Valorum has no clue what that was about, though he had sent his personal aide Silman along with Sifo-Dyas on that mission. Again, not exactly the info our heroes were looking for, but enough to lead them down another path, hopefully closer to finding the answer to their questions.
Meanwhile, yeahhh Sidious wasn’t too happy about this Sifo-Dyas mess coming up again, and he has to wonder if Dooku might’ve been responsible. The talk went over rather well, Sidious got his “stop-the-Jedi-at-all-costs” point across, Dooku got Force-choked by his boss’s hologram. Andddd I got a serious case of the heebie-jeebies watching the Darth do that. He don’t mess around, that’s for sure.
On the flipside, Obi-Wan and Anakin haven’t been able to find out anything about this Silman character from the natives, but they decide to take a turn to the Pikes, a crime gang on a moon nearish the locale where Plo found Sifo’s downed ship, to try and get some answers once more. And thankfully, the Pikes’ place isn’t all dust, dust, and more dust… our heroes dock into a relatively swanky set of digs, which leads to a long hallway where a guy of questionable integrity sits on a throne surrounded by “friends”. Looks like the dusty moon is also the perfect place to dig up some dirt (see what I did there?? Haha yeah I’m not funny). This guy of questionable integrity is somewhere between really cool and really creepy. Cool points go to his glowy purple eyes and his voice; creepy points go to his snakelike head and the whole “questionableness” about him. As per us’[ual], even though Anakin just plain wants to get it done and done, Obi-Wan takes a bit more colloquial route and willingly accepts a friendly drink from this dude of questionable integrity. Then Master Kenobi picks up on something… the necklace this guy’s wearing has what looks like Valorum’s crest… something that Silman guy probably wore. Our new friend isn’t too keen on talking about it, and naturally it takes Anakin about three seconds before he takes matters into his own hands. Yup, classic Anakin and Obi-Wan negotiating! Woo-hoo…! Eh, it kinda works. Surprise of surprises, this Silman guy’s alive! And our Pike friend is (seemly) happy to oblige in letting our heroes meet the guy. Apparently this Lord Tyrannus character wanted Sifo-Dyas dead and the Pikes were like “OK cool.” and helped in such, but decided to keep a hold on Silman, just in case. So amidst the bowels of this swanky hangout is a dungeon, and in one of those rooms lies someone who could seriously help our heroes piece together the puzzle. Orrrr maybe… not? Let’s just say that Silman’s not who he used to be; he’s kind of a quintessential crazy old man, except with a little extra insanity sprinkled on top. Hehe I love that Silman takes Anakin’s offering of food akin to Yoda’s taking Luke’s food in Episode V… well, except for the fact that Yoda wasn’t crazy like this guy is… er… yeah. Mainly because Silman decides to use it for a tea party with his grub friends. No I’m not kidding. OK, a little, it couldn’t be a tea party because he had no fine china! Sorry that really wasn’t funny. Anyway yeah poor Silman’s been down here for ten years with no one knowing he was alive, so yeah I can cut him some slack for his craziness. And what they don’t know is that just moments ago, Dooku walked in, Force-pushing and Force-choking anyone out of the way who dare cross him! Which becomes a real problem when said guy comes and Force-chokes Silman right before he was about to spill the beans on the whole thing. AW DANG. And Anakin and Obi-Wan don’t have time to be bummed out that they didn’t find out the truth… they kinda have to duel with Dooku now. Oh man it is an epicsauce lightsaber battle! My estimate is that this was the last time Anakin and Dooku fought, so wow… I will have to go watch Episode III sometime soon so I can see for myself if Anakin’s powers doubled since they last fought XD Ahhh the stunts! The close calls! The near-misses! The intensity! So much coolness! And then in a weird moment, the Pikes all come out in the middle of the duel and are all “You have no business with us, Tyrannus,” and Obi-Wan and Anakin are like “WHAT?!?! DOOKU IS THAT TYRANNUS DUDE?!”. I know I was all shocked like that too when I realized that that mooka is out of the bag! Dooku’s like “Dur ‘course I am. Again, bro, there is a Sith Lord involved here! I wasn’t doing all that monlogueing on Geonosis just to hear myself talk!” to which Obi-Wan’s like “Psh yeah right!”. But even with all the Pikes and their blasters and our Jedi heroes combined, Dooku still manages to slip out at just the right moment, all while lightsabering a few of our Pike friends while he’s at it. Just as the Count was headed off on his ship, Anakin made quite the impressive leap and gave one last duel in an effort to bring him down. But you know what Dooku always says… “When in doubt, down the ship!” (OK so he doesn’t actually say that but he probably would since he does that a fair amount), and that’s what he does… leaves Anakin hanging (literally), destroys the ship he’s standing on, and makes a jump over to his real ship and is gone. Yep that happened.
So wow… the Jedi did ask some questions and got some answers. Answers they don’t entirely like, like the whole “a Sith helped create our entire army” thing. They decide to keep this matter on the down-low, as they believe in their awesome troopers, but they don’t know what the rest of the galaxy would think. All our heroes know is that the bad guys are up to something seriously convoluted… and seriously awful. And all they can do is keep it secret…
OOOOOOH MYSTERIOUSNESS LEVELS AT A DANGEROUS HIGH!! Yeah seriously, this episode blew my mind in a good number of ways… and having already seen Voices that’s continued to blow my mind, and these episodes will only continue to blow my mind further as the story unfolds. The Clone Wars are going out with a bang. For. Sure.

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

10 Reasons I’m Hyped For Rebels!

So here we are… only a month now stands between us Star Wars fans and the premiere of Star Wars Rebels! A mere twenty-nine days, but ohh what an eternity that feels like to us all! So, to hopefully pass the time until then, I’ve decided to compile together some of the reasons I’m most excited for this already clearly-amazing show! And for the record, this isn’t the “top ten”, so they’re in no order in particular :)
NOTE: Contains minor spoilers from the Rebels trailers and clips that have already been released.

1. These Guys!
Star Wars Rebels Concept Art
It’s tempting to go and fangirl over Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper all over again, but I already wrote a blog on my thoughts on the crew! But I can say that I love these guys even more than I did when I wrote that post… each one of them is so amazing, so real, so fun, so relatable! I can say with great certainty that I will love joining them for the long haul in this series :)

2. That Original Trilogy Vibe
Rebels Screencap 01
Now, I love both trilogies equally, but it does definitely feel really awesome to be in this era for the first time in so so long! After a lot of time spent these last few years in the Prequel era (which were seriously awesome too), it’s hugely exciting to be coming into a new time and place in the SW Universe! And not only that, the McQuarrie-an style, the bond between a specific group of characters, the Imperial threat… it’s very classic SW-feeling and I can’t get enough of it! Like say, no negativity towards the Prequels/TCW, it’s just that the Originals were where it all began, and while, yeah, this happens before then, the vibe is still there, and it feel so goooooood.

3. Da Baddies
Rebels Screencap 02
I haven’t had much time to give The Inquisitor and Agent Kallus the love they deserve, so now I shall spazz about them for a bit! These guys are so so intense… I mean, Kallus is already like dead-on serious (and has awesome sideburns), but then The ‘Quiz is that seriousness SQUARED. I mean, one of the things that make these two so great is that they’re not even that high up on the Imperial food chain and they still take their jobs as serious as their Sith bosses! And they are appropriately frightening and malicious, while still having a villainous sort of appeal that makes them two of the coolest Utapauans/humans in the known galaxy! Their voices, the way they carry themselves, their skill, their determination… for baddies, they’re pretty darn awesome! And perhaps the best thing is that these guys are real legit threats, which I know is totally the norm in the SW Universe, but it’s still an awesome thing to see in any animated series! Just knowing that one of these dudes could truly end the lives of our heroes is both terrifying, but necessary to amp up the intensity and keep me on the edge of my seat, audibly gasping at the near-misses and crying buckets when the bad guys have their occasional moment of glory, and then cheering and crying happy tears when our heroes still continue to fight for what’s right no matter what.

4. Familiar Faces
Rebels Screencap 03
It’s felt so so good to get to know a whole slew of newbies, and I was perfectly happy just getting these guys at the helm of the Ghost. But then they made my head explode and had the Obi-Wan Kenobi show up for a bit! And let me say he looks awesome in this style… definitely makes you do a double-take when you realize how unique the style of Rebels is from TCW! And on top of that, it looks like we’ll get to hang out with Threepio and Artoo at some point! Which is like, also head-exploding worthy as well (it’ll blow up twice if we run into any familiar Droids faces while we’re there!). And even the great and awesome Luminara Unduli! And who knows who else might drop by down the road? It sure feels good to see these familiar friends once more!

5. The Laughs
Rebels Screencap 04
A little levity is always essential to the SW Universe, no matter how crazy things get, and the footage from Rebels continues to prove that. Just watching the “The Machine In The Ghost” short sets off my funny bone! Seriously, the timing and irony couldn’t be more perfect! The Ghost crew has their off days and arguments sometime, and when that happens, there’s not a doubt in my mind that a lot of these situations will leave us laughing! Perhaps especially where Chopper is concerned :) Quips, wit, and sarcasm are all part of the SW Galaxy, and Rebels clearly had no problem keeping that a part of the series!

6. This…?
Rebels Screencap 05
Rebels Screencap 10
Another thing that’s a common sight in SW would be romance <3 I’ve heard tell that Kanan and Hera might be a thing, though I kinda doubted until I saw this. Maybe it’s nothing, orrrr maybe it’s something! And if you’ve seen the Disney Channel ad, you know that Ezra and Sabine miiiight have something (at least as far as Ezra’s concerned :lol: ) Who knows, really? I suppose we can only wait and see what happens down the road, but if there's one thing that I've learned from watching a whole lot of SW it's that you never know what will happen or how it'll happen or when it'll happen or who it'll happen to. So likely story, I'll likely have a couple of someones I can squee over before the series ends :3

Rebels Screencap 07
Seriously, it’s so so gorgeous I can’t watch anything, trailer or clip or whatever, and not gush on all the work that went into it. Especially the character animation. I know that the TCW’s animation was gorgeous too, but daaaAaaAaaaAnggg I don’t know exactly what they did here but it is some kinda mind-blowingly epic!

8. The Heart
Rebels Screencap 06
You can’t not have heart in SW, it’s just a fact. I get all the feels just watching the trailer, man. While yes, their being like family probably makes for some humorous debacles, but most likely their being like family is going to lead to tearjerking, heartstring-tugging moments through-and-through. On top of that, you have a band of mismatched heroes who just want to do the right thing and fight for what’s right, which automatically equals tears, both happy or otherwise. Plus there’s the nostalgia tears that I get in general. Aww man I can only predict the awesomeness that will happen but I know it will be awesome and I will be hit with a brickload of feels for the next five years or so…

9. This:
Rebels Screencap 08
OK, so this isn’t as deep as the others. I just love SW-y action. And explosions. Them too. Oh, and space battles.

10. The FANDOM!!
Funny Rebels Gif
I can write Closer Looks posts on the episodes, make gifs like this, draw fanart, buy action figures… being knee-deep in the Rebels fandom will be EPIC!

And that’s just ten reasons! Only ten! There are clearly way more, though… just can’t figure out how to categorize them all! So hopefully the wait will zip right by at lightspeed and before we know it, we’ll finally get to join Kanan and Ezra and the gang in a new era of Star Wars awesome!

Until then,
Keep The Peace,
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Uncovering The Lost Missions: The Disappeared Part 2

Hey friends! The wait is over — we’re about to get in deep on The Disappeared‘s second part! Aw man I’m so sorry it took me this long to get it out… just haven’t been too much in the blogging spirit lately, kinda… but whatever! I’m blogging now and ready to uncover the next of the Lost Missions!
NOTE: Contains spoilers from the Clone Wars Microseries, and the TCW episodes The Lawless, The Wrong Jedi, The Disappeared Part 1, The Disappeared Part 2

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So as you know, Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks have just gotten in knee-deep in a crazy cultist conspiracy, and on top of that, kinda have to save the awesome Queen Julia from these cultists before all darkness breaks loose across the galaxy. So yeah no pressure or whatevz. And yeah considering these bad guys are literally stealing the Force right out of their victims, the clock is ticking faster than our heroes want it to. As the two fly offworld to save the day, Mace starts figuring that they’re up against something way worse than just a bunch of masked wackos…
Meanwhiles, the cultists have arrived at their destination with the captive queen. And though everything should be going to plan, they’re a little worried as to the fact that their boss, this “Great Mother”, knows that they’ve got a Jedi on their tail. But the lead guy’s like “Psh whatever! There’s no way anyone’s going to ruin our epic plans! And the boss’ll deal with the Jedi either way!”. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure hoping they’re wrong. And off they walk, ready to get things set up for the final Force-removing finale. What they don’t know is that Mace and Jar Jar just arrived not too far away. The race is very much on.
So the second they landed, Representative Binks was pretty much ready to spring into action instantaneously, but Mace pulls on the brakes and takes a moment to use the Force to find the Queen. Yeahh Jar Jar wasn’t too much of a fan at the time, and for good reason, considering the state of the galaxy is in his hands… and the general fact that his ladylove is in an incredible amount of danger and stuff. But he’s more fond of it when Master Windu knows exactly where to look, and it’s officially off to the races! I seriously wish I had the patience this awesome Jedi had. Of course, I also wish I had a purple lightsaber but that’s not entirely likely to happen either… the closest thing I have to anyone in the room right now is Jar Jar’s penchant for sarcasm :P
So anyway the twosome find themselves searching in the market square, and bummer that things don’t always go as smoothly as planned. Mace heads to the rooftops for a better view, and then Jar Jar spots the fiends in question and the damsel in distress, but happens to be swarmed by these short blue guys attempting to sell fruit. Jar Jar pushes through that crowd and runs, Mace sees the Gungan dash off and runs after him, Jar Jar manages to chase them through a lovely herd of those gangly camel-ish things (ugh forgive my not knowing their official name at the moment), gets through only to realize “oh hey! there’s a whole bunch of cultists out here — all with spears!”. Well, I guess there’s something to be said for Jar Jar’s determination! Not so much for his wise decision-making, but let’s be honest… most of us would’ve done the same in a similar situation. So Mace was trying to follow him but got a little swept up in the herd, he did his awesome thing of walking over the critters, and then there’s Representative Binks, running away from cultists like Indiana Jones running away from angry natives (only Dr. Jones came off a lot more in control of that situation; see Jar Jar’s panicked screaming). And Mace is all *facepalm* and starts fighting them off. Jar Jar, with a lot less to panic over at the moment, takes a bit of a shortcut, following two in-charge-looking baddies in hopes they might lead him to Julia. His hunch is right, of course again, the problem of “greater numbers” rears its ugly head when it happens to be a bunch of them hauling off the Queen, but again, thank you Mace for stepping in and giving those creeps someone to fight as Jar Jar returns to catching up with the cultists. Jar Jar manages to find them again, only to be yet again faced with ANOTHER PROBLEM! That problem being the fact these weirdos somehow got ahold of a laser cannon and have a lot of fun firing it in Binks’ direction. I mean, like, seriously, the dude’s laughing while he’s shooting. Who does that?! Most SW bad guys just point and shoot, or point and shoot and say something witty or give a sly smile, and maybe laugh a little but not a lot like this crazy guy. And on top of that, he just shoots everything that stands in between him and Jar Jar… a more high-quality Sith or bounty hunter would probably’ve just tried aiming from a different angle, though in his defense that was a pretty big cannon for a Bardottan his size. Ooookay now I’m getting off-point. Mace once again finds himself darting off to save the Gungan’s skin. Just as Jar Jar was about to make a heroic move, Mace steps in and K.O.s the guy at the gun’s controls. Ah well, it’s the thought that counts, Jar Jar :) Oh BUT IT ONLY GETS WORSE! Then as Mace is about to catch up to the bad guys, THEY SIC TWO STINKIN’ GUNDARKS ON THEM! Dude, saving a Queen from a bunch of cultists shouldn’t be hard! OK maybe a little… but I’m kinda starting to feel bad for our heroes right now; it’s always something! Like how Master Windu pulled out his lightsaber but then Jar Jar accidentally rammed into him and knocked him over and one of the cultists’ buddies used his whip to snatch the weapon right out of his hands. And on top of that, the rest of the cultists get in their train-ish things and drove off into the far reaches of the desert and leave our heroes to fight with what they’ve got. Yeah, it’s always something… but thankfully, this is Mace Windu we’re talking about; the guy who destroyed super battle droids with his bare hands, so I think he’ll be OK. Though major kudos to Jar Jar for being awesome and fighting the cultists’ buddy and getting Mace’s lightsaber back… with his tongue. MAJOR. KUDOS. Of course I’m sure a small part of Master Windu’s a little grossed out by the fact he has Gungan saliva on his lightsaber but whatever; after that the Jedi makes quick work of those gundarks. And then Jar Jar clocks the buddy in the face awesomely. The guy makes it clear that this “Great Mother” don’t mess around and she’ll handle Mace the way only she do and Mace is like “Lol nope.” (except minus the “lol” part) and knocks him out for reals. But with the bad guys already long gone, our heroes mount a couple of steeds (a camel-y thing and another species I’ve seen before but can’t identify off-hand) and gallop off into the desert, continuing in their quest to save the queen!
So as for the bad guys, they’re back to setting up shop for getting the queen’s Force. Some of the dudes are all “You know, I’m kinda worried about that Jedi though…” and again their leader’s like “Don’t be, my visions tell me that he won’t do any damage to our plans!”. This had me a bit scared, as I really don’t want another rescue mission to fail or another awesome character lost (I’m still recuperating from the shock I got from The Lawless…), but thankfully, you know how this ends, and Mr. High-And-Mighty-Cultist Guy isn’t too good at predicting stuff as he might want to be.
Meanwhile, our heroes were galloping across the desert on the backs of their awesome beasts… and Jar Jar was making all these rather hilarious calls to his critter that get on Mace’s nerves quickly XD I swear that eyeroll/sigh combination says it all! Mace plays it cool though, just reminding Jar Jar to keep his focus where it belongs. His plan is simple; he takes out the bad guys, Jar Jar saves Julia, and we all go home heroes! Yeah I still can’t get over what a great team they make :)
Not far away, a ship docks near the bad guy’s hangout, and out of the ship walks an all-too-familiar black-streaked white face… this “Great Mother” is Mother Talzin! And just as creepy (but cool) as ever. The witch is pretty thrilled as to how things are going, after all, she’s the one who’ll be getting all this fresh-off-the-grill Force power! She knows that there’s a Jedi on their tail, but she don’t care. Yeesh this is getting all kinda scary! And not just because that freaky echo on her voice still gives me the shivers a bit. Anyway, the cultists set up this temple-thing and have Queen Julia tied up at just the right spot for de-Force-al, all they have to do now is wait on the lenses on their Force-removal-doohickey to align just so and boom! Mother gets herself a new pair of Force-y shoes! In the meantime, Talzin makes a bit of a cliche villain move and decides to do a bit of monologueing on her plan to, you know, make herself more powerful than Jedi or Sith alike and start a new order and junk. I mean, what else does she have to do right now? Savage is dead, Ventress is probably doing her own thing right now, and Maul? Eh, who knows where that guy is. Well, cliche or not she’s really good at monlogueing. Thankfully, Master Windu and Rep. Binks just arrived not too far away… but yeah they hardly begin to make the trek to the temple before they duo catches the eye of the bad guys’ stone guardians. And yeah these guardian guys are seriously cool… they’re like Transformers crossed with terra cotta warriors! What can I say? Serious coolness. Oh yeah, and they have blasters, which is seriously cool but also poses yet another problem for our good guys. With a little lightsaber-flinging and some dismembered-stone-guardian-blaster-shooting, the two make it out alive and continue in their race against time. Plus, now Jar Jar’s armed to the teeth with that blaster-thing, so we’re pretty good. Mace actually tells him “nice work”, which is impressive, because that’s as much of a compliment you’re going to get out of him for anything. And then BOOM! In walk the Jedi and the Gungan on the baddies, like. a. BOSS. Mother Talzin plays it cool for a second but then unleashes all her green magicky fury. Mace pulls out his lightsaber, ready to take on the Mom, and Jar Jar has basically one lense flip left to save Julia. It is about to get crazy up in here, people! And Talzin doesn’t play fair either; she makes a flamey sword-thing out of thin air and her magic! OK well, maybe she’s playing fair since this means she and Mace will both be dueling with a similar weapon, BUT NOT THE POINT! It’s one of the coolest duels I’ve ever seen! Green vs. purple… you won’t see that every day! And Mace is just too good at laying down legit quips to Mother’s backtalk. Meanwhile, Representative Binks is making quick work of those cultists with his stone blaster at his side. The clock is ticking, the de-Force-al thing is coming down to the wire, Jar Jar’s about to set the Queen free, and then ONE OF THE CULTIST DUDES GETS UP! Jar Jar gets Julia out of harm’s way, but then the cultist dude I just mentioned starts a fistfight with the Gungan, and right in the path of the thing! The sun’s powering it up, about to rip the Force right outta whoever’s unfortunate enough to be in its path, and at the last second, Julia runs and shoves Jar Jar out of the way, leaving the bad guy to fry. And as the Gungan and the Bardottan fly off the platform, the glass ball of Force rolls off its pedestal and shatters, causing a ginormous green explosion! Our heroes duck out of the line of fire just in time. And welp… let’s just say that Mother Talzin doesn’t come out unscathed. In fact she kinda got “fried” herself… guess that’s what you get for tampering with the Force, lady. It’s a little bit of a shock to see this has-everything-under-control, is-too-cool-for-you, sees-everything bad girl bite the dust, but we really don’t need to be worrying about her causing trouble in Rebels or something. Her story has come to its appropriately just end.
So Jar Jar and Julia have a cute moment as she tells him she knew her beau would save the day (and literally because that was part of her vision she had back last episode), but Jar Jar gives all the cred to his Jedi friend. And thus, the Queen decides that the Bardottans and the Jedi can totally be friends again. And then Jar Jar calls out for their steeds (I love how Mace is all “There he goes again…” and Julia’s all “ERMAGOSH HE IS SO CUTE WHEN HE DOES THAT!”), and our amazing heroes saddle up and do the awesome thing of riding off into the sunset! Now that’s how you do a happy ending! :D
So yes! What a great, fun series! Excitement and intensity well-balanced by levity and (dare I say it) FRIENDSHIP! Star Wars awesomeness once again at its best! And now we have coming our way the finale to end all finales! Ahhhhh I got the feels just thinking about it! Until next time…

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

The Star Wars Fan’s Essential Guide To Phineas & Ferb

So you may have heard that the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special is coming up this Saturday, but perhaps you find yourself in an unsure position because you’ve never seen Phineas and Ferb, but your SW-loving side of you won’t let you NOT see the crossover. Well, good news, uncertain friend! If I’m a Jedi Knight of the SW fandom, I’m a Jedi Master of the P&F fandom! I’ve been a huge fan of the show longer than I’ve been a huge fan of SW, so I’ll gladly be able to get you caught up to speed so no one will go into P&FSW blind! “Ferb, I know what I’m going to blog today!”
This post is relatively non-spoilery in both the SW and P&F sides of this, though some general knowledge of both would be recommended.

P&F Doof vs. Perry Pic

I seriously thought the world was going to explode the day I heard that they were doing a P&F/SW crossover. Two of my most favorite things coming together in a way I could only dream of! Putting the cast into the SW Universe during the events of Episode IV! And I actually have been piecing together a direct Original Trilogy/P&F parody of my own for the last few years to begin with! So yeah, WOW.
Anyway, to begin, we’ll start with the basics of the show itself, but to do that, we’ll need to go ahead and meet the characters as they are and explain the story through them.

So, Phineas and Ferb are a pair of stepbrothers who are the living definition of “carpe diem”. They seriously never let a day go by without making every moment count. But they don’t do ordinary kid things that kids might do in the summer… not with these two. They build full-on rollercoasters and rocketships, throw together stage shows and circuses, save alien planets, our world, and even prove the existence of previously unknown creatures. And all in the course of a day. Like seriously who doesn’t want to be them??
Phineas (the one whose head is vaguely shaped like an angular “p”) is the idea man; full of optimism and big ideas. He’s incredibly smart, very clever, has an innocence to him, and is everyone’s best friend. Every day he comes up, or helps come up with, the game plan for the day, generally to the words of “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!”. Now Ferb, his brother, closest friend, and partner-in-crime, (the one who looks like an angular “f”) is indeed the man of action. Kind of literally since he isn’t too much for talking. Generally, Ferb will say a little something every episode, though he has been known to talk a bit longer and/or more often on occasion. Whatever the case, the quiet Brit is no stranger to the hammer, screwdriver, or welding iron and always has the blueprints before Phineas needs them. On top of that, the boy knows how to siiiiiiiiing! And when he sings, it’s always in a voice pertaining to the genre of song. He can rock, he can rap, he can do soft-shoe and show tunes, and he’s epic at it!
Phineas and Ferb just get each other, man… they’re a perfect team and together make summer beyond extraordinary.

So you’re likely thinking that what the boys do is so far beyond what’s normal for a couple of kids this young. And yes, yes it is. Most folks who get to see their awesomeness, both young and old, are way too impressed to really question it much. But there’s one who kinda can’t handle it; that would be Phineas and Ferb’s older sister Candace. Sure on the surface Candace looks like a normalish teen girl who loves her phone, her friends, and her big dreams, but welp… she might be a control freak to the nth degree. Whether out of concern or her own desire to be in charge, she is bent and determined to prove to her mom that they really do this crazy stuff on a daily basis, as she calls it, “busting”. For whatever reason, their mom is never around when the boys do what they do and somehow, Candace can’t for the life of her get mom to catch them in the act. But despite her slight insanity and boundless determination, she really does love her brothers and rather admires their abilities. Unfortunately, if she’s not freaking out over her brothers’ goings-on, she’s likely worrying about herself, her friendships, or her relationship with her then-crush/now-boyfriend Jeremy. Ah well, she’s trying :)

But why is it that Candace never busts her brothers? The connection might be their pet platypus, Perry.
“He’s a platypus, he doesn’t do much,” so say most people at a glance of their derpy-eyed teal monotreme. But the fact is, Perry does more than anyone gives him credit. He’s actually a secret agent, working for the Organization Without A Cool Acronym (OWCA), an elite group of animal agents living under the cover of suburban pets. While the boys do their thing, Perry is on the move, taking down the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his evil plans. Perry is super-cool and collected, not to mention a master fighter and very smooth. But even though he’s living this double life, he really does love his human family and more often than not would rather spend time with them than fight evil.
Now Doofenshmirtz is well… a little crazy. A major misfit having grown up in the backwater European country of Druselstein with an incredibly complicated family life, he not only got a more than a few chips on his shoulder, but a burning desire to take over the Tri-State Area our characters call home. Yeah taking over the world or destroying the world is incredibly impractical to him; he’d much rather become the ruler of the Tri-State Area or get revenge on an obscure family member. And it doesn’t help that his brother’s the mayor, so it’s safe to say he has a lot of issues. Heinz is a master inventor himself, making some pretty impressive (though often silly or randomly-conceived) “inators”. His problem is that he tends to put self-destruct buttons where none need to exist. Oh, and the fact that Agent P easily defeats him every time. Though usually, his inator gets a little usage before it explodes… and when that happens, Phineas and Ferb’s newest creation usually disappears. Blown up, rolled off, flown off, turned invisible… it always happens. Or if not gone entirely, only a small reasonably-made-looking portion of it is there. So Candace fails and looks like a crazy person in front of their mom. But Phineas and Ferb don’t worry too much about it… they’re just glad they made today awesome!

So that’s the gist of it, but there are a number of other characters who need to have their roles mentioned! Don’t worry there won’t be a quiz at the end :)

Obviously I should dig into their parents more, those would be Lawrence and Linda. Lawrence is a thoughtful, always-smiling sort who works as an antiquer. He, unlike Linda, actually has seen Phineas and Ferb’s full-on stuff, he never really questions it though; he clearly has faith in the boys, and well, even if he did tell Linda what was going on he never voiced it in a manner that would be concerning. So that’s just how it goes. Linda used to be 80’s pop one-hit-wonder Lindana, but now has happily taken the role of stay-at-home mom. She’s very relaxed, has lots of interests and hobbies, and loves her family to pieces. Of course, Candace tends to wear her out with her constant need to bust Phineas and Ferb, especially when she rarely sees anything Candace claimed to be there. But she takes it all in stride, believing Candace’s craziness is just that of a normal teenager. Then she goes and makes snacks for the kids and the poor girl is left standing in shock and frustration.

Now onto Phineas and Ferb’s circle of friends. First up would be Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, the quintessential girl-next-door. Isabella always joins the boys on their projects with a friendly “Whatcha’ doin’?” greeting. The leader of a troop of Fireside Girls, she’s always got her team ready to help them out if need be. I mean, seriously, you need a pit crew? Done. Recon team? Done. Need to get the word out on something? Done and done. Her loyalty is unwavering, and it might have something to do with reasons more than just “friendly”. She has a complete and utter crush on Phineas. And she’s not always too good at keeping those feelings under wraps. Phineas is still utterly clueless on the situation, but well… the two have had a few moments, even if Isabella was more aware of it and Phineas didn’t intend it. AUGH THEY’RE SO CUTE.

Then there’s the dynamic duo of Buford and Baljeet. Buford started out just being the town bully plain and simple, but has since proved to actually be kind of a good guy. Under all that tough exterior is a guy who loves goldfish, hanging out with friends, and a few other less-than-bullyish things. He also can speak French. And Latin. But he doesn’t let it on it if he can help it; he keeps his tough-guy persona going strong most of the time. Baljeet is the resident brainy kid and Buford’s nerd punching bag/friend. Baljeet loves school so much he takes summer school classes just because, and understandably, the guy is crazy smart. He’s not entirely sure of himself oftentimes, but he can prove to be a huge help to the boys, as well as an epic singer and secretly a bit of a smooth operator. Rarely a day goes by without Buford messing with Baljeet the way bullies do, but though they’d likely deny it, they’re best friends. Or at least best frienemies, and always find themselves joining Phineas and Ferb’s fun.

Another common member of their gang is Irving. He’s basically Phineas and Ferb’s biggest fan. He’s got a blog about them, keeps a ton of recorded footage of their inventions, and is always willing to join up with the boys and help them out with whatever. Despite he tends to fanboy his head off around them, he always comes through when they need a hand or a friend.

Candace’s friends are friends of Phineas and Ferb’s as well, and they get involved more than often, much to Candace’s chagrin. Stacy is Candace’s BFF. While Candace tends to freak out a good bit, Stacy always keeps a cool head and offers friendly advice whenever she can, even when her advice is less-than perfect. She’s not particularly an overachiever, but she loves just being herself and being there for her BFF.
Jeremy has been Candace’s crush for a long time and there have been a number of times where Candace failed at the “staying cool” game and the “don’t get unnecessarily jealous when you don’t know the situation” game. Jeremy (again unlike Candace), generally is pretty chill, but he loves to hang out with the boys and Candace, too. The days of their awkwardness have long since left to their current status as boyfriend and girlfriend. And yeahh they’re pretty adorable :3

On Perry’s side of things, we have his boss, Major Francis Monogram. Monogram always addresses Agent P’s next mission and tells him exactly what Doofenshmirtz is up to. Major Mongram’s very organized, very professional, not impressed by much, and likes things to come out just so. He’s got a bit of a secret love of song-and-dance and acrobatics, but when the need arises, nothing can stop him from doing what needs to be done. Then there’s the Major’s comrade, Carl. Carl’s a slightly awkward unpaid college intern, but despite Monogram doesn’t always give him much credit (no pun intended), the kid always comes through in the end, and is always good for a laugh.
And of course, Doof has his partners-in-crime as well. The first being his robot Norm. He was invented as the ultimate weapon to defeat Perry (as Doof took the whole “the enemy of the platypus is man” thing a step further), but still continues as Doofenshmirtz’s loyal, though bumbling at times, henchman. With a smile on his metal face at all times, he’s probably a better friend than a bad guy. Though he does have some pretty crazy weapons at times so don’t underestimate him… entirely.
Also kind of on Doof’s side is his daughter Vanessa. Vanessa’s a bit of an emo/punk/goth, but her all-black attire doesn’t make her much different than Candace, truthfully. She’s actually got more in common with her than she might realize. Vanessa, for a while, was intent on busting her dad to her mom, who has no idea he’s an evil scientist. And like Candace, there was much fail XD Doofenshmirtz really does love Vanessa and she to him, even though they don’t always get each other. And her character has grown much over the series since.

So now that you know the basics of the characters, here are few things you’ll likely see as common in the P&F world.
– Musical numbers: Really really awesome ones of every genre and sound imaginable.
– Running quotes: “Hey, where’s Perry?”, “Yes, yes I am”, “Curse you Perry The Platypus!”, “You guys are so busted!” are a few examples.
– Running gags: There’s a giant floating baby head that shows up sometimes. Why? Uh… none of us are sure, really. But boy does it get a lot of laughs!
– Awesomeness in general.

So hopefully by now you’ve tanked up on P&F 101! And wow that took longer than I could’ve imagined. But anyway, I do recommend you take some time and catch a few episodes. Definitely watch some earlier ones interspersed with some later ones if you can. Much has changed from the first episode, so it’s a good idea to keep a balance so you won’t be thrown off by the differences in the most recent season. Seriously, I think you’ll love it. I mean, who doesn’t?! Imagination, positivity, wry, clever humor, heart, and tons of inventiveness! And if you’re concerned that the SW parodying might get a little mean, don’t worry about that at all. There haven’t been a ton of SW references, but the few that have been made are super subtle and super clever, and if not subtle then hilariously obvious (like the Yoda-ish looking guy in the season 3 episode Doof Dynasty XD ). Everything I’ve seen of the special really looks amazing, and I think that you guys’ll have a hard time not getting hooked on this awesomeness. For sure! So now back to our regularly-posted strictly-SW stuff.

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight